Yeeeehhhaaawwwwwww, Yerington!

My best friend, Matthew Vance and I
We like to match (check out the shades...)
Kaitlyn and I sitting on the throne!
Night in the Country campsite. Lottttsss of cowboys
A Unicycle was brought out after the concert
Working on my country dancing, butttttt I ended up flying forward and getting a boo-boo on my knee
Bucky Covington and Sawyer Brown!!!!
Ian, myself, Kaitlyn and Kurt.
The sunset was awesome that night!
So on Friday I headed over to a Matt's house on Donner lake, he was planning on going to "A Night in the Country" in Yerington, NV. It is a benefit concert for the boys and girls club. Country stars Bucky Covington and Sawyer Brown were playing on Friday so I jumped in the truck with everyone and headed down to Yerington. After a few wrong turns and some heavy wind on the roads we arrived. We found our other friends sitting on top of a camper and the others playing horse shoes. We parked and joined the festivities. Before we knew it we had to make our way to the concert area...on the way I decided to get a cowboy hat which we all shared, more or less, that night...it is pretty sweet! I worked on my country dancing, only fell on one twist (which is a lot less than normal!). After the concert there was fireworks and we all headed back to our campsites (which mind you were in a cornfield!); I have to admit the boys were VERY entertaining that night. We all shared some great laughs, smoked pork, and all the other good things that cowboys do. The large camp ground was like one big social area, it was neat. Vance and I slept under the stars and woke up early to the sunshine beating down on us (it was going to be a hot day). After everyone else woke up Vance and I said our goodbyes and left the rest of the group there so that they could have another "night in the country" watching Jason Aldean and another performer play. I spent the rest of the day dockside at Donner lake...it was pretty awesome. Gosh I love summer!

I am starting to get excited for the beach!! HOORAY! I can't wait to see my family!

I have swimmers ear right now, ugh. You'd think by the age of 22 this would no longer be happening.... evidently not! I haven't gone to the dr. because I am so busy, but if it gets any worse I will probably have to do and get some medicine. I am trying the homeopathic ear drops, with a lot of Vit C and elderberry...so hopefully I wake up magically better because this is starting to hurt. I have hot potato voice for those of you who know what that is...ha...yepp....lovely!

Well...off to do some homework and I am going to call it an early night!



USA Cycling National Championships, Sol Vista 2009

Swweeppppy girl after the race
US National Awards. 2nd place. 17.5 miles in 2hours 40ish minutes. Pure Pain.
Doing my thing.
Happy to be done!

