A very nice Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day. 
I don't know how you spend your day but I spent mine skiing 17+ inches of fresh fluffy white lovely pow pow at Northstar! It was amazing! Words really cannot describe how fabulous of a morning I had. People all around saying "gosh, this is just what we needed"...no no no I thought to myself this is just what I needed! A Serene time spent searching my way out of trees covered in powdery white snow. 
Today, was the first time ever (since I have EVER skied...like we are talking 18 months old or whenever it was) that I had the opportunity to go out on powder skis! I finally took the rubber bands off my new duke bindings, untapped the Nordica Enforcers, grabbed my big poles, zipped up my onie turned on Kya Bamba and ripped! It was amazing. The kind of feeling were your heart tingles a little bit because you are so excited and trying to figure out how to contain your energy. 
I skied until the powder took it out of me and I knew it was a day, I had a lovely take-out panda express lunch date and then off to work! 
The entire night I tried to tell myself I did not need to go and buy coffee, lets put it this way...it was a long night! ha! 
Now, I sit here avoiding the 2 page essay that is due tomorrow eating a bag of candy hearts. I don't like the taste of the pink ones, so every time I pick them out and put them back into the bag...leave them for Chris I guess...ha! 
I got a lovely present! A massage or 4. Just what I wanted, sneaky sneaky Christopher. 
Well, now I am having a sugar rush and I should probably get to my paper! 
I hope everyone had a great V-day! 

Much Love! 

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