Joining the movement.

So if you know me, you know my guilty pleasure is buying shoes. If I find a style I like I buy them in every color and slight style changes that I can possibly find. I admit, yes, I am a supporter of Nike, and yes I know there is always a large controversy about the mistreating of employees (mainly children) in third world countries; this I do not support. I have a weakness for Sperry's and Eliza B., minnetonka's and moonboots but now I have decided that I am going to have a new pleasure that I can proudly say I don't have to feel guilt for after a purchase of these new kicks. 
Perhaps you have heard of "TOMS shoes"?  I am sure that you have seen the commercial on TV about a man from the company needing service through AT&T where ever he goes in order to make sure that communication is running smoothly throughout this new evolutionary company. You know the one I am talking about? Well, TOMS are now my new shoe buying pleasure. Okay, so you are probably being like "do you really need another pair of shoes!?!?", yes I do, and these like I said I can justify! 
TOMS is a company which was created for everyone that becomes a part of their "movement" benefit from. You purchase a pair of shoes from them (which run $40- $70) and another pair is donated to a child in need; sometimes we look past our own country and do not realize how fortunate we our to have the luxury to go to a story and buy shoes, or in many cases have the access to Internet to purchase items. Last year TOMS did a shoe drop in Baton Rouge, LA (there is a great album on their website) and it makes you realize that we put a lot of focus on specifically 3rd world countries and do not realize the poverty and need of children here in our own country. TOMS actually does do drops in Argentina and other parts of the world. My goal is to save up enough money to go to do a shoe drop in Argentina before I graduate. I want to be able to see the happy look on the children's faces; I want to realize how fortunate I am for the items I have, perhaps this experience will make me realize the unnecessary need for material items which I find myself submerged into sometimes. I also would like to do their "vagabond tour", I know that when you get out of school you should use the degree which was A) expensive B) time consuming C) gained to get a good job but before I do any of job sorting out I need to find myself first. For around the last 16 years (17 once I graduate next spring) all I will know is school. Start classes in late August go to December, small break, back to school in January finish up in May and then enjoy a leisure 3+ months off from the grind of education. Granted, I guess you are to use those 3 months off to experience the real world, you really won't and can't. You are told to enjoy college and being in your 20's but the decisions that you make during these years are vital to your future, honestly this hasn't hit home with me until this month. I know that I am supposed to make a change, help someone, realize how fortunate I have been; so this is what I want to do...I want to be involved in a movement such as TOMS. 

-"Since our beginning in May 2006, TOMS has given over 140,000 (As of April 2009) pairs of shoes to children in need through the purchases of caring customers. Because of your support, TOMS plans to give over 300,000 pairs of shoes to children in need around the world in 2009."
-"TOMS shoes was founded on a simple premise: for every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for one. Using the purchase power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we are all about". 

TOMS has amazing pattens and solid colors. They have shoes for the summer, and some with cozy liners for the colder seasons, they have wrap boots, they have canvas shoes, they have vegan shoes they have EVERYTHING! There is no way that you cannot leave the site without seeing something that touches everyone's taste. 

So next time you are looking at buying a new pair of shoes, no matter what season, go to www.tomsshoes.com, take a look at their product I am sure that there is a shoe on there. Before you make that next impulse buy at the store see if you can help a child have a pair of shoes to wear buy purchasing some TOMS. 

Well, I am exhausted from lifeguard training today! Tomorrow is another early morning! 



Ice cream, sunscreen and some hail?