Climb, Climb, Climb.
So as many of you know I was in Sol Vista last weekend (Granby, Colorado) for US Cycling National Championships. I was lucky enough to have one of my bestest buddies Mike travel all the way there and back as my support, semi-chef, fire making expert, personal photographer, and so much more..I can't thank him enough. We left Thursday after I did a Northstar series race at about 9 pm. We drove and drove and drove and arrived at Sol Vista at about 5:3o the next day (talk about a lot of time in the car!) more than 3 quarters of the way through the drive it suddenly dawned on us that a radar detector would be a good purchase so we stopped and adventured through good ole' Vernal, Utah (yep, basically the mid of no where). When we rolled into Sol Vista I headed right to registration and got all of that taken care of. I was number 1619. We walked around a little through the venue and saw some fellow bike racer friends whom had just finished racing...they gave me the "4-1-1" on the course, sharing only negative things -- how hard and technical the downhill is -- how the climb was grueling -- moon dust everywhere -- super long -- very technical. Oh boy, well after hearing that I tried to convince myself that I was a much better rider than those people and went to scope out where I could find the nearest and coldest beer. We enjoyed some Coors light (pre-race thing...I always have 1 or 2 beers the night before...carbs, and it calms my nerves a little) we watched some MX cross and then headed to the store. The store was an adventure in itself, I was down for pasta with some ground turkey...mike, obviously having a much more mature palette than I went for smoked salmon and pate. YUCKKKKY! We got all the food that was needed and headed back to find a camping spot; this task turned out to be much more difficult for me than it should have been. I was paranoid about getting in trouble for being in a no camping zone. Finally we found a good place...I cleaned my bike and we started to get some grub together. Mike had brought to gas canisters so we could boil water and what not...well....about 30 minutes later we were out of gas and left with uncooked noodles, red sauce, and cooked ground turkey. Being the sarcastic person I am I suggested he build a fire...I should have known better...he pulled out his machete knife and went to town on cutting down a tree...taaaaaduhhhhhh we had fire, and soon after we were eating. Around 10 we settled in for bed. I was scared that a bear was going to come and eat me so I slept in the truck while Mike was left outside to be the potential dinner for that hungry bear. I woke up pretty early the next morning with the sun shinning in the window; we broke down camp and headed to get me a coffee. I could already feel that I was not in the right mode for biking. We got into the parking lot and I started to get ready, we ran into to a fellow Tahoe-ian there too and talked for awhile. For some reason I was not nervous and I knew that wasn't a good sign. I tried to get pumped up but I just couldn't do it. I pedaled around for awhile and soon found myself at the start waiting for my start time of 8:24 to come. I was in a large group of ladies and I was over hearing them all say they were in the class above me...soon another young girl emerged from the group of women racers named Sage. I have previously seen her name on other results so I knew that she was probably going to give me a run for my money. We talked for awhile and she informed me she was a pro downhiller....OOOHHHH GREAT....The first climb right out of the start was one of the hardest climbs I have EVER done. We were off...I stayed with Sage throughout the climb...we climbed on some fire road, and then some rocky single track and then back to fire road, and back again to single track. Finally, we reached the downhill; welp...I shoulda' known better but she BLEW me away. I lost sight of her right then. The downhill was one of the most technical downhills I have ever had to do on a cross country bike before EVVVVER! Gnarlier than some stuff that I have actually even ridden on my DH bike....yaahhh, I was not happy about it. I was pretty tired by the end of my first lap and was on the verge of giving up. I was in so much pain because of my shoulder I cannot even put the pain into describable words. I pushed through, no way on earth did we just drive that far to come and me not to finish that race, there I was back to climbing that horrible first hill...in my granny gear (for those of you who I ride with you know it is VERY rare that I EVER go into my granny gear...EVER!). My goal was to just get back to the finish line (it seems like I always have drastic stories about Nationals..I'm always in some immense amount of pain because of an injury...looks like its about time that I stop getting hurt! ha!). After a couple miles of climbing I was headed downhill...I knew I was getting close to the end and that I needed to play it safe, so I did...I rode comfortable down the downhill. I got to the last set of switchback which brought you into the finish and there was an instant weight lifted from me...although I was in major pain and still not in the riding mode I needed to be in I was done. I will be the first to admit I did not ride to my full potential at this race, I wish I would have, but I can't do anything about it now. There will always be another nationals and obviously I just didn't want that title bad enough so I was pushed into 2nd place. I was met at the finish by Mike with a cold ice pack. Wow...that felt amazing! We went up to the car and got situated for awards. They happened and we were on the road around 2 in the afternoon headed back to Tahoe. I have a giant 2nd place metal that I got from the race, I have one more shot later this fall to gain another national title...and it will be on my stomping grounds of Northstar. I WILL take that title. We got back to Tahoe on Saturday morning around 8:3o. We made some stops along the way to sleep, and eat. I have never been so tired in my entire life. I am very glad that I went though, I learned a lot about my pre/post race needs and just about my riding in general.
Thanks to everyone who made my trip possibly, ya'll are awesome!

Well..time to do some cleaning here at the house and homework!



Large numbers.

In the last week I have raced a totally of 59 miles.
I have been to Colorado and back in 54 hours.
I have worked 32 hours.
Driven +1932 miles.
Slept less than 24 hours.
Had 2 podiums.
Ate 4 packs of Gu/clif shots.
Since Thursday I have had 1 shower.
Drank about 5 Red bulls.
Had 1 flat tire.
Applied sunscreen 4 times.
Swam in Lake Tahoe 3 times on Thursday.
Did 5+ hours of studying.
Sent well over 500 text messages.
Checked my facebook WAY to many times.
Painted my nails twice.

