Sorry I have been so bad...

Chris, Diggles, some other friends and I went and saw Mickey Avalon in concert at 210 N. the other night, it was pretty neat seeing him live....but the venue was not that hot...so it took away from all of our enjoyment of his jams. His new songs are pretty awesome tho, very Mickey Avalon. ha!
This is where I work....hard life huh?
Tip of the day: When you are called into work to cover a shift and you washed your bathing suit the night before and it is still not dried....toss it on the dash board and turn the heat on full blast!
That means Colorado.
Gimping blowing up the explorer....
It might be time to invest in a good ole' riverrun...ha!
Thizzle Jiggle and I getting ready for some Truckee river floating on Sunday...I think it is going to become a Sunday staple for the entire summer.

So, sorry I have been so bad at updating my blog. We do not have Internet at the new house yet and I have really bad cell phone service. I am working on getting a Skype number so if anyone needs to get in touch with me and cannot reach me via cell...than that will be the other way. We get Internet sometime this week! YAHHHHH!! And I will get you all my mailing address as soon as I can too!
I have been VERY busy with work, it has been so hot that I have actually taken the time to get in and cool down....I have to admit that I am so jealous that everyone (well minus me and my mom and Sarah) are down at the beach right now : ( sooooo enough! I have been letting my hair go curly allllllllll weekend, sooo funny looking, but I am getting used it again.
I am going to start riding my bike to work (25 miles there, 25 miles back) that way I can be environmentally friendly and I can save gas too!
I dropped my phone the other night (well I was pushed and it flew out of my hand on accident) causing it to crack the screen... luckily it is only a cosmetic damage and the phone still works! I was sooooooooo nervous it wasn't going to! Yiiikeeeeeesss!

Well, I have some homework that I need to get a move on and then some sleep...big day of riding and work!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beach that is down there!

Mike, I know you are reading my blog and I will soon find out your site.......orrrrrrrr you won't get your iPod back! ha!

Note to self: SUNSCREEN!



Farrah Fawcett
Michael Jackson
So yesterday at work I quickly learned that Farrah had passed away due to her battle against cancer. And then, out of no where Michael Jackson had as well. Hum, June 25th was a big day.
I think that Michael Jackson is probably really hiding on an island far away from everything and then in about 10 years he will release a new album or something odd like that. Farrah was such a blonde bombshell, I loved the flipped back hair!

Well, off to take my communications 412 midterm and then I have to jet up to work (Normally I have Friday's off but I am covering a shift). I am in need of a day off.

And, boys will be boys evidently...but I am pretty sure that taking out the trash should be in their category of "things I do around the house". ha !



I am a Tahoe Tessie guard.

Just another day at the office, saving a life here and there...
Lake Tahoe
So, as it turns out work has been amazing. I love the people that I work with! We are all about the same age so it makes it very easy to get a long, very diverse (in a good way), a lot of laughing, sunscreen rubbing, water fetching, and story telling happens during an 8 hour shift at Chambers landing. Lately, the hot topic of discussion has been A) how hot does it have to be out until we actually take our sweatshirts off? well today was the first day...I hung out in my bathing suit all day (and I even had to get in the lake.....not by my choice of course!) B) what we have for lunch and C) the myths of Lake Tahoe.
There always seem to be stories about large landlocked bodies of water, whether it be a large lake creature (here it is Tahoe Tessie) or the tales that Jacques Cousteau left making all locals and visitors alike wonder what really does lie at the bottom. There of course are no pictures, or videos of what people have seen only recollections of their encounters of the cold dark bottom of the lake. Cousteau left the people with the quote "The world wasn't ready for what was down there!", others tell stories of bodies for the 30s and 40s floating to the surface (still fully clothed) and essentially intact; this could be true because of the incredibly cold water at the bottom of the estimated 1645-feet deep bottom. Mobsters with their feet anchored in by cement, a hole in the bottom which is a water source for other lakes around the Reno/Tahoe region. Another story has come about trying to figure out how bodies end up in Pyramid lake and other reservoirs around the greater Reno area (yes we are talking bodies have turned up beyond Reno that have been lost in Tahoe, that is wicked far close to 2 hours apart).
Explores seem to be constantly looking for loans/test drives on submarines so they can see exactly what Cousteau meant. You can read countless articles all over the Internet about the curiosity which has captured many peoples interest in the bottom of the lake worldwide. I have to admit, I am curious to know what is down there, it is a big mystery.
I can't wait to share some of the other stories that we come up with at work with you all! They are pretty interesting I think, they get your mind thinking in ways that people tend to over look often....
I have some nice color going on from work right now. Tan, tan, tan! Don't worry...I have been wearing loads of sunscreen. I actually had the good ole' Banana Boat allergic reaction today on my wrists (for those of you who don't know I have turned out to be allergic to BB sunscreen, I get the worst rash on the face of the planet), I was just trying to help my friend out and put some on his back and then after the fact I realized it was BBoat. GREAT! ha, it itched like crazy. Tomorrow is my Friday, but on the real Friday of this week I have a mid-term for my communications 412 class. ugh, 1/2 there I guess!
The new house is awesome, I haven't slept so well since Crested Butte I think (probably a time or 2 in Lyme as well). I love being woken up by the sun shining in my room in the morning and the SILENCE that surrounds me instead of hearing this constantly slammed! The boys are super nice, I think that I finally got myself into a good living situation! Hoooray!
Chris made an amazing dinner tonight. Pinwheel steaks, smashed potatoes, green beans (yummmo!) and corn (which popped in when you bit into the kernels ... Just like OBX corn).
I treated myself to a Ben and Jerry's "Flipped Out" cookie dough tonight; I had to grab an avocado for my lunch and decided I could have some ice cream. I highly highly HIGHLY suggest these little treats! So goooooooodddd!