It's ice cream season in Tahoe. I like getting 1/2 chocolate 1/2 vanilla since they don't have "twist" at DQ, extra sprinkles. 
How good does that look!?!
Once day we decided that we were going to ride to Donner Lake and have sandwiches on a pier. Well, after we enjoyed our not so great sammies we did a little sunbathing only to be interrupted by a light sprinkling of rain. Of course we ignored that and stayed on the lake a little longer until the clouds rolled in. We quickly made our exit on bikes back towards Truckee. Well, all the sudden it started to rain. Rain turned to (and this is true...) HAIL! Yes, HAIL! Like ice chunks flying from the ski pelleting us in the face. We were soaked from the rain, in pain from the penny size hail pieces. We stopped and decided press forward, then Chris and I turned around and the other two were GONE! Our idea was to ride to the nearest gas station and wait for David and Tyler. It was SO bad that cars were pulling OFF the road, there must have been at least 2 or 3 inches of hail piled up on the road. We finally all met up in the gas station and David MAGICALLY found $20. Chris and I were determined to ride our bikes back to the house; which was a ways a way. David and Ty, not so much they wanted to take a cab. Well, as soon as the $20 was found all of our minds changed and we got in that van with four bikes too, faster than you could imagine. Once we got back to the house it was a mad dash to the hot shower and warm/dry clothes; the rest of the afternoon was spent inside! Well, at least I can say that was exciting! HOLY COW! I have to admit, I was laughing a lot during the time we spent riding in the hail. So the picture below is of a few of the bikes all shoved into the back of the van! ha! 
Top of old 40. 1st time this season. 
I started my training for the job I was able to score over the phone. I am super excited, I think it will be pretty fun. One of my friends Andy is working there too. The next two days I will be spending in the pool learning all that important stuff that life guards are supposed to know. Next weekend is CPR and first aid. I was lucky enough to even make it to class today and I didn't think I would! WOW! We narrowed our odd collaboration of houses down to two today, I am so excited. I know I will be really happen in which ever one we get. The kids I am going to live with are some of the coolest most down to earth people ever, plus it helps that we are all the same age and basically all on the same page plus being UNR students and all graduating next spring! HOORAY! 

Well time to take it easy! 



Impossible to find one. 
I typed in the words "very colorful" and this popped up. 
Colorful things are cheerful. 
and cheerful means happiness. 

Sorry I have been so bad at posting lately..I guess I have been busy? Maybe not? Let me start of with school. It is going great..believe it or not I have gotten an 80% and a 90% on my last two quizzes in MATH! yah, I have no clue; I can gladly say I am enjoying my math class. My teacher seems like a great guy, I have been working like CRAZY to get extra credit points. I am going to pass this class so I can take my next science class so I can graduate in May. WOW! Actually to tell you the truth I have been stressing out a lot about figure out what I will be doing this type next year, I have a plan (well kind of) but that is a post for another day. I started my English class and I have been working away on my communication class, so I will be done with those right when fall semester starts. They are pretty easy so far, both on diversity so they are very similar and that is what I based my graduation thematical cluster on so it works well with my personal major. 
Humm, biking? Well, I have a race on Saturday. My first one of the season, some may say it is late so start but when you are a full time student and Nevada decides that ONLY road biking is important you are forced to start later in the season. Actually, if I was in Colorado I would have only had my first race last weekend so I guess that I am not there far behind. I am planning on going and winning; I will take nothing less. I have been spending a lot of time on my road bike, CR is pretty awesome (CR is the name that I have given my roadie...but I am open for idea name changes). I actually am very excited because a lady is coming tomorrow morning to buy my Cannondale which I have had for sale for months now. That extra money will be nice since it has been hard to come by a job. 
ohhhhhh jobs. This economy has sucked everything out of the hope of a job. I thought that I had one at Squeeze In in Truckee, but that was a back fire. I put in an application at a cafe in Tahoe City called Dam Cafe, but similar to SI they decided not take take me because I was planning on being gone for a whooping 5 days. Soooooooo my friend and future roommate told me about a job in Tahoe City as a "lifeguard";  I called and the lady basically hired me on the phone. I am going to meet with her tomorrow mid day and find out if this job is going to work out...if so then I will start training the same day at 2:45-8 pm. I am keeping my fingers crossed, I need a job so bad. Once you have been unapproved from two applications in a row I have found that you just give up a little and you try to figure out what you are doing wrong especially when you are under the impression that you had both of the jobs. Sillllly sillllly people. 
So I am hoping that my land lord in Reno is going to let us end our lease a month early (pretty pretty please!) and I will be able to move up to Truckee. I have found two other roommates which I am very excited to live with and we have found a few houses. Yesterday we looked at a pretty stellar house, tomorrow (on top of EVERYTHING else I have going on) I am going to look at 4 more. Busy, busy, busy. Hopefully we find a perfect house for us; I think it is in the deck of cards. 