Now, I am going to go and shower (finally) and relax for the rest of the day off because frankly I think I deserve it.

I'll up date ya'll on the race later tonight or tomorrow morning!



Tahoe to Utah and close to Colorado

Mike and I left last night from Truckee with another little friend named Mike around 9 pm for US Nationals. We were planning on stopping in Park City. We rolled in at about 5 am and got some shut eye! Pheewwww. We stayed at one of Mike's friends houses and dropped off little Mike to go and hit the water ramps.
We are at Wasatch bagel right now (Be jealous Kevin!) and we are about to hit the road again and head for Colorado! Hopefully we will get into Granby around 4ish. I race tomorrow at 8 am and then we are basically going to turn around and head on back to Tahoe so we are back on Sunday night!

Well time to hit the road, I have a coffee in hand and am ready to go!



Downieville Classic 2009

So yes, I did get to race!

The morning started off bright and early, my alarm went off about 3 hours too early of when I actually wanted to wake up...yep 6 am and I was slowly crawling out of bed to get ready to drive to Downieville. Luckily, I had packed almost everything the night before I was just waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. I walked outside at 6:30 and Mike had just pulled up! Perfect timing, I for sure thought he was going to be late, evidently not. I got my coffee, and a cup of cereal and we were on our way. Neither of us really knew where we were going...expect for the opposite direction on 89 as you would take to go to Northstar...there were other bikes with cars headed the same direction so I knew that I was in luck. ha ha! After about an hour and a 1/2 of driving we rolled into Sierraville (I think thats what it was...who knows) and all the sudden there was traffic...aaahhh haaa we found the start! After taking a drive through town (which took...ohhhh 30 seconds to get from start to finish) we were pointed in the right direction of parking. Then the hunt was on to find out where registration was...thinking that we knew kind of where we were going we headed up a hill...there we found the start but no registration, we then were informed that is was the next street over...and why on earth would this town do something simple like make across streets? ha...so we had to walk ALL THE WAY down the hill and essentially back up it one street over. At registration I talked to a lady named Heather and she placed me on a list of people who might be able to get in once registration actually closed. So the waiting game began...it seemed like the slowest hour of my life..I slowly got dressed and ready to race even though I was in limbo of whether I should really be getting ready or not. I got back up to registration early leaving Mike to hobble up the hill on a hurt ankle alone. I found that I was not the only one that came up with the great idea of getting back to registration early to find out if we would be taken off the list and put to the ultimate test that day of the Downieville cross country race. Now let me brief you on this race: it is a point to point race, with a 4, 413 ft ascent and a 5,692 descent, 29 miles total. Luckily for me the race started off with an 8 mile climb. While I waited around with the other people on the wait list Adrian (from Scott) walked in and told me he possibly had a spot for me...as I started to get excited the person he was holding it for walked in...soooooo that backfired a wee bit. 9:05 hit, 25 minutes until the start, the names of wait list riders finally were read off...I started to get very anxious, finally "Elizabeth Reeder, 975" I grabbed my number plate and free swag handed it to Mike told him to put my plate on while I RAN to the nearest porta-potty. I came back hopped on my bike and chugged my flat Red Bull cola, got the shakes, and tried to chill. The start was filled with over 800 people, in my category alone there had to be more than half of the field starting then. I saw Christine (a girl from the Northstar team) and snuck through all the other bikes and races awaiting the start to get over towards her figuring talking to her would make me settle down a little...on my way I just so happened to run into the Shimano man and asked him to put some more air in my tires (We all know that I have a history of bad luck with flats and that was all I could think of...I would be winning and then BOOM flat...so I played it safe by having him check them, I also had extra CO2 cartridges in my pocket. Quickly after that we were off! There were so many people in the start that Christine walked her bike a good 1/4 mile before getting on...I played the pedal occasionally and balance game. About 1/2 mile into the start everyone started to get going, the pace was wicked slow though. I was going to try and pace myself because I knew I had a long race ahead of me but I was just going to slow, so the next switch back we hit I took off. I passed people like it was my job, after a while I felt like I had gotten by most of the girls and as I started to ask the ladies that I was catching up to and passing their class I was getting ahead