Road bike flyin'

So I am finally feeling good enough to ride again, boy-oh-boy lyrngitis is the pits! 
I decided to hop on my new road bike today and ride up to Gold Ranch just past Verdi from mi casa...round trip 35 miles, it was great to be out! I made sure I road with music so I was breathing steadily, gosh Taylor Swift is a good one to sing along to! ha! I am pretty exhausted right now. 
On the road again...
I do have to admit that I passed my far share of road bikers today, most of them were nice and gave the little roadie wave, others tried to act uber tuff and ride right on by wicked fast. I laughed extra hard when this one guy, was DECKED out head to toe in all the gear. At one stop light I stopped and looked over and he looked really goofy, like an alien. Long spants, booties, lobster minutes, sponsors all over the place, bells and whistles like crazy attached to his bike...of course he had to sprint away from the light once it turned green....good on you buddy! ha! 
So I have to admit that road biking is kinda' funny. I never really feel like I am getting much achieved, I ride from point A to point B and then back to A...HOORAY! If you encounter any type of "terrain" (pot holes and stuff) you have to worry about going over your handle bars and flat tires. You do get to go wicked fast if the wind is at your back which is fun! Last season I spent more time on my roadie than I did Sparky...hummm.....I wonder if that will happen this year. 

Well I am always looking for people to ride with! 



In an age of technology.

Okay, so for my 21st birthday I was gifted an iPhone. I cannot imagine life without it, honestly if it broke tomorrow I would probably go out and find a way to buy another one. I could never deal with anything less. I am still struck by amazement whenever I see an ad on TV or on the Internet for an iPhone, the technology is so amazing compared to the phone that I first remember my mom having. Think of all the applications, which have only been available since July! On a commercial tonight I saw that you can run credit card numbers, search for apartments (which I am going to have to do soon! HOORAY!?!), find a last minute recipe and so much more! You can download music, and watch videos! So amazing! 10 years ago (I was 12! ha!) I don't think I would have even foreseen something so creative in my life. 

Speaking of technology, more or less cellphones (I apologize if I sound like I am possibly venting...)

Why is it that people forward calls? send you to voicemail? don't answer text messages or e-mails? Is it that difficult? Especially when you are around that person and they are literally GLUED to their phone when you are there. When you call this person (in my case this person is supposed to be a mentor in my life...at this point I either cry or laugh when I think of that word applied specifically).  Quite frankly, if I was in predicament (which I BETTER NOT EVER BE) I would be to the utmost crushed. A relationship needs to exist, but I know it never will. I cannot express the added stress of tip toeing around and uncertainty that is like a lightening bolt through my life every now and again. 
A relationship is established by sharing emotions between two people (and NO i am not talking about my boyfriend here in case you all are wondering....ha ha!) you can only express these emotions if a trust is created, almost like a credibility between two people. Well, I am now 22 and that has yet to honestly be established (and I know that I am not the only one that feels like they are in the position); just when I think I can confine in you the dark cloud is back. All this black cloud brings is a jaded perspective of something you are supposed to love, care and cater towards. 
It may seem as though communication is only available when something is needed, then again have you thought about your needs toward the other? Sometimes I feel like I am in high school. I would love to have the REAL you to confine in. 
Bruce Hornsby sings in Fields of Gray: 
-When the night lies so still 
Before I go to sleep 
I come by, I come by
Just to look at you
In the dim light I say
That in my own small way
I will try, I will try 
To help you through- 

It's your turn now. Answer your phone. 

So anyways on a much HAPPIER note...
A- on my last speech! 
I took my first final today, I think I did pretty well. 
I start work on Friday! HOORAY! 
Daniel Tosh this weekend! (he is a comedian) 
1st bike race of the season! Pine nut Cracker in Gardenerville on Saturday! 
A+ on my criminal justice paper about discrimination against disabled students. 
Meeting with the landlord to get out of my lease!!!! : ) 
I finally was able to cook! Spinach cakes and peanut butter energy bars, YUMO (as the great RR would say!) 
Boston is 14-7 right now! 



Extreme arcading

I really cool tree at Squaw. 
So, Chris and I decided that we needed to do something fun. I came up with the idea that we should utilize the casinos in Reno and go to the arcades; live on the wild side! Our first stop was GSR, we were told that that was the best arcade...well that was false information because EVERYTHING cool was closed! So we played what we could since we had a bunch of tokens. 
Tokyo drift. The driver that I picked did flips and stuff! Talk about dangerous driving...
Bowling. We only won 7 tickets, LAME! 
Skeet ball! Ohhhh yah! 
All of our GSR tickets!
We won 262 to be exact. 
The loot we won. 3 parachuting monkeys, 2 monkeys, 2 bouncy balls. 
Then we ventured to the peppermill, and BOY was it an adventure to even find the place. We had to take a secrete elevator to a different floor, but once we found it we were totally excited! We played air hockey, a hunting game, punch the ducky, token launching games, jumping on monsters games! It was awesome! I think we should probably make this a monthly thing to do...
Chris showing off all our tickets from the Pepper mill EXTREME arcade. 
245 tickets here. 
WAY better prizes! 2 glider planes, a money sign necklace and a sword! 
The lego man with the motorcycle was an added bonus, I found it on one of the games. 
So we did pretty well I'd say. It was really fun to get out and do something so different instead of just doing the same ole' same ole'. For the record I kicked butt in basket ball at GSR!! Me + basketball= yikesss!! Chris was pretty good at air hockey, I'll give it to him EVEN though the score counter was totally not working the right way! ha! 

