A guilty pleasure.

We all have our guilty pleasures, for some it maybe be drinking underage, others lying, or being sneaky. A guilty pleasure to me is doing something that you think is not widely accepted by others.. I believe that all people need to feed their personal guilty pleasure once a day and most of the time we do this subconsciously. People have the oddest guilty pleasures to fulfil! Think about it, what do you think yours might be? Today I fed the flame of mine (which I feel I have many of) and went grocery shopping. Yep, I went to Whole foods and spent $98! All the flooded my mind when the total was rung up was "oh, great there goes 1/2 of my paycheck" I glanced into the paper bags that were overflowing in my "prius" cart trying to remember exactly what made my total be so much...the cashier said "well that you last little you a while" ha! Little does she know! I loaded the four paper handled bags into Syd and enough an ice cold beverage (another guilty pleasure of shopping...no it was not a beer!) I drove down Virginia St. thinking, wow, how on earth do I plan on surviving the next two weeks? Then I recalled the $98 of food I just purchased. When you are trying to become independent and are paying for your own food and gas you realize how expensive everything is (and especially in this economy...no this is not the late 70's and 80's when my parents were getting out of school. Things are NOT cheap!) It dawned on me why there are so many obese people in the United States...because how expensive food is. Of course it is easier to go to a fast food restaurant and pay less than $10 to feed your family...but also think of the major consequences this brings you too. Basically a large percent of Americans are stuck in between a rock and a hard place! 
After I struggled to fish my keys out of my purse without putting the bags down (stubborn much?) I burst into my house. Everything was emptied from the bags and put on the appropriate section of the counter to be put away (fridge, freezer, pantry, cook right now). The fridge is now filled with salad, mushrooms, peppers, fennel (my new favorite snack!!! Try it!) snow peas, milk, eggs and kefir, peanut butter, jam, and hummus. The freezer is filled with chicken and frozen veggies (I was to cheap to buy Salmon even though I wish I could have!). The pantry is exploding with popcorn, almonds, dried cranberries and weetabix! In my to cook pile I made tortilla chips!!! Yes, I made them (well kind of!) out of corn tortillas, crazy janes and EVOO..in the over at 450 until crispy looking! I also found this thing that I am trying called mochie (sp?) to curve my sugar cravings. So it really doesn't seem like that much...
Why on earth was this my guilty pleasure of the day!??! 

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