home again, home again

Walking home from class today, after a hectic morning of flying home from SLC, UT I saw this sticker for the Appalachian trail...it must have been there to tell me something...
Bye-bye Utah
As I was sitting in the airport waiting for my delayed flight home I noticed there were all these men without shoes on...odd, ya! 
Man #1
Man #2
(I couldn't un suspiciously capture the others)
How great is this sign?...and smart too!
Red Rock Brewery...I think?
A lot of Cheese.
Refreshing yet carbonated. 
Italian cooking heaven. 

I made it back from Salt Lake City, UT. My flight was only delayed an hour! Hooooray! I ended up missing my first class because of how rainy and long it took to fetch my bag from carousel # 5. I went to math. During class I came to the conclusion that the only reason that professors and mathematicians decide to put letters (e.g., A, B, C, D..) in equations is because they are jealous of people majoring in English so they wanted to be cool like them and mix it into their world. Well, sorry math professors this isn't going to work. I decided on my term paper topic: The history of women and policing. Fun, eh? I actually made it to the gym today after all the craziness! and had some good ole' cereal for din-din. 
I have also decided that I tend to have bad luck because I make to many wishes and am not superstitious. 

I can't wait to shred Squaw 2mrw! 


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