Last night we went and saw "the hangover" down in Reno..it was a pretty funny movie. On the way back up I was asleep and all the sudden I was awaken my Chris saying "Oh my goodness" I slowly got up and asked what was wrong...there was a deer in sitting in the road. Kind of scary, so we decided that the CHP should be called before someone was seriously injured. Chris called them...it rang, and rang and rang...no answer so then it was 9-1-1...welp, it rang and rang and rang for TWO MINUTES! NO ANSWER ON A 9-1-1 call! Amazing! I can't even imagine if something really terrible was going on and the people at 9-1-1 couldn't even answer. Way to go CHP and Nevada County police. Maybe you should stop going to the store and buying cake (like they were tonight while I was in there), stop pulling over all my friends for NO reason, and actually tend in vital phone calls......oh yah, and stop running red lights and then pulling people over for that...that seems pretty hypocritical to me!

I am off to bed. I have an early day at work, I am going to go and ride after that, and then study study study for my midterm and get some English homework done too!



this just in....



24-hour move con't

The truck that I was lucky enough to use for my move (and I was luck to even see over the steering wheel..ha! I felt like a munchkin)
Load #1 out of 3
View from my new bed room....pretty sweet!
My job....

So I am all set in the new house! It is pretty fabulous!!! I am so excited. There is still a lot of organizing to do, but I am going to have to wait until Friday (speaking of which I have a mid term at 9 am and then I am going to ride down to work to find out how long it will take me to get down there so next week and for now on I am able to ride there instead of drive! Great way to save on gas $$).

I have two great roommates. I love being in Truckee...its about time! Work is totally cool, I have a sunglass burn and a major tan after ONE day! Back to the grind tomorrow!

Hope all is well!



24 hour move

Its on! One lease is done, another one starts tomorrow (or today I guess seeing that it is Saturday already..my how time flies!). I have been on a packing spree what seems like all day but when it comes down to it...it has really only been a few hours. I was called in to work today at Lather & Fizz; of course I wasn't going to say no to a chance to make some $$! Then I jetted back down to Reno and took my math final! I AM DONNNNNEEEEEEE WITH MATH, now I have to wait and see what my grade is....I am a little nervous but luckily I have so much going on right now it takes my mind off of wondering what my grade is. I really hope that I am able to e-mail Aqueelah (my advisor at UNR) and tell her that I have done it...I made it through college math!!! So after my final the packing spree was on! My room is basically empty right now, I have my mattress in it and a few random personal belongings. Tomorrow I am waking up early to pack up the truck (Mike was nice enough to loan me his truck to making moving easier! I am so thankful! I feel like a munchkin when I am driving it. My goal is to do the move in 1 maybe 2 loads 2mrw and I think I can since I am pretty good a packing everything up so precisely) I CAN'T WAIT to be out of RENO! wow, Truckee is going to be so nice! So, don't you all worry I am sure that I will have some great pictures from the move so everyone will be able to get a little giggle from my moving techniques....now...getting the mattress upstairs by myself tomorrow morning is going to be interesting...ha ha ha...

Well, time to get some shut eye...I have a LONG day ahead of me! Yippppppeeeeeee!



