Happy birthday mom!

My mom is the BEST mom ever! No one could ever replace her ever. I have no clue what I would do without her. Today is her birthday; I am convinced she is only getting younger. I only get to see my mom a few times a year which can be a real downer but when I get to see her I have the most memorable times EVER! There is always a lot of laughing and smiling. She gets me...obviously...she is my mom. She is the most supportive lady ever: she has been the person there to correct my numerous papers, help me struggle through the math I had to figure out, push me through finishing college, she talks to me when I am sick and grumpy, she convinces me that I am good at the sports that I do even if I have a bad result or a horrible day at training, she has been my coach and my idol. It never fails, she is there on the other side of the country always willing to comfort me when I am having a no good very bad day. She makes worlds best salsa...and any food in general. She is very spunky and fun. I get my vivaciousness from her. She gives really good hugs and has a great sense of humor. I love how she listens, and she is very commendable for being about to put up with both Sarah and I at times. She really has been there to guide me and Sarah to be the people that we are today. She puts the most amazing amount of effort into making sure that Sarah and I have what we need without questioning it. She has the most amazing passion for everything she does. She is my hero: I have seen her rise again from some of the most difficult situation ever. She sure is a tough lady, she always knows that we can get through the situations that we get put in. She is an inspiration. I want to grow up to be like my mom. I have no clue what on earth I would do without her! I love you mom!



It makes me angry

An article was just released saying the 5 attackers of 9/11 saying that they will be not pleading guilty to the heinous acts committed September 11, 2001. The men claim they are doing this to show the 'assessment of the American foreign policy', theirs obviously being a negative assessment. These 5 detainees have been held in Cuba's Guantanamo Bay (another very controversially topic in the news right now).
Ahhhhhh! This makes me so mad, this was such a tragic event in America, and for these men to deny all ties with the act is really upsetting. I remember September 11th all to well. I was going to Basalt High School at the time. I remember walking in the front doors and hearing the chitter chatter of what was going on, obviously at the time Sarah and I had loaded the bus to go to school the events out have just been occurring so there was no much known. I remembering being incredibly worried after watching news footage in my first period class and calling my mom to find out if our family was okay. All though most everyone lives in upstate NY it still makes your heart drop knowing something is going on in that state. I remember when the news came in about the the Pentagon we were even more worried because of another family member living in Alexandra, not to far from D.C. I knew my dad was back east at the time and he was supposed to be headed back out west, I remember we were scared because we didn't know if he was in the airports that day, or if he had already flown out or was waiting to fly out. The scene of the towers crashing down will always be replayed in my head because it was all over the news. In both of the schools that I attended for high school there was never much talk about 9/11; if there was it was because a student was curious to find out more and would do the research themselves. This is still a very touchy subject for many and will be for generation to come. This year on 9/11 it was weird to see people reactions, out west we do not show as much appreciation to those who were lost during this day or those who were heroic. It is almost like people out here over look and are hiding from a very large event in history for our generation. I find it interesting that we get holidays like 'Nevada Day', 'Veterans Day', 'Pearl Harbor', etc off from school but there is no grace period for the most recent tragedy of September 11th. What is up with that?
I hope that these men are found to be guilty although they are pleading not guilty. If they do get away with getting off the hook karma will get them if they are lying.

Bizarre art

So, lately I have become an addict to the site ' The Daily Beast'. It is a place where you can read a 'cheat sheet' of fast facts that are happening in the news right now, and you can read bigger articles. It is a great site for being constantly on the go and not wanting to read all the being CNN/Yahoo/etc articles that are up. On the site they also have Galleries, the 'art beast', the 'giving beast', the 'hungry beast' where you can find amazing unknown pieces of art, yummy recipes, different suggestions on how to make a difference and all sorts of other GREAT stuff. Like I said, I have become an addict on this site, I have spend countless hours taking breaks from homework and cleaning and searching through the art archives. These are of the pieces that caught me for some reason...I think they are really cool. Very...um different but fun!

