Fishing chocolate out of a bag

I have an awesome family. They all surprised Sarah at her basketball game. 
My amazing mommy, Sue, Chap and their friend suey (sp?) made T-shirts with Sarah's name and number, and then they were surprised by Andrew, Jena, Olivia and Logan. It was a day full of surprises. Not to mentions Sarah did amazing in the game! Go sissy!

Next years Nordica....
This is Katie and my "Yucky, heavy, wet snow face...lets go to Starbucks instead"
I dug a car out and pull chains on it for my good deed of the day on Sunday. I have to admit I had a great time doing it, Carissa and I laughed so hard the entire time that is probably why it took us an hour. 
Eat your heart out. I know I did! 
I am sore. 
The pow is starting to catch up to me! 
Or, it could be all the shoveling I have been doing around the house. Trying to add a helping hand. I actually have decided that for the time being I like shoveling. 
The people that have one of the units always have a snow free driveway and so I was determined to try and make the boys somewhat like that, and, because I thought it was supposed to snow a lot one of the nights and I didn't want to deal with it in the am. 
Well, I am not sure what those peoples secret is, but I would love to know. Possibly my problem could be because I think I am down to the bottom because I am not post-holing, when really I haven't made a dent in the shoveling. 
I would really like to get back to taking different perspective photos, I am looking at a "LOMO" film camera right now at Fredflare.com, I think it could be very fun and artistic, which I think I need in my life right now. 
I have found myself doing weird little odd jobs, shoveling, tying bows on bags at work, scrubbing sinks...really just things I would normally avoid doing. Ha! I have also been craving a change, like getting my hair color back to a more natural blonde (sun blonde) and possibly see what life is like with bangs. 

Well I should be constructing a response paper for CRJ 475 about "the resistance to sexual harassment by Fitzgerald" but I am doing a VERY good job at not doing it, which is fine since I dont really need to. But, This is a one time offer, you do my paper and I bake you cookies...its really a win win situation! 


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