So today I was pretty lucky. I found 4 heads up pennies, I had 2 job interviews, and it is my Friday! Hooray, of course to all the good things there has to be some bad parts... I have laryngitis and Jeezy (my black fish) died, Bing is still swimming! 

Well, hope everyone else has a lucky day! 


ps. if you want to go arcading obviously go to the Peppermill! 


Celebrating Life

Today is my Grand-dad's birthday. 
I am sure that he is off hitting balls and skiing up in heaven. 
He was one of the best men in my life, I miss him. So influential, always full of energy and supportive. He was and still is the core of our family along with my amazing grandmother. 
I love you granddad! 


A case of the sneezes

Ahhhhh, allergies. Gotta' love them! Stuffy/runny nose, plugged up ears, itchy throat, achy body! Yessss! 

Today is closing day at Northstar, Im not out skiing. Odd, I know. I made it as far as the back deck to read the new issue of Racheal Ray and really started to move slow as a snail. I figured I am not missing that much, plus not having a car puts a damper on the situation. I am stuck up in Truckee until Chris gets off work late tonight. GGGGGGRRRREEEAATTTTT (as Tony the tiger says).

I am excited that school will not be to demanding this week, lots of time to ride! HOOORAY! I might take time to venture over to Squaw this afternoon and buy my pass for next season (so that I can have one! Yikes, that would be a bummer not to have a Squaw pass!). Hopefully, I find another job soon! I haven't worked in a week and it is already kinda' bumming me out! 

Well I think I am headed back out to the deck! 




A Snow bubble from Tapioca Express. Probably my new favorite addiction. 
It is a milk-tea drink with black tea tapioca pearl in it. 
It is an Asian thing I am pretty sure judging by the lid that was on it. 
The most popular flavor is Avocado?!?! 
I tried Strawberry. 
Meet Jeezy (the black one) and Bing (the gold one) 
Much more entertaining than Percey. 
Good news! I got an A on my progress speech and a B+ on my small groups communication presentation about UNR being an un eco friendly campus! Hooray! Please let the good grade keep pouring in!

I am sort of sad because everyone is leaving for Sea Otter today and I am staying here. I thought I would have to work but things got a little screwy. Bummer, well this doesn't mean that I cannot take the time to enjoy a ride up Peavine! 



Communications 380

On my Com 380 term paper! I cannot even explain how happy I am!!! I used to despise having to do English papers...now I look forward to them! I have two more term papers due in the next few weeks and a handful of presentations and projects due. Like Thomas the Train says " I think I can, I think I can..." 


Happy Easter!

The easter bunny sent me a package all the way from New Hampshire! What an awesome bunny! THANK YOU! 
Thank you for helping me with my papers! 
Hoppy Easter! 


Campus Rail Jam

After furiously working on term papers this entire week I had a chance to take a break and go watch the campus rail jam. Of course, before I had the chance to do that I had to write a paper on the process of evaluation: propaganda! (I know what you are thinking...Gosh, I wish I got to write that paper!ha!) I also have one in the works right now about the history of policewomen (which is the correct term when talking about women in the police force) and I have another one to do which I have failed to start. Of course that doesn't sound like THAT much work, all together it I only need to compose about 36 pages (a small book! ha!), but I also had to study for a math exam, prepare a progress report speech, write a video evaluation, a weekly learning report, take a quiz, work on a power point, and get ready for my theory discussion on the theory of subculture! Nope...I'm not busy at all! 
To tell you the truth I cannot wait to sleep in an entire day, but I think that isn't going to happen until after finals next month. Spring has sprung and the allergies are out to get me! I am really looking forward to going skiing tomorrow morning at Squaw! Pheeewww! 
Hopefully the weather will stay nice this week and I will be able to take my roadie off the trainer and on to the road! Sparky 2 has been treating me well but it is time to go fast! Yeeehawww! 
After the rail jam I went out a local pub that we used to go to all the time when we were freshmen, so it had been a while since we were all there together! It brought back fond memories....here are a few pics from the free time that I had when I wasn't in the knowledge center! 
Hope everyone is enjoying spring time! HOOORAY! 