These particular pieces were from a show known as the: Frieze Art Fair 2009
'Milady' by Vasco Araujo
I really like the stories that these hat boxes have, all by simply hosting a picture in the inside. I'm really into 3-D stuff lately.
'Mastering', unknown
This was made out of clay, it reminded me of a Disney movie.
Le Violon d'Ingres
Talk about working with the human body, we never realize the similarities...aside from being pear or apple shaped, that secretly hides in our lovely curves
'La Fortune'
So weird and unreal it is neat and simple
'Nouvelle Pomme Bouch' by Claude Lalanne
I friggin love this, it reminds me of the idea of giving an apple to your teacher on the first day of class. Or Alice and wonderland, or a poison apple! Totally unreal!

This is a collection done my Iain Crawford. I really like how he uses ladies and art supplies like dry paints, wet paints and other innovative ingredients to make being a lady so fun. The movements that he captures with his photography amaze me because it shows how complex even the simplest thing like throwing paint can be. His personal website really give you a good show of what his work is like. Very modern, what he called 'beauty'....which is held by the eye of the beholder.

And lastly, nails. Everyone knows that I love to paint my nails. Most of the time you can see me with a new color on every week. Normally I leave that for my Sundays evening entertainment! ha! One of my friends recently asked: What will Elizabeth be like in 50 years?
probably a cute little old lady who cant see over the steering wheel in her car and still gets her nails done.
I guess it has turned into a little bit of a joke because I am always coordinating my nail color of the week with everything. When I used to live in Reno I was a sucker for the $30 full set of acrylic nails...now...not so much. Below are some OUTRAGEOUS nails!
For the beach next year...ha!
Bling bling!
For the game lover...
Very intricate!
Spring time?
I wonder if they are eatable?

To be a scorpio

I have these funny little habits; some months it is picks up heads up pennies for good luck and saving them all. Other months it is reading my horoscope daily, I have convinced myself that I have to read them at the END of the day because if I read it in the morning then I will be sure to base my entire day that way....some times that isn't good. I am not sure if ya'll have ever done much reading into your zodiac sign but every now and then I look mine up to find out more about why a Scorpio is a scorpio. Supposedly I am: Radical, passionate, motivated, determined, emotional, powerful, exciting, creative, intuitive and resourceful. Wow, those are all creepily dead on...I think. It lists some of the weaknesses as: jealous, suspicious, intense, sarcastic (which I don't think is a bad thing!), secretive and obsessive. All thinks I have problems with every now and again...It is so weird how your horoscope can be right on. Yikes. The best part was I was reading about the jobs that best suit a scorpio and 'anything dealing with law or espionsage' was listed, how interesting....maybe I need to re-think going back to school for Occupational therapy, and stick to the original plan? Who knows. It is so funny to read about how you act according to your zodiac sign because for me it is right on, I don't know about everyone else.
Like I said above I try to stay away from reading my horoscope at the start of the day because it makes me want to base the rest of my day off what and how I am reading this small little paragraph that will determine the next 17 hours of my life. Weird. I remember back in Aspen when my mom and I would read ours and see how many stars we had that day, ha ha ha! I wonder if anyone else feels like the rest of their day is determined for them when they read theirs? One of my old friends from Aspen is a Scorpio and we always used to joke around in high school about how we were so similar and in your face and understood each other so well. I was talking to Chris's roommate yesterday and she was saying how good I would be as a lawyer because of my argumentative skills...ha ha ha! Maybe our lives are already charted out for us, maybe I am supposed to be a lawyer, but until I decide to come to terms with it I will never full agree with what the horoscope says.

Well, long live the scorpio that I am.


Playing with your food

I thought that these little works of art were really cool! Enjoy!

A snowman named Oscar

It started snowing this afternoon in Truckee. With all the extra white stuff I decided that it would only be proper to make a snowman on Chris's back deck. Chris named him Oscar.
4:30 pm. Oscar the snowman
Oscar going Glen Plake style....He had a mohawk!
Today before the snow came I decided that Birkenstocks went while with my outfit, turns out that they are not the best traction shoes on the face of the planet. I landed on my bum-bum. Chris and I got lucky that our new bottles of wine didn't break (that I had in hand) while I fell! I ended up okay!! phew, and then I went on a shoveling escapade! It was great! We have been blessed with so much press season snow! Thank you mother nature.
Syd likes the snow. She is semi camouflage in it.
1:20 am. Oscars current state. Let it snow; let it snow; let it snow!
Looks like the first few runs that everyone at all the opening resorts will be able to enjoy a little bit of pow-pow! You lucky ducks you! Keep on prayin' for that El Nino we are supposed to get! I would love to get some legit pow/tree/ big mtn skiing in this year! Enough of that silly park stuff. Plus, I need a reason to wear all my moon boots!

