Adrian is Awesome!

Smell good.
Squaw at night.
AHHHHHHHHH!!!! SOOOO EXCITED! This is one reason why Adrian is so AWESOME! My very own Scott Contessa CR1 roadie! HECK YA! 
Look at the license. 
"gnar"star on a Saturday. Bad idea. 
Smile for lift lines! 
Sneaky sneaky! 
So yesterday I planned to wake up around 8 am so I could make breakfast and hop in the shower before work at 10. Sami text me around 6 am and said "it's snowing in Reno" so we started texting back and forth she was headed up to work and I was curious about the roads. At sometime in our convo I must have turned my alarm off figuring I would just get up, well, I heard a loud pounding at the door...Fedex probably...I ran up the stairs so I could catch him luckily I did. He didn't have anything in his hands...okay...werid...and then it clicked..."do you have a bike or two for me!?!?!?" yep it was in the truck he went and grabbed it while I strolled into the kitchen to check the time and see how much lag time I had until work...oh pooooo it was 9:15!!! 45 minutes to be up at work and have the store opened! I didn't even have a chance to take a shower or make some breakfast or open the bike box to see which of my bikes it was (obviously it was my road bike!!!! which I am BEYOND STOKED ABOUT!). I grabbed a ton of random clothing and tossed them in a bag...and ran out to my car. 
I just barely made it! Phewwww! 
This morning was rough when I figured out during my whirlwind of a morning previously I had forgotten to put in long underwear...smarty pants mcgee right here! I found things to bundle up in and headed out for 5 runs. 
Went to work. 
Came back to Reno (Rain-o) and went to work on building my bike!!! YEAAAAA!!!! This thing is beautiful!! wow! I am so stoked I can't even tell you!!!!!! It was funny because my friend Jake that works at the local bike shop happened to call and ask if I wanted to go riding soon (he didn't even know that I just got a bike..) sooooo of course I do!!!!!! 

Well I am going to go and stare at my bike for the rest of the night and eat my chinese noodles with spicy peanut sauce and snow pease!!! YUMMERS! 

CHEEEERSSS x 200348573489573948 

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  1. hey u..nice your pictures....
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