Winter is pretty.

Today I finished class, contemplated going to Squaw and then decided why the heck not? We only live once right? 
I have never driven my car in such harsh winds up I-80, as I reached the Glenshire exist all the sudden the the clouds lifted, the rain and wind stopped, and the sun shined down. It was like out of a movie, perfection. I had Dave Matthews Band blasting and took a deep breath and realized that I live in a beautiful place. I actually realized that I have always lived in some of the most outstanding locations with marvelous natural surroundings...Aspen, Crested Butte, Tahoe, a short time in Park City, Big Sky here and there and of course North Carolina, even though that isn't a place I have actually lived I am so lucky to go there. 
When I got to Squaw the blue skies had become engulfed with grumpy clouds spitting droplets here and there, I sat in my car thinking "Do I really want to do this?" Then, I figured well I drove all the way out here so why not! I climbed into the passengers seat and got on all my ski clothes. I figured my friends were no showed until my phone all the sudden started to blow up with text messages. I was the first out of us to make it to the lift, the rest of the mountain wasn't open, I hopped on KT with some older fellows (you could tell they were hard core squaw men, that had never left since the 60's at least), gosh they don't know what else they are missing! The chair lift was running slower than normal, I was waiting for a gust to come and blow me off the lift, I held on for dear life! Made it to the top! Phew! Took a run, the snow was alright, now the visibility? oh-so-crappy! As I jumped in the singles line for another run (I have a 4 run policy, if I go somewhere I HAVE to take 4 runs in order to call it a day of skiing) My phone rang as I was trying to be a social butterfly, decided to hop outta line and wait for the person that called me. After a long lift ride up again, we were about to call it a day, but really...the snow wasn't that bad. After hemming and hawing about what we should do, we hopped on the chair again -this will be our last run...- Righttttttt....By that time we and acquired another person to ski with (Jackie Paaso (sp?)). She is really awesome, totally nice girl! Two runs later and 3 scary chair lift rides I had to call it a day. 
But, boy am I glad that I decided to go skiing. Think of those people who can't go skiing because they don't have the opportunity to. They wouldn't care what the weather is like if they had the chance to be out there, but, we who ski day in and day out get to decided when it is good for us...when does it fit our schedule in between back country skiing, staring out the window and watching the snow fall in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand? Perhaps I can squeeze some skiing in before the gym and after class. Gosh, we that live in the snow are such lucky people! 

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