Today I learned that friendship really can last a lifetime. 
I woke up early (okay, for me..like 6:3o, but it was really 9:30 eastern) to go and meet a childhood friend Peter Harriman. We hadn't seen each other since we were about 9-10ish. The last picture you can find of us together is from AVSC. Last night my mom and I pawed through pictures of my childhood, we were able to find one of Peter and I. We were close to inseparable when younger (We skied together, went to school together, played together, etc. they had to separate us in ski school because we caused to much trouble, we were basically awesome). After I transferred school we stopped seeing each other every day. A few years ago I found him on Facebook and our parents saw each other VERY randomly in Quechee, VT on the golf course. For the last two years we have been trying to catch up with each other, and finally, today was the day! As I sat in the vegas airport I saw he was in Quechee and I was headed to Lyme. We were able to FINALLY organize a time and place to meet. 
It was amazing getting to see some one that I had not seen in such a lot time! It is amazing! We have the same faces but just all grown up! Funny how time flies by. We had a great convo! I hope more than anything that we cross path's more often (since I am back home about every other month). It makes me so happy knowing that friends still are there even when you haven't seen them for ages. 

After we departed I noticed exact how nice the east coast is. There is a part of the drive were you can see the highway, the VT river road, the train tracks and you are on the NH river road. It is beautiful, honestly, words cannot express the feeling that can emerge when you look at the perfect time to see these endless routes of transportation and the rolling hills. 
I have to admit that I had a giggle today when Peter showed up in Carhartt's because of one my friends made a comment the other day that a man is very ummm attractive when wearing Carhartts. I guess when you come back east those pants and Birkies are standard. 

I am having  a fabulous time back east so far. I was able to cook an amazing dinner tonight having some delicious beer, could totally live without going back to Tahoe! ha! 
One more year. 


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