"You're never a loser until you quit trying"

So, I decided that it was time for some classic bud blogging! I decided to spend some time running errands around Reno this afternoon after a GREAT mt. bike ride this am. I decided to drive down Virginia St. (that is the main drag here in Reno, it takes you right downtown and under the flashy Reno sign! hot dang!) On my way down I noticed a big sign that said "ASIAN MARKET" just passed the Peppermill, I drove right by didn't really think much of it. Ran my other errands, and at some point during my running around I decided that I should stop in the Asian market and procrastinate from packing up my apartment and doing anymore English homework. I pulled in, got out and walked right on in. WOW!!!!! this place is amazzzzzzzzing! It is basically the size of a small super market (well duh because that is what it is!) I walked around looking at all the different products and was amazing, to tell you the truth I would be nervous to by anything from there that I didn't know what it was because I am unfortunately NOT fluent in any Asian language, nor will I be any time soon! ha! I was about to leave because I was unable to find the fortune cookies, when I came to the tea isle, and then I saw the buddhas! I looked through the different types of tea trying to decipher the flavors by the pictures which were on the boxes when I came across the loose tea. Green tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea! So many different types, the tins which the different teas were in were fairly large so I though 'wow these will probably cost a fortune' well I checked, $3.00!!!!! Who could say no to a price like that! Well, I couldn't! I ended up going with the jasmine tea, for $3 I got more tea then I normally would buying a basic brand from the normal supermarket (plus, I am going to go out on a leg and guess that the boys that I am moving in with on Saturday are not tea drinkers so that means that I will have it for an EXTRA long time! ha!). Then I wondered over towards teh buddhas, I thought to myself 'well I need as much luck as possible right now (hence the reason I was buying fortune cookies)' I knew that I had 2 buddhas in my room already and one of those could be replaced with a new one and moved to my car! Perfect! I felt silly because I had to ask the man where the fortune cookies were, but he was more than happy to run down the isle yelling "big one or small one" ummmm a small bag, I do not need to feed a small country with fortune cookies! ha, I was happy to see they were the same brand that my mom had bought me from the Asian store in Hanover. ahhhhhhhh yaahhhh! So hopefully the good luck will just keep on pouring in! My fortune that I had this afternoon said "You're never a loser until you quit trying" well I am not going to quit trying....this is a fight and I am going to win!

MATH FINAL in T-MINUS 24 hours and 50 minutes! Yikessss! Well below are some pictures from my adventure, I am sure that I will have some good ones from the move this coming weekend! I am so excited to FINALLY be in Truckee. One of my friends told me the other day "geeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz its about time" and I SOOOO agree with that! Welp, time to get some last minutes of studying for a quiz that I have today in!

My new Buddha. I think I am going to name him George.
A "small" bag of fortune cookies, probably good I didn't get the large bag
Teaaaaa! I am so excited to have some tonight before bed!
My mom moved to Nevada and got this license plate.
JK. But it still is pretty AWESOME! I highly suggest this on NH.
These are MY roses that I got the other day.
Why on earth ONE does person needs this many winter coats!??!
(the pile was about up to the middle of my leg)



Stop and smell the roses

Have you stopped and smelled the roses lately?
I did today and came home with a dozen.
No really, I actually did.
Being the Debbie Downer that I have been lately I rode my bike to math class, learn about weird crazy math and on my way back I rode by the rose gardens at UNR, I stopped. In the 4 years that I have gone to school here I have NEVER stopped and smelled the roses. They are beautiful, I found two that I loved and I picked them and brought them home. They smell amazing, I put them in a vase and they are on my night stand. But, I didn't stop there...I rode my townie up to the rose gardens just above school near the trail head of where I go mountain biking and saw all the different amazing roses that they have there: yellow, pink, white, red, a mixture of every color you could think of. The smell was amazing, they made me smile. It really was a breath of fresh air!

Tonight while I was working on a paper that I had due at midnight one of my all time favorite songs came on, Ben Taylor's "Digest". The lyrics captured me more than normal, I have listen to the song hundreds of time but for some reason tonight they really stood out.

"When it gets me depressed I find
That it's best with my chest high
As I stretch my lungs & express my love,
Hold my breath & forget my pride,
To reflect that the rest of our lives are a measure of time.
We may as well try to express some style.
I exhale my prayer.
And follow it with my eyes as it fills the air.
I've been forced to digest this wasteful emptiness
I'm supposed to laugh as if there's nothing going on.
I know that life goes on regardless"

Now it is raining, it smells AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING! I love the smell of rain! It looks like everything is working out with the house in Truckee, hopefully I will be moving in there sooner than I think! I am so excited, AND I am done with math class on Friday! Everything is ended up really good, it just takes some time I guess. I start work this coming Monday (hopefully we have good weather...) it will be nice to see all the people that I am working with again, they are such a great group of people.

Well, I am off to do some more homework and hit the hay! Hope all is well!



Learn from your mistakes

It came to my attention the other day that the most growth we get in life is when we make decisions and what the outcomes of those decisions are. When we make those decisions we may see them as not harm, and maybe do not understand the circumstances when the actions which follow our decisions are put into play. Learning from one's mistakes is one of the best parts of life, if we experiences everything in only a perfect sense then we would not experience life. The word mistake is such a large term, think about this when you are in school (normally a history class) talking about the wars which the USA has been a part of wars are always referred to as "mistakes", but really are they mistakes? Didn't we actually gain something from it? For every bad thing there is always 2 good things. So next time you think you may have done something wrong look at the situation, keep your head up, something positive is going to come out of the situation you are in someway or another, it may take sometime, but it is coming. We are not put here to live horrible lives and to feel upset by negativity, but to learn from it and make ourselves a better and much stronger individual.