of a fair amount of the pro women. WOW! I climbed very well, super steady....I even impressed myself. The top came faster than I thought, I was all about getting some Gels and some cold water poured all over my back and then I saw a girl I had had in my view for awhile and it was time to go and get her. I took off just before the single track and got ahead. To my surprise Adrian and Mike were both up there clicking pictures away (and of course I smiled!). The descent had started, I have to admit I was nervous because Kevin had drilled into my head about how "gnarly" the downhill was, so I could only imagine. I took a few safety steps here and there, but made it down the first downhill in good time, then we were onto some fire road I knew that in order to stay ahead of the ladies I had gotten ahead of while climbing that I needed to haul some serious butt on the fire road. I cannot even explain how tried my legs were at this point, but I knew I had to fight it, lactic acid build up in your quads can be one of the most painful things you can experience during an endurance sport such as biking, all you want to do is STOP...I knew that wasn't in the cards because A) I wanted to win B) I had come this far (11 miles) C) it would be faster for me to finish than turn around...I knew at some point the cramping and burn would go away if I pushed long enough. From there it was a mix of up hill mini climbs and technical downhills. Then finally it was on to the FINAL descent, honestly I had NO clue where on earth I was on the course and how much longer I had left. I had remembered looking at the map and seeing that the river crossing (which can be as deep as 3 feet during the race according to the website) and I had plowed through the river without getting off my bike so I knew I was getting closer to the end. I must have let that get to my head a little to much, and the fact that I hadn't seen another girl in awhile so I started getting lazy and not really paying attention to my riding. I remember hauling through part of the downhill looking ahead and seeing some loose rocks and saying to myself "I'm going to crash" well sure enough...I went right over my handle bars landing HARD on my left side. So hard that I dislocated my shoulder and on impact popped it back into place..it took me a few seconds to get back up and I have to admit I was pretty angry at the point another girl passed me so I really wasn't happy. I was in even more pain and just wanted to be done. After a little longer my arm started throbbing, but I knew I must have been getting close. Soon we hit another fire road and I saw a ton of people, I thought wow I am almost there only to be fooled by being put BACK on some single track with some grueling little uphills and then all the sudden I could hear people, not just people carrying a conversation but I could hear people cheering "ohhhhhhhh thank you!" I thought; before I knew it I was out on a paved road...only to see a hill, ugghhhhhhhh, after the hill a turn no finish in view...what was going on...was this a bad joke? Seriously this race had to end at some point! I got down in the most compact position one can get into while on a mountain bike, shifted and pedaled using all the juice I had left in my short little legs. I rounded the turn and could see the finish arch "HALLELUJAH!", the hay bales acting as a lobster trap to slow down the races into the finish threw me off a bit, but I made it. I completed the Downieville Classic, one of the most well know difficult races. I finished in 2 hours and 47 minutes. That put me in 2nd place for Expert cross country women, when the all mountain races were averaged in to the results I was in 4th, so if I would have competed in the downhill the next day I could have had some potential to finish in the all mountain world championships strongly.....but downhill is no longer my thing. I am a climber and was obviously able to prove that at the race. I have to admit it was nice to have people coming up to be and telling me that I was fast and that they were very impressed, it made me remember that I love this sport. I feel like I did something amazing by completing the race. It made me even happier to look at the pro cross country results and see that if I would have raced pro that I could have come in 3rd. I guess there was a point in time at the top of the climb where I was only minutes behind world champion cross country racer Katerina Nash. HOW AWWWESOME IS THAT!??! It was great to see Adrian and meet some of the other Scott USA guys. Mike was a huge help although it may not have seemed like he did much, I love having people at my races it makes me calm down a lot (I wish more people could have been there for support...oh well); Colorado is going to be awesome. I really loved not having cell service...ha ha ha! A beer has never tasted so good after a race, we swam and the river for after the race and watched a memorial vert jump that kids did on bikes...it was neato. Later on once we got back to Truckee Chris met us at Blue coyote and I have to admit that a burger and O rings have never tasted SO good! Over all I say that that race we VERY successful!

