picture shoot

So here are some photos from the Nordica photo shoot in Salt Lake City. There are in reverse...

Forward, hoooooo!!!!!
Tyler, Parker and I
Tyler, Kate and I after dinner
The boys and I
Pretty pretty snowflake!
Safety first (especially when Kate is driving our Ford Focus SE)
He was supposed to be in the circus, not a skier! 
"Bud watch the car..." WHAT!? We shot in the ghetto.
Under I-80
Setting up with our $5 sheet. 
Good morning! 
After a long day we had some Stellas
and some pin-up girl martini's. 
White lights.
T&T spicy sauce. Don't eat this!EVER!
The temple
Make out point.
Cali is that way! 
A buffalo.
A tree.
Yucky. Trash.
A warehouse and the mountains. 
The ghetto.
Ford Focus...SE. Be jealous! 
Eggs in the city breakfast! AMAZING!
Snow on the mountains. 
Truckee, CA. on a sunny day.
Truckee, CA on a rainy day.

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