Hasta La Vista Baby!

I am going to do it. Don't stop me! What am I going to do you are probably wondering? Well, I am going to try and "give-up" or ummm most likely cut back on my three very tempting pallet pleasers. 

No more peanut M&M's on the go, or 4 cups of coffee a day. No more 2 glasses of wine with dinner here and there. Time to get on the healthy train! OKay, so lets get real...there is no way that I will actually be able to not consume these awesome creations. And, they are not that bad for you, but, it is time to cut back...in the end with mass amounts of consumption it probably isn't good for me. We can all cut back on certain things we eat all the time...
I dare you to try and cut back on one of your favorite foods (whether it be a drink, a pallet satisfier, etc)! DO IT! 

I decided to find out some interesting facts about my favorite foods: 

*Delivers more antioxidants than Green tea. 
*Coffee carries properties to help prevent type 2 Diabetes. 
*Coffee can reduce your risk of colon cancer! 
*People that drink coffee are 60-80% less like to develop Parkinson's disease 
*Researchers recently reported that coffee improves endurance and performance during a long period of exhausive exercise. 

*A 1.5 ounce milk chocolate bar contains 3 grams of protein. 
*A Harvard student found that people who ate chocolate lived one year longer than those who did not. Chocolate contains chemicals which help keep the blood vessels elastic.
*An average bar of chocolate contains 27 mg of of caffeine. 
*Chocolate can contain more antioxidants than blueberries! 

*A rich source of antioxidants. 
*Red wine keeps your heart healthy when consumed in small amounts. 
*Red Wine has been linked to slow down prostate cancer, diabetes, and some common-food borne illnesses. 


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