It feels good to be home. I don't want to leave.

My favorite place on earth.
Steaz like me!!! 
Fat kid! 
My first full clam roll!
So yummy!
Kittery, ME.
Kittery, ME. 
Kittery, ME.
Kittery, ME.
Kittery, ME. 
Mommy and I. Kittery, ME.
Watching the waves. Kittery. ME.
Kittery, ME.
Banx. Kittery, ME.
Kittery, ME.
Kittery, ME.
Amazing. Kittery, ME. 
A Bridge. Kittery, ME.
I love DD black coffee.
Road trip! 
"Fam" stand...wow..
Banx pulled me across the floor.
Best beer ever. I had 5. 
"you push the prius!"
My new addiction.
Hey there pochahauntus!
Thomas the train!
What would we do with out these?
1996 baby!
I don't think they want you on the grass?
Watch out boys...Here is my future ex! 
By Alexa Miller
By Alexa Miller. End of the day.

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