My gimpy ski buddy. 
My BGF bad Lauren!! (It was obviously wear plaid out night..4 people have it on in this pic!)
My BGF's GF Brita. 
For once in our lives Vance and I didn't have on nikes! WOW!!! 
I took a tumble while trying to stop at the cross walk. Right into the bushes outside Delta Gamma! 
Alix, Lauren and I! 
Shineequa, Allison and Jill. 
Thizzle jiggle has a little too much jiggle and cant fit through the door way! ha! 


Page 6 of 10. Paper 1 of 4. rs

Prevail of Swollen Members. (Yes, thats how close I was!)
My main squeeze aka thizzle jiggle or just Chris. 
Agreed x 2
Late much? I'd say so!
These are my friends. We have funny tans.
My BGF (best guy friend VANCE!!!!!)

Yep, you guessed it! It happens to be that time of the semester where I am officially living in the Knowledge Center for the next 3 weeks of my life. Currently, I am working on my CRJ 475 paper on the history of policewomen. It is actually pretty interesting, I just started writing it today and I am already on page 6 (I still need to come up with the thesis..ha ha...If Brad Knopp knew that is how I still right he would probably kick me in the pants!) My goal is to finish this one this evening and then go and study for my math exam that I have tomorrow, and prepare for my theory discussion as well as make my PowerPoint for my speech that I have tomorrow. YEeehawww, gosh you have to love the last couple weeks of school. Crunch time? I'd say so! So yes, sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, I am just a little tied up with school! I promise as soon as I actually have sometime I will up date you more on what is going on! 

-Swollen Members concert was AWESOME! 
-Skiing Sunday was great
-Armada LTD Alphas I like so far
-Syd is not working 
-Almost done with paper 1 
-Went on a great ride with Jake yesterday
-Sewed a hoodie for Matt 
-Had Mike try and explain how I should sew
-Saw Fast and Furious 
-Ate sushi with Chris and Ryan 
-Found a book in a library...it was hard! This place is huge! 

Okay, back to the grind! Yuckkkk



R.I.P Percy

Percy and I had a great relationship for 1 year and 8 months. 
Poor, poor Percy. 
He was so....ummm....Red and boring. 
Swim in Peace little guy. 

Okay, time to go fishy shopping! 
I am open for name suggestions! 


Stressed out x 500000000000

Minus the job look...this is basically how I feel right now! ya...
Four 12 page papers due on none other than TAX day!
Exams like CRAZYYYYY
Projects and speeches...it never ends.
Ohhhh, college. 
When Asher Roth sang "I wanna go to college for the rest of my life" obviously he was either wicked brilliant (judging by the song isn't the case) or did no work...ha! 
Since I am so stressed out with all these due dates I decided that I would take the time to download some music, learn some country lyrics, look up "de-stress" suggestions, clean like I have never cleaned before, dream about going to a sunny beach ohhh and the list goes on...

I found some uplifting "de-stressing" things to remember (which are totally common sense but every now and again you need to be reminded: 
1. continue to remind yourself that this day will pass and tomorrow is a new day. 
2. Be realistic about your expectations. 
3. Appreciate yourself. Think off all the positive things you can do in one day. 
4. Just smile! (That's my signature face...ha!) 
5. Share your stressful day with a friend (THANK YOU MOM!)
6. Take a deep breath. 
7. Find something humorous. Laugh. (we know there is a major problem if I am not laughing!) 
8. Treat yourself to your favorite food (I already have some dark chocolate in the freezer!)
9. Find something totally positive to focus on for 15 minutes (biking!!)
10. Decrease stress by talking to yourself (I sing..so I can learn lyrics to songs! Kellie Pickler watch out! ha!) 
11. Sit in silence for 10 minutes. 
12. Remind yourself that sometimes you have no control over certain situations. 
13. See problems and stressful events as opportunities. 
14. Try acting or responding the exact opposite way that you normally would. 
15. Practice "Pace not race" (me? pacing myself...hard!!!)
16. Analyze the situations that stress you out so you can avoid them. 
17. Develop a list of things that make you happy (Biking, mommy, cooking, dark chocolate, skiing, smiling, laughing, my TRUE friends) 
18. Don't hold your mistakes against yourself. 
19. Change your routine for the rest of the day or the next day. 
20. Spend time listening to classic music (Beethoven all the way!)
21. Practice acceptance. 
22. Spend sometime with someone who makes you feel good (Problem, she lives in NH) 
23. Reserve a little more time for JUST YOU. 
24. Find a hidden treasure in your day (still lookin' today...)
25. Replace "I have to" statements to "I choose to" statements ( I choose to take way to many credits a semester so that I can graduate next year...ha!) 

Well hopefully those help you out next time you are stressed. I think they are pretty stellar and a good reminder! 

Well off to do some more homework with a positive attitude : ) 

Ps. if you want to write one of my papers for me you totally can! ha ha ha! Just kidding!