Trash can girls.

Chami's mimosa is my FAVORITE soap.
This is my job.
Don't we all wish that was true?
Riley Poor.
Trash can girls should.Me? NEVER! the fashion police should fear me!
Styx is awesome! I love RB cola! 
Send some snow this way, I have some boots I need to wear.
Coke bottle. smarty pants glasses.

I have invented a new term.. I call it "trash can girls" or as those of you who have heard me use the term "Reno girls" before it is basically the same thing but more widespread than Reno. Like the girls that were in Vegas for NO reason except to hit on pro riders or the ones that go to parties and are icky. I have been using that term a lot lately. Ladies..we need to respect ourselves...and by shoving yourself in clothing that is by far too small isnt not a treat for you or I or the people around. Yes, you may be getting attention but it is not the positive attention you want. You will not get men that way. And...take a shower here and there...put down the booze because really that is not attractive. 

I should be writing a paper on Roe v. Wade right now. But I am not. 

Am I happy? or am I not? 

I know everything happens in time, and everything works out in the end...so...can we speed or the pace, or get to the end already!?! 

Work was so slow today I closed and hour early.
I am proud to say I made myself a nice steak and potato for dinner tonight. It was amazing. I decided that it is time for me to start eating right and getting SLOWLY ready for biking again. 

Today I skied with a kid named Shane. We shred together every now and again. Shane amazes me everyday, I have never met a person that has their heart and soul poured into a sport like he does. He is unsponsored but is tossing out tricks that are the same as Dumont and Schiller. I love standing there and watching him. His goal is to be pro by the time he is 18, he is 16 now...it is going to happen. He is one of the best people to ski with because he always cheers you on and pushes you to your limit! 

I have class tomorrow from 1 to 5:15ish. I have my first speech. NERVOUS!!! 
okay I HAVE to do my paper! 

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