"Optimism means expecting the best;
but confidence means knowing how to handle the worst.
Never make a move if you are merely optimistic"
-The Zurich Axioms

"People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take them in"


I listen to music constantly. Always have new jams; all different genres from Hip Hop to Alternative, to Classical to Country, maybe some rock and a little pop? I am one of those people that sings at the top of my lungs when no one is around; I listen to music when I go to bed, I listen to music when I run, ride and ski, when I drive when I cook... you get the drift? I have never been musically gifted...I was enrolled in piano lessons when I was in middle school but I would always get caught up wondering if Mrs. Greybar's hair was a wig or not, Sarah stuck with it longer than me. My friends are always asking to get my music...I guess it is kind of a compliment, right? I am a huge Dave Matthews fan as well as Ben Taylor. I guess I have a certain type of music for everything that I am doing, lyrics of different songs are so powerful they deliver so much emotion it is amazing. My latest find is "Adele", she is about my age from the UK with an amazzzzzzzzzzing voice... similar to Macy Gray but has something about her voice and lyrics that just grab you. iTunes says that "Duffy" is similar to Adele's jams...but personally I like Adele way more!

The new Sounds CD is wicked good too! The song "beatbox" is just like their old song "Tony the beat!" yahhhhhh!

I went on a music extravaganza today because I watched Crash AND garden state last night!! AMAZZZZZZZING movies! Crash is by far my favorite movie on the entire earth aside from Into the Wild, but, it made me want to go and get some songs from Garden State and I ended up finding some soon to be "top rated" songs on my iPhone!



In 1984 Ronald Reagan declared July national ICE CREAM MONTH! 
(what a great excuse to splurge on ice cream (Ben & Jerry's is my first pick!)) 
Look what I got! 
I am soooooo wicked excited. 
I have worn them since I got them. 
Okay, not as obsessed as I was my old Lange hat...but pretty close! 
(fyi, if you order them go 1/2 size up!)


A math whiz, with a dead fish?

I bet you would NEVER guess that I would ever be able to say this...brace yourself....(is the anticipation building?).....dun...dunn...dunnn....I, ELIZABETH REEDER GOT A 94% ON MY MATH EXAM! Hollllllllllyyy cow! I know! I am still amazed, actually it was one of the higher grades in the class, the average was a C. I walked into my class thinking "gosh I hope that I got at least a 65 or better on that exam", when my teacher handed back the first exam and told the girl that sits in the front row "you had the highest grade in the class 109%" I thought...ohhhhhh great, please let me pass this exam. Then it was my turn, my teacher handed me my paper (upside down so I couldn't see the exam, and said: good job Elizabeth, I flipped over the paper with a little hesitation and there is was a big huge 94%!!!!!! Now, I am pretty sure, exam wise, that this is one of the highest grades that I have ever gotten (again...on an exam) since I started taking them! ha! WOW, 11 days left of math until I take my final. I am so happy that I decided to take this class over minimester instead of taking it during the normal semester, for some reason I just do not think that I would be able to do as well. Now, English 304 on the other hand is a little different...finding the motivation is wicked hard! 
So, I also came home today and looked in my fish bowl and Bing wasn't moving. I thought that maybe he was just chilling at the bottom like normal, when I jiggled the bowl back and forth and he didn't really move I knew that I had lost ANOTHER fish. So far I have gone through 3 fish this year...obviously I am doing SOMETHING wrong....or the fish I am picking out are not good ones. ha, I think I am going to wait until I move up to Truckee until I get another one. That way I do not have to worry about transportation up here. I think I am going to get another boring beta too, only because they do not smell as bad as the goldfish did. Talk about stinky.....peeeewwww! 
I had a nice chat with Brad Knopp today (he was my English teacher at CBA) the only teacher that I have actually stayed in touch with, beside Mr. Warren Witherell. It was great to chat with him, it makes me happy to know that someone has been able to see me transform so much in the last 8-9 years of my life....from the 14 year old zitty faced girl that I came to CBA as, to the person that I am now. I asked him to be sure and attend my graduation next year and he said he would be there and would not forget the date because that is the day that he graduated from Notre Dame. 
Well, I am happy to say that I have picked up a shift at Lather and Fizz tomorrow afternoon, I have one more house to look at until I turn in an application for the perfect place (keep your fingers crossed that the boys and I get it! and that Kathy lets me out of my lease early like she said she was going to), then off to math class. Friday I am back to the grind of lifeguard training, we start CPR on Friday night. 

CHEERS! (and pleassse let this rain stop so I can ride my bike!)