Hope all is well!


Unconventional materials

Wow, I have been a blogging queen this week! I guess it is because I am taking so many study breaks and all over the internet looking up different things to spur ideas for new papers and to satisfy my ever curious imagination. As one of my best friends Alix says: "Most of the time i keep my imagination on a leash. But sometimes it runs wild, messing up the freshly mowed lawn and sometimes pooping where it shouldn't."

Well I let my mind take me from exploring the news and finding that there is a Tim Burton exhibition at the MoMA (which I would LOVE to see), my old roommate Chelsey who now lives in NYC said she went to night and it was UNBELIEVABLE! But I found something else online that I am totally obsessed with...fashion! But these were clothes made out of very unconventional materials! I love them! Very imaginative and creative
Pink crayons! Who doesn't love a pink crayon!?!
Winter hut!
I love this one! Newspaper! Amazing!

The real "Series of unfortunate events"

The Outer Banx was just pounded by a hurricane. As far as I know good ole' pelican perch is A-okay! Phew! A little ways down the island is the well know Cape Hatteras lighthouse, that area of the island was hit really bad. The picture above was taken by a person named Dan Bowers. It was sent in a slide show with a bunch of other devastating pictures from the storm. There was something about this picture that kept on making me come back to me...then it dawned on me! It looks like a scene out of one of my FAVORITE movie: Lemony Snicket: A series of unfortunate events. Jim Carry is essentially the main character of the entire movie, showing up as different characters; such a great actor! Anyways, there is a part where the children are taken to their CRAZY aunts house she lives on a lake called 'Lake Lachrymose', it is filled with yucky leaches, if you go swimming to quickly before you can digest then you will be eaten! ahhh! So the aunts house is over the lake on this crazy cliff, but this house reminds me exactly of that part of the movie. A house...standing alone. Creepy, yet interesting..it keeps you wondering.

If you haven't seen the movie I suggest you do! It is hilarious!


Learn something new everyday!

So you learn something new everyday, right? I am working on my final Biology lab right now and I am writing about Super Worms (basically a glorified mealworm). Their habitat selection is in dry goods, kept in a CUPBOARD not a CUBBARD. ha ha ha! Now you would think someone who is studying English in school would know this...
Now this may just be me being blonde, but I always thought that it was a 'cubbard', turns out that word doesn't even exists! In fact there is a little dotted red line under it right now!

I guess I should add this to my list of other awesome blonde thoughts that have occurred this week:
-Yesterday I told mike 'if it is not on Perez Hilton it is not important', true! But I do read the real news too!
-I also pick up every heads up penny that I find on the ground, this may explain why I am sick.
-With the intention to do laundry tonight I walked out of the house without my laundry.
-While thinking I was taking my headphone out I actually took my earring off.
I am sure the list goes on...but really....CUPBOARD verses CUBBARD!??! Did you know that!?