Now I am gearing up to go to US Nationals at Sol Vista, Colorado this coming weekend. It is going to be a quick trip, but, hopefully I will pull a good result there too. I am really looking forward to going there and competing against the girls that I used to when I lived in Colorado. After Colorado I am going to put the hammer down on school work and really focus on my English diversity class and start to get some stuff ready for graduation and hopefully start to get ready for some beach action?

Well, shower time, dinner time and homework and an early night to bed!



A long shot.

I am sitting around right now trying to lay low in order to get both physically and mentally ready for Downieville tomorrow (possibly the biggest race of the season and so far my career). I will not know until about 9 am if I will be rolling up to the start line at 9:3o am or if I will just be another spectator until they release the names of the 20 whom have gotten in on late entry. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get in. It is weird going to such a big race without my mom going...it seems like she is always around for Nationals and what not. Welp....if I get in I am ready to crush everyone.

So I am sitting here...waiting for my carb loaded dinner to finish cooking and I decided it was time to look at grad school. I am sad to say that UNR does not have a communications program...I am sure that UNLV probably does...but there is no WAY that I will be caught dead living in Vegas, even if it is for school. I found out that UVM's grad programs are mostly science and math programs...well we all know that is not my forte...BUT UNH DOES HAVE a program that I am some what interested in! Communication Sciences and Disorders. I am hoping that next time I talk to Aqueelah (my advisor) that we will able to see if I can get into the program. I think that it would be very interesting...and there is actually the potential to make it into a Phd! Thats fun to dream about!

Well time to prep for the race.



Race, Race, Race

Thursday night races have started at Northstar.
I have raced the last two Thursday's.
July 2nd- 1st place
July 9th- 3rd (or 4th? I don't know yet..) place
All the races have been about 12 miles long, a good group of girl riders, normally takes about an hour to race. It is so nice to get back out there and race! I was planning on totally doing downieville classic, but on-line registration closed and there is no on-site registration either...BUT there are 2o open spots right now so I am planning on heading over there early in the morning hopefully getting on of those spots. Then I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a car to borrow to leave for Colorado next Thursday for US Nationals in Granby, Colorado. I really NEED these results.
I met a man the other day at Chambers landing that is an alumni of UNR, his daughter was about my age and going to school down in Chico. They are owners on the property and are around Tahoe here and there during the summer. We started talking and he seemed to be a very nice person and was impressed by all the goodies that I had going on in my life. He told me that he worked for Kellogg's and asked if I liked cereal! Well of course I do!! On Monday I gave him my address and I came home to night to find two GIANT boxes of Kellogg's products sitting in my living room. There are snack bars and cereal cups for days! What a great college kid thing to have! ha! I love free food! I feel horrible that I don't have an address where I can send him a thank you, but I know that he will probably be back up soon enough so I will be able to thank him for all the goodies! How lucky am I! HOORAY!

I know I have been HORRIBLE at updating my blog lately, sorry! I have been so over-my-head in homework, work, and biking. All the sudden bike season has hit, and quickly too! I have been running and/or biking EVERY day. I started to do the ride down to work (round trip it is close to 50 miles) I love how fresh (weird word choice I know...) I feel once I get there. My endorphins are through the roof...and the next day...not so much...it was a struggle! ha!
We have had men that work for defensible space (which is my back yard basically) in our backyard chopping down trees for the last couple days so I have been oh-so-lucky to wake up to chainsaws WAY to early in the morning. Not cool!
I am closing in on the last couple weeks of my summer Communications class, I am very excited to finish it. I feel like I have learned a lot. As for English....uhhh...I have a lot of work today. Each lesson consists normally of about 12 pages of writing and I have to do 28 lessons...as of now I am on lesson 6. YIKES! But...I have the next three days off to work really hard on getting more lessons done. I am so excited to turn in my graduation cluster (a group of 15 classes which I had to take for my major and type a short paper saying why these classes are going to benefit me with whichever way I may go with my future). I am ALLLLLLLMOSTTTTT DONE!

