A fully packed weekend!

Billy Brown and little miss Shelby
Kaitlyn and I. After about 4 hours of phone tag we found each other! ha
My Tahoe friendlys. Kaitlyn, Mikee, Elliott.
Joanna, teeffff, and tiittssss
Alix and I felt the need for a fun photo. Very attractive. 
Alix won something! omg!
Shelby and I 
ELLIOTT IS BACK! This made my night! 
Hello Colorado-Tahoe girlzzzzz....thumbs up?!?
Northstar Dew Tour.

So this weekend was full of umm people, surprises and other fun stuff. Leaving me VERY tired. Dew Tour's final stop was at my now home mountain Northstar. I have never seen so many people in one spot, I knew it was going to be crazy when I saw that over flow parking was being done at the Truckee airport which is a good distance from the actually mountain. 
I unfortunately got to watch mens pipe at night. 
Tuesday I had girls come into the store and steal some stuff, so that is basically how the weekend started. 
Wednesday I had to go to school. I had to do a speech which I thought was going to be amazing, but, since no one in my class "speaks" ski or snowboard they all looked at me like I was from a foreign country. 
Thursday being tired from work and no play, and Chris busy snowmobiling we finished our night off with a lovely dinner at the Lodge and a margarita. There were 4 other guys staying at the house, 2 who were from Colorado here to compete at dew tour, Brett and Eric, both really cool and nice boys. The other two, well I could have done without. ha! As could the rest of the house. 
Friday Chris went back country with a few buddies to try and do some filming, I had this weird feeling that day about something crummy happening, I received a text message at about 3 pm (while I was at work) saying "I am lucky to be alive", okay.... I awaited another text trying to find out what was wrong...NOTHING. I ended up leaving work a little early because I was so nervous that all the boys had been caught in an avy or something bad. Well, an hour and a 1/2 later he showed up at the house. Phew. Turns out right were they were trying to shoot an avy had gone off there are pictures up on the porters blog of what happened. Good ole' sierra cement. That stuff is so dangerous! So luckily no one was hurt! the rapper Common was preforming in the village that night so before I left work I could tell that things were going to be pure chaos! From what I hear that is exactly what it was! It was nice to lay low that night! 
Saturday, We went to Boreal in the am for some play. It was nice to ski, it seemed like it had been forever since I had been in a park, well, if you can call Boreal a park right now! ha! A quick stop at Panda for some orange chicken and pot stickers (which I am still curious as to why they are called that...they should change the name to "gut stickers" because I could feel them for a few hours...ha ha! ). We were so slow at work that I was able to make it to watch men's pipe! I was soooo excited! I really wanted Justin Dorey to kill it, beat Tanner and Simon. 
Well, he went boom. Tanner ended up winning. You could tell he was stoked and it was a good celebration he showed...the Tanner that everyone loves to see win. 
I kicked it with Mike Wilson for most of the pipe, it was nice to catch up with him, turns out we are both randomly going to Utah next weekend! He has broken feet or something right now so he isn't skiing to much. 
Ali and I had a great time running around slipping all over the place. My moon boots turned into the ultimate terrain boots after I watched her fall with Nike's on multiple times while we hustled down for the last gondola! I almost went to Baxter's for dinner with a kid that skis at Northstar and Mike, but then some stuff happen with someone locking their keys in the car so that didn't work out. 
I ended up meeting up with Sami, Scotty, Andy and Schiller and going to the Airport hanger party. It was so much fun. I was so happy because I got to see so many of my friends!! (that is what all the above pics are from). I met a lot of great people that were super duper nice, and well, some that were not! ha ha! It was really nice to catch up with everyone since we all seem to be so busy off doing something these days. I was surprised with the homecoming of one of my friends Elliott, what a great surprise! All the groomers that I was with seemed super happy that everything was over..ha! Alix won a skate deck last night and she was overly excited about it because she had never won anything before! aweeesome! 
Over all is was awesome until my jacket went missing from coat check. yah....really cool. 
Today it was nice to lay low, I got a text message saying that I didn't have to work! So as it rained like crazy I watched the snowboard pipe on the tv comfy in my pjs. I was going to go out for sushi with a friend tonight, but soup sounded much more appealing to me tonight because I have a cold coming on...just what I need before going to Utah this weekend...ughhh! 
Well time to go and pound some Vitamin-C and rest up for this upcoming week...it goes something like: M- massage?!?!, school, hw, gym. T- School, ski date with little KJ, work, study study study! W-math exam (yuckkkk), gym T-School, Squaw ski date? work F- Work S-6 am fly to Utah, shoot with Alixa Miller S-? M-Fly home, go to school! 

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