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

The talking starts to dull. You can hear the shuffle of papers. The occasional sneeze or a cough. Silence has settled over the stadium seating Biology lecture class. A heavy set girl with a mustache is sitting to my right, she exchanges small classroom buddy talk with me. I guess we are friend because we have done this since the first day of class. She tells me about how she is devastated because she has a 91% in the class.....if she only knew! The older man to my left sits there and does his creepy man laugh. Sometimes when I am bored I try to figure out what exactly he is chuckling about; I am never able to figure it out. Today we have our 4th exam of the semester, my grade has fallen much lower than I would like it to be, all because of these gosh darn exams. No matter how hard I study the concepts of natural selection, geographic isolation, or punctuated equilibrium my brain just wants to reject the information.
I sit in the lecture desk, squished between these two warm bodies. Blue paper with black times roman front questions and multiple answered on the slab of fake oak wood desk. I picked a yellow mechanical pencil full of lead, I roll it up and down the desk watching it slightly bounce as it hits every corner. I am hemming and hawing about the answer that I want to pick for the first answer. I feel like I am reading a different language. Science makes no sense to me. I manage to write my name clearly on top of the test and scan-tron, to bad this isn't like the SAT where you get notes for spelling your name right!
I am on the second page, heck maybe it is the third page. I look up towards the front of the class the professor is scanning the room for cheaters. Good thing I don't have anything secretly writing on my arms in pen to help me remember the different domains and phylums of kingdom animalia, instead the message "TURN IN PAPER" adorns my left hand. I quickly force my eyes to meet the blue paper again, thinking that maybe this time I would look down and magically have all the correct answers laying there so I would not have to put my congested brain to work. No, no different than when I looked up. The girl with the mustache is going to town with her eraser. I have on a black hoodie, I soon find little bits of white synthetic rubber all over my lower sleeve. It looks like I have fleas, she glances over and faintly says 'sorry!'. I am afraid the teacher might see me and think we are cheating, I ignore the girls apology.
My eyes have not left question # 23 in about three minutes, far to long to spend on a test question. I think about marking the question and coming back to it later but then I realize that is far to much work. If I make it on the paper exam then I am going to have to mark it on my scan-tron and make sure that I skip that space. With my luck I would accidently forget that I am skipping the question and fill it in with the wrong answer from a different question. If I did that then it would mean that I would have to speak it erasing and sending little synthetic particles all over the people around me like the girl next to me did earlier and THEN I would have to use up more of my new yellow mechanical pencils lead and re write all the answers in.
I make the decision to answer the question through a very advanced method of elimination. I call it: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Many people frown upon this method because it is a huge risk, but I am confidant in the answer that I will come up with. I have five different answered to choice from: A-E. I bet that the girl that is sitting next to me will get the question wrong because she did not use the Eeny, meeny method. Instead she sits there radiling her brain, searching deep for the answer trying to recall if she had previously answered this question during a Prep-U.com quiz. I take the more risky route in the methods of test taking, one that links back to my nursery school education. I bet that she gets the question wrong all because she did not use Eeny, mneeny.
I am done. The butt of my right hand is caked with the residue of my pencil.I am now blocked in a narrow row of deskchairs. My only option is to jump over the back of the chair, probably something Indiana Jones would have done if he would have been trapped in school. I walk down the isle that leads to the exam drop off. It is like walking down the catwalk in nikes and a tall sweatshirt, classy. After my blue exam has been put to rest in its safe spot in the manila folder marked with an "R" on it for my last name I turn and head for the door. I feel like I am in a fun house, I go forward and the door moves further away from me. There is no escape from this class room. Finally with a simple press of the handle I am out. I put my headphones in and start to listen to 'Daylight' but Eeny, meeny still runs through my head.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.