So yes, I have been VERY busy. I cant wait to share my "after college" plan with you all in a blog soon and update you all on my adventures of my life. 




Gosh California is so ugly. 
Just kidding. 

Think of what you use when you shower: Shampoo, Conditioner, body soap, face wash, etc. 
So since I have all the sudden become this avid biker (ha ha ha! okay, not really but I have been training harder and more often than normal including biking and running in the same day) I have had to start taking more showers. Ahhh, to be young and a hippie...well when you ride 30+ miles a day and run a few miles too that just doesn't fly. Since I have been showering (this kind of sounds odd like I never do...not true..some days when I don't work out I am just ultra lazy). So today on my limited budget I had to break down and buy some more shampoo since it has all disappeared...I stood in Rite Aid thinking back when I was in middle school and high school whenever my mom and I would head to City Market I would ALWAYS think I NEEDED to get new shampoo and condition; even if I just got new soap the day before. Odd, I know. Now I use the entire bottle and go buy some more. ha! As I was looking at the prices today, hunting around for the cheapest I could find I realized exactly why my mom didn't like me always getting new hair stuff EVERY dang week! ha! wow, sorry mom! And really is there a difference in the "anti-frizz" to the "keep your color" ummm I don't think so...just a different smell....and what is the difference between spending $30 on a bottle or $4 on a bottle? So far I cannot tell. Granted I do try to get eco-friendly shampoos and conditions here and there when I have the money...Shampoo and conditioner is soooooo bizarre! 

I went on a nice ride today! Just what I needed; and I just got back from a run in the state park. ohhhhh and I had an awesome breakfast at Donner Lake Kitchen! YUMMMMM!!! Lauren and I are headed to the lodge for cocktails in a little bit, and Jamie Fenn is driving through to San Fran it would be AMAZING to see my little mt. bike buddy for a quick hug! 

Whelp, better go and dry my partially goldie locks! ha! 



Thank you Hoyer!

Just got back from an awesome road ride up in Tahoe this morning! Went over to Josh Hoyer's house and he hooked me up with some awesome Oakley gear! I am soooo stoked and cannot thank him enough! Stickers, glasses, gloves, shorts! AAAAWWWEEESOME! 



My favorite toy

Today I decided this is my favorite toy ever. 
I spent sometime out at Donner lake today, I have reached a new tint of red. It was pretty hot out, but not nice enough out to jump in the lake. 
I start class 2mrw. Wahhhooo! 



Vino swagger

So far...not so shabby... considering Lentz's grade...ugh. 
One of my favorite people ever is leave for Chile next week for the summer. I have no clue who is going to replace my Thursday partner in crime...

So I am pretty excited about my grade so far! Hopefully I will know the rest by monday, I am hoping for B's or higher! Today I went to the wine walk with a bunch of my girlfriends it was wicked fun! The wine wasn't that good, but we had some fabulous laughs. I have an unscheduled job interview tomorrow; so hopefully I score that! I have to admit it is very odd not having anyone around...pretty dull...I guess it is preparing me for next year? 

Just to toss it out there..
This time next year I will be graduated...WOW! exciting! 365 days, of course there is winter and spring and fall break in there! watch out world! 



Water, water everywhere...but not a drop to spare.