Well...I might go and enjoy a rice crispy treat maybe do some homework and GO TO BED and FINALLY sleep in!


life up date.


So I watch some fireworks; on the 3rd of July in Kings Beach with Mike.
It was really neato.
All the boats on the lake.
Real forth of July fireworks from the Bosco's house.
The fireworks were pretty neato on Donner Lake this year. Awesome dinner at Dad's house, fairly early night. AND, I got to sleep in today!
I won a XC race on Thursday.
12 miles, 1 hour and 7 minutes. I bet some Pro / semi-pro men, it was awesome.
good way to start off a late season. The course was pretty dirty and dusty...
I found out I was racing that DAY. So my kit was wet, being oh-so-brilliant I dried it on the dashboard of Syd on my way to work!
We had a duck come into work.
He swam some laps in the pool.

Yep, so my life has been pretty hectic the last couple days. I have been working straight for about 2 weeks, today was my first day off....it was BLISS (I actually slept in after 9 this morning!!!)! 4th of July was pretty funny to watch down at Chambers Landing, as was the 3rd of July. My, my, my do people like to drink on that holiday. There was so much going on during the weekend that I really can't remember to much because I was so busy.
Work, bike race. I won. YES FIRST PLACE! I cannot even tell you how AWESOME it was to win a race again. I am working on winning Downieville classic next weekend.
Work, work, work. Home owners association BBQ for Hansen Management in the morning at Tavern Shores; saving lives in the afternoon at Chambers (or more like watching drunk people make silly decisions). Bought a new shirt (its TOTALLY awesome...Hello 1970's!) Had a beer with Mr. Wilson. We watched the fireworks in Kings Beach; they were awesome. We sat on the beach/ pier. I felt like a little kid again staring up into the sky totally fascinated by the big burst of light in the sky followed by a giant BOOM! I ended up having about 12 lbs of sand in my jeans by the time we left the fireworks because I had folded the cuffs up; it was almost like I brought my own little beach back to the deck with us. We had a GIANT cupcake...kinda funny that we both like the cake part and NOT the frosting part. We swung on the most AWESOME chairlift swing EVER! I want one! There are enough awesome trees in my back yard to get one, I just have to find the chairlift.
BBQ for the HOA of Tavern Shores children. Life guarding at Chambers. I work with the best team of people ever, even if you are bummed out they know how to cheer you up and support you. I think that I have gotten the best ab works outs in a while from work because we are constantly laughing. I had a yummy dinner at my dad's with a great conversation and jetted to the Bosco's house on Donner Lake, or at least thought I would "jet" down there....45 minutes later and 4 hitchhikers later I pulled into the drive way. The brownies that I make (got the recipe from Grand mama!) were a hit, they were all gone before I got there. So I munched on a slice of Christopher's Tahoe House cake piece. The fireworks were amazing down on Donner Lake too! I had a wonderful seat, lake front, glass of champagne, and Chris's parents around to "oohhhh" and "ahhhh" at the fire works with. Later on Chris, Scott (Chris's brother) and I went and saw a little band playing called the "Donner Party", but I was so exhausted from everything that we left pretty quickly.
The one bad thing that happened this weekend was that I had a horrible back spasm and it still hasn't stopped. I cannot lean on the right side of my back or take to deep of breaths; I know it will go away soon it just is super painful right now. I am thinking about trying to get a massage if it still hurts later on this week.
Slept in. Went to the lake. Chris decided that Romeo was going to be his!!!!!!!! I am so excited, he hasn't decided exactly when he will officially be up here, but he is amazing. The biggest sweetheart of a dog EVER, he is a pit bull but honestly he is the SWEETEST thing ever!

Welp, off to do some HW
Hope all is well!