Just in time

It is a beautiful, frigid sunny day in Tahoe. This would be an epic park day if all the resorts were open. For my birthday my mom gave me new flannel sheets and an awesome down comforter...just in the nick of time too! And no, I don't mean because it is cold her right now but because I am sick as heck. Thursday I wasn't feeling to stellar, I had a yummy dinner accompanied with awesome cupcakes with my dad and Barb. I thought the food would help but then I found myself with a pounding head ache. I didn't sleep at all that night tossing and turning with hot and cold sweats. Friday Chris and I headed down to class, I made it through my first one..but by the time I was supposed to go to my second class I just couldn't do it. I walked all the way up to the clinic, I figured it would be smart to see a doctor down there (because it is free as long as I am a student!) After waiting in the waiting room and talking to a few people I randomly knew they called my name. I was lead down the hall of fake oak doors covered in colorful plastic sticks that obviously acted as some type of notification of the doctor. The nurse entered and looked down my throat and said "it looks like someone took 2 golf balls and shoved them down the back of your throat"...oh great. She told me about this little bet that they have going on at the clinic; who ever gets the first strep throat patient of the day is the strep queen of the day... interesting, but I guess you have to do stuff like that in order to make working in a clinic with hundreds of sick college students walking through the doors daily some what interesting. The best part of this whole situation is is that this is my second time having strep in the last 6 months, ugh. Last time wasn't that bad, this time I feel like I can't even move and I am wasting a beautiful day. Well, its not like I could really go anywhere any ways....
So the answer to fixing me is pumping me full of antibiotics and ibuprofen, chicken noodle soup and gatorade. All my friends are out of town this weekend, I guess that that is a good thing? Buckey and I are getting some quality hulu watching in. I'll probably go crazy with homework too...which could be good...get way ahead again.
Today I should be in Santa Barbara racing conference championships, but obviously that isn't happening. Actually that decision came a few weeks ago when I was out riding my all that bad stuff happened to my bike. It wasn't until the other day that I got the piece that I needed. By that time it was just to late to make the arrangements to head all the way out there...bummer!
Yesterday I decided to say no to the Oakley opportunity that I was given. I was going to go to AZ in the first week of December, I would actually just flown from New Hampshire to Vegas and met them there, but that would have been close to a week and a half of missing classes. My boss said go for it, my teachers said no even though I have good grades (just because finals are the next week, which is totally understandable) and well evidently my body is saying no right now too. I got the broken piece to my bike the other day from Adrian! Hooray! Maybe I'll be able to get in one last ride on my mtn. bike in before skiing will rule my life until April/May. I'm bummed that I couldn't participate in such an awesome opportunity but in this case family, school and health come first. Bummer, if it had only been a few weeks later!

Well, stay healthy everyone!


My super sweet 16

So yesterday was my birthday. Yep, 23. Wow! I had a pretty relax day...just hung out at home for the day. I painted some chairs, opened some presents, made my bed, at some pizza, went on a run. It was a good day. Last night a bunch of my friends (and I mean a BUNCH! Basically every person my age in Tahoe!) came to Java sushi in Truckee to enjoy some sushi, drinks and dancing. It was great! I really have never had a birthday party in college (or much less...at all) so we did it big. I was really nervous that no one would show up, to my surprise so many people came we were packed into the restaurant like sardines. I think everyone really enjoy themselves. I want to thank everyone, especially my mom for all the great presents she gave me! Now, I can sleep in a warm bed and make a fort out of my old comforter and eat popcorn! :)
Yesterday my mom had a little surprise of her own, she found out that I will be coming home to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving....that is always a big holiday for us because of Turkey day, my birthday, my moms birthday and Sarah's birthday. It is one of my favorite times of the year. I can't wait to see her. But Ed and I surprised her pretty well. I wasn't going to see my mom until May. We were both pretty bummed about it. So after my virtual birthday party and I finished opening the fabulous presents she sent me...I asked her to go and ask Ed if he could give her the 'thing' he found the other day, he handed her and envelope and she opened it to find a picture of all three of us she was looking at it and she asked 'have you seen the picture?' when she turned it over to show it to me she saw that attached to the back was my flight itinerary. It was a pretty good surprise. I wanted to thank everyone for the fabulous gifts that I got this year, and for making my birthday so awesome! I am so happy that I had a birthday I enjoyed and will remember for the rest of my life! Below are some pictures....

My adventure buddy Justin.
Mikee! I was taller than him!
Ali was misbehaving.

Mr. Robbie Sell
Gavin! mahhh ski buddy!
Kerwin an I probably busting a rhyme.
Liz and I
and Terry...one of the awesome DJ's that came out and spun.
The Trowe seeeesters.
Emily and Nicole.

We all drew mustaches on our fingers.
Me and little Katie Jane. Luffff her.
awwww. look at the brother and sister. ha! So glad that Wilson came and had a good time!
Annie showed up!

Laub, laub, laub, laub, laub, luab
Aliiiiiix! she gave me the bestest card EVER!
Sarah! Co-workers and class go-ers! ha ha!
It was Ambers birthday too! Her and David had dinner at Java!
Mahhhh girls!
Lena, Kaite J. Britt, and Alix
This kid is like my little brother.
Nico helping me open the champagne.
There was a lot of laughing last night.
Jenga, don't wake daddy, jumbling towers...whatever you want to call it.
It was a hit the entire night!
Katie digging in on the cake...on the car!
Nico and I looking Faaaabbbulous.