I don't know about you, but I sure am a water drinker. I used to have this thing about the taste of water..ugh...I totally didn't like it; but as I grow up I cannot go a day without having a few bottles of it. Once I gained the likings for water I used to go to cosco and we would bottles in bulk. It was great! Go to school, stay hydrated, toss the bottle when you are done. In the last year I have started an addiction to "Smart water" (obviously because it makes you smarter..ha!) but really it is pretty cheap for bottled water, and the bottles are sleek looking. Once I started to realize how expensive buying food was I started to recycle and now I cycle through a dozen smart water bottles that I re-fill in the sink and toss in the fridge (which can be harmful because of the toxics which can be released over time from the plastic). Of course, I am not a fan of cold water only room temp; which is better for you...less work on your body. 
Water is a part of every persons life. Think of all the wonderful things that we make with water?!?! SNOW! I need it for biking! food! showering! There are all sorts of things. 
Interestingly enough, today I opened my e-mail and checked my "Apple hot news" and there was a listing about bottled water. If you go to iTunes and look up "Bottled Water/Bottled Water/ Open University" you should be able to download the video for free, it is about 6 minutes long..but it really puts in to perspective the amount of bottle water the world consumes! Crazzzzyyyy! 
  • Thirsty humans empty more than 155 billion bottles of water a year! Thats enough to fill 62,000 Olympic swimming pools.
  • One bottle of water travel over 1000 km from water source to place of sale.
  • Generally bottles of water that you buy at the stores are 18 days old. 
  • 32,000 homes could be heated for a year by the amount of energy that is put into making bottled water
  • 45,000 Tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere per year
  • Only 1 and 4 water bottles are recycled
Pretty interesting...eh.....


Done, done, done, done, done

Like Alice Copper sings: SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!

Okay, well not really for me. I am planning on filling up my summer with online work, but it shouldn't be that hard. I took my last final this morning at 7:30 am (wow...early!) it went wicked smoothly; I only struggled on 2 questions. Last night I took my CRJ 475 exam, as far as I am concerned that class can kick rocks. I really hope that I did well on my exam (which I think I did) because I only did decent on my paper...mind you this teacher is the wife of the CRJ teacher that failed me on one of my papers last semester. Want to know what they have in common? They BOTH said my papers were to chronologically ordered. So, if you were reading a paper would you like it to be in order or would you like to start with the activities of 1845 and then move in to 2005 and then hey why don't we just go back to 1932! ha! They both teach their classes like graduate level classes... well good thing its not! ha! 
I also took my Communications 329 exam yesterday, went smoothly. Got an A on my paper! Hooray! 

It is nice to know that I will not have to worry about school for a little while. Time to really focus on biking and figuring out what is going on with work. Ughhhh...work. 

well I still am excited about math! Holy cow! 

I think I might go bronze on the deck before I go riding! 



Happy mommy day!

Happy Mothers day! 
Today I was able to give my mom probably one of the best surprises every! I could have played it off better like I am normally really good at...but I was just way to excited...Wanna know what is was? okay...


Phew, that is a weight off my shoulders! Graduation spring 2010 here I come! WOW! Evidently third time really is the charm! 

Well, I hope that everyone is have an amazing day with their mom's I wish I could be down at the Beach with my mom and grandmama and aunts right now...soon enough I will I guess. 

Off to the deck to work on my sun burn and studying for my finals tomorrow! 



Taking a deep breath

A tiny taste of what the NEXT two hours of my life will be. 
Lovely. (with NO calculator, because WHY would you be able to use on of those things for math any ways...ha!) 
Alix and I found this on our townie escapade yesterday evening. Obviously who ever designed this was not thinking clearly because there was a giant pole at the end. 
A little bit of St. Louis in Reno, NV. The Budweiser Clydesdale's. 
Dinner on a dock at Donner (stay that 6 times fast, talk about a tongue twister)
Since Reno is always until high wind warnings, and I am not very keen on being blown away..
You can find me on the trainer. Fabulous. 
Bertha Miranda's for Cinco de Mayo. 
I liked this place because they use ball jars as cups. 
Holy moly dinner! I didn't finish it. 
We all played some jenga. Or the cheaper version: Jumbling towers

One hour from now I will be starting in on my math final...you know the final that I have been stressing out for the last ohhhh I am not sure FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE for the class that I studied my little tucas off for. I decided that before I go on in it was a good idea to take a break for looking at all that gibberish they call math. This math class is so important...it basically makes or breaks my 2010 spring graduation....ohhhhhh boy. DEEEEEEEP BREATH! 

