Fight back? Against what?

Last year I randomly put these stickers on a pom glass...today they are still on there after all those dish washing sesh's and everything! (ps thats coffee..that I MADE!)
I don't understand this. Actually, it kind of baffles me because next to the bike rack (where I was fetching my townie after class) there was a kid standing there smoking a cig with cut off jeans on and a tattoo of a sprocket on this calf and around it there was something about how he loves biking. The problem I found with this situation...he was smoking a cig, sooooo how can he love biking that much? weird. 

Well I have a TON of homework to do tonight. I am really looking forward to skiing tomorrow and then of course it would be absolutely fabulous if this storm actually came in! 

Hope everyone is doing well! 


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