Here I sit once again...

A month and 5 1/2 days ago I sat here on my couch "celebrating" NYE. I find myself sitting here on the couch again, this time avoiding the response I have to do on the Seminoles legal case. The chronicles of Narnia is playing in the distance on our semi working television. Homework engulfs my left body side, a cup of orange "unwind" tea and a large bottle of smart water sit on my right; and here I am bundled up in cozy wear left to think about the greater things in life. Such as the fact that I am not a cat. I do not have 9 lives, so why should I not take advantage of amazing opportunities that come my way? What exactly am I protecting myself from? If anything. I know that money is tight on my end of the chain, but, if you want to try experience something why hold back? I want to travel so badly, and I will. I have talked about it for years with my mom. Once I am out of college I just want to go and see the world, that way I can appreciate everything else more and realize how lucky I am. I want to help the less fortunate and change a persons life, I want people to remember me as a role model and not someone they are trying to avoid. I feel like I see to much of this day to day with people I encounter with a negative vibe.
I was thinking about skiing today, and how I need to start taking it easy and start focusing on biking, but, the thought came to mind: in 50 years I will not be able to ski like I am today so why not completely enjoy what I am doing...take precautions..but only when truly needed. With biking I need to just go for it, what is the worst that can happen? I don't finish the race? I fall and go boom?...like that hasn't happened before..ha ha ha! 
I think that most of the time we spend our life worrying about the next thing to come, and right now I am in the place in my life more than ever...my main worry is how I will finish school. I have been asking for ideas and support but when I really think about it I know I am fine and that everything will fall into place because EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! Right? 
Asher, Wally, Collin, Cas and Riley have really opened eyes to realizing how precious life is. When I think about taking precautions in life and being careful about what I do, I know that they would be out there doing it (or will be out there again) full blown because we only live once. 

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the action stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living" -- Anais Nin

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