Yesterday I took a break and went down to the RiverFest with Alix, it was pretty fun. We got a lot of comments on our townies. 

Sami and I bronzed on the deck, but bronzing soon turned to burning since we haven't seen the sun in months. Putting aloe on your back alone is REALLY hard. 

I was bummed because it is mud season right now so I got called of from work yesterday. Funny, now I actually want to work so I have something to do. This time next year I will be scoping out big girl jobs with this college degree, which gets me to thinking...time to do some volunteer work! 

I cannot wait for 2 O'clock today. I will be done with math for this semester, and hopefully I will log on to epaws in a few days and see an "S" next to that class. Oh man, any heads up pennies found must have the wish be dedicated towards me passing this math class!

I think I am going to go and eat a fortune cookie quickly! 

Wish me luck! 


PS. my fortune cookie said "Toil awhile...endure awhile...believe always...and never turn back" 
Here goes nothing, I am not looking back and I think I have endured plenty of math, toil..hello it is math! I am trying to believe! 


Just a reminder...

"We cannot depreciate communication between people we can only improve our methods of contact."

I knew all that reading I did for Criminal justice this semester would pay off in one way or another! ha! 

Headed to take my CRJ 380 final wish me luck! 



Windy and breezy I ain't looking steezy!

"They say what goes up must come down but I ain't reached my cruising altitude. Take a look at what I did but can you imagine what I am about to do." -Ludacris

It has been windy, rainy, and just plain ole' yucky in Reno the last few days. I went to my first day of work at Squeeze In on Friday. It is pretty cool, I have to admit I probably have never worked so hard in a hostess position EVER! Hostessing here entails much more that the Stash ever did! I hostess, I bus, I clean I do a lot of things! Hopefully it will pay off in the end! It seems like a really nice group of people that work there. 

I was supposed to race on Saturday in the Pinenut Cracker in Minden, NV. I just couldn't find the energy to convince myself to go there. I was worried about getting sick again because of the weather, plus I just didn't have the money for it. I have the rest of my schedule for the rest of the season now; it is nice to know where I will be headed off to. I opted for a ride up Peavine instead. I didn't take the normal risks that I do when I normally head down on the downhill part, it reminded me that I excel like crazy in races because of that skill. 

Vance took me out to breakfast yesterday morning at OFM (our favorite muffin, which is really called my favorite muffin...long story...that is what best friends are for!). We ended up running into Trenton and Alix there! Alix is leaving to go to Chili for the summer (well for 2 months!) so we decided we are turning this week into 3 Thursday's! HOORAY! (we hangout every Thursday, kind of like how Kaitlyn and I have our tapioca Tuesday dates). I have had one of Vance's hoodies that I needed to finish sewing for about a month now. We went to this place called Mill End Fabrics, I was like a kid in a candy store! Turns out later in the afternoon I went there again with Chris so that he could get some suede for his car. Both times I went in and was to flabbergasted so think I needed to buy anything! WOW! Well at least I know were it is! 

To top off the night we went and saw Daniel Tosh, one of the most funny comedians ever! He had a hilarious act put together! He had a great joke about the people that come to his show hoping to hear one of his old jokes; he says he doesn't understand why they want to listen to those jokes because they already know the ending! HA! good point! The person that opened for him was really funny too! He said he drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon (my favorite beer...classy, eh?) because he is a champion! I have to admit I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! 

Today I am planning on finishing up some sewing, cleaning, hopefully riding (I have a feeling I will be stuck on my trainer), my last two homework assignments and maybe even finishing my book that I have been working on since spring break! HOORAY! Ohhhhh I also need to get my summer classes (yes, I will be taking 12-15 units depending on my math class)! Phewwww, good thing I remembered! 


Comedian Daniel Tosh. 
Mill End Fabrics. The sparkle ones. 
Zippers for days! 
Holy cow! 
Even more!?! And this was only a 5th of the fabric