Hasta La Vista Baby!

I am going to do it. Don't stop me! What am I going to do you are probably wondering? Well, I am going to try and "give-up" or ummm most likely cut back on my three very tempting pallet pleasers. 

No more peanut M&M's on the go, or 4 cups of coffee a day. No more 2 glasses of wine with dinner here and there. Time to get on the healthy train! OKay, so lets get real...there is no way that I will actually be able to not consume these awesome creations. And, they are not that bad for you, but, it is time to cut back...in the end with mass amounts of consumption it probably isn't good for me. We can all cut back on certain things we eat all the time...
I dare you to try and cut back on one of your favorite foods (whether it be a drink, a pallet satisfier, etc)! DO IT! 

I decided to find out some interesting facts about my favorite foods: 

*Delivers more antioxidants than Green tea. 
*Coffee carries properties to help prevent type 2 Diabetes. 
*Coffee can reduce your risk of colon cancer! 
*People that drink coffee are 60-80% less like to develop Parkinson's disease 
*Researchers recently reported that coffee improves endurance and performance during a long period of exhausive exercise. 

*A 1.5 ounce milk chocolate bar contains 3 grams of protein. 
*A Harvard student found that people who ate chocolate lived one year longer than those who did not. Chocolate contains chemicals which help keep the blood vessels elastic.
*An average bar of chocolate contains 27 mg of of caffeine. 
*Chocolate can contain more antioxidants than blueberries! 

*A rich source of antioxidants. 
*Red wine keeps your heart healthy when consumed in small amounts. 
*Red Wine has been linked to slow down prostate cancer, diabetes, and some common-food borne illnesses. 




Winter is pretty.

Today I finished class, contemplated going to Squaw and then decided why the heck not? We only live once right? 
I have never driven my car in such harsh winds up I-80, as I reached the Glenshire exist all the sudden the the clouds lifted, the rain and wind stopped, and the sun shined down. It was like out of a movie, perfection. I had Dave Matthews Band blasting and took a deep breath and realized that I live in a beautiful place. I actually realized that I have always lived in some of the most outstanding locations with marvelous natural surroundings...Aspen, Crested Butte, Tahoe, a short time in Park City, Big Sky here and there and of course North Carolina, even though that isn't a place I have actually lived I am so lucky to go there. 
When I got to Squaw the blue skies had become engulfed with grumpy clouds spitting droplets here and there, I sat in my car thinking "Do I really want to do this?" Then, I figured well I drove all the way out here so why not! I climbed into the passengers seat and got on all my ski clothes. I figured my friends were no showed until my phone all the sudden started to blow up with text messages. I was the first out of us to make it to the lift, the rest of the mountain wasn't open, I hopped on KT with some older fellows (you could tell they were hard core squaw men, that had never left since the 60's at least), gosh they don't know what else they are missing! The chair lift was running slower than normal, I was waiting for a gust to come and blow me off the lift, I held on for dear life! Made it to the top! Phew! Took a run, the snow was alright, now the visibility? oh-so-crappy! As I jumped in the singles line for another run (I have a 4 run policy, if I go somewhere I HAVE to take 4 runs in order to call it a day of skiing) My phone rang as I was trying to be a social butterfly, decided to hop outta line and wait for the person that called me. After a long lift ride up again, we were about to call it a day, but really...the snow wasn't that bad. After hemming and hawing about what we should do, we hopped on the chair again -this will be our last run...- Righttttttt....By that time we and acquired another person to ski with (Jackie Paaso (sp?)). She is really awesome, totally nice girl! Two runs later and 3 scary chair lift rides I had to call it a day. 
But, boy am I glad that I decided to go skiing. Think of those people who can't go skiing because they don't have the opportunity to. They wouldn't care what the weather is like if they had the chance to be out there, but, we who ski day in and day out get to decided when it is good for us...when does it fit our schedule in between back country skiing, staring out the window and watching the snow fall in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand? Perhaps I can squeeze some skiing in before the gym and after class. Gosh, we that live in the snow are such lucky people! 


SO this is Squallywood

I am now FINALLY an official Squaw pass holder! 
I went there today and made some turns with a friend, Mike Wilson, even though it was windy as heck and only KT was open.. I still managed to enjoy the fact that I now have a squaw pass!
This is how math makes me feel.
Ed emailed me today a quote by Fran Lebowitz "In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as algebra"
Since someone stole my coat the other night this is what I am wearing now...

Parallel parking. Gotta' love it. I giggled today when I saw a girl trying to do it and it reminded me of how HORRIBLE I am at it.
If you are in Copper on the 28th GO SUPPORT RILEY POOR! 


A fully packed weekend!

Billy Brown and little miss Shelby
Kaitlyn and I. After about 4 hours of phone tag we found each other! ha
My Tahoe friendlys. Kaitlyn, Mikee, Elliott.
Joanna, teeffff, and tiittssss
Alix and I felt the need for a fun photo. Very attractive. 
Alix won something! omg!
Shelby and I 
ELLIOTT IS BACK! This made my night! 
Hello Colorado-Tahoe girlzzzzz....thumbs up?!?
Northstar Dew Tour.

So this weekend was full of umm people, surprises and other fun stuff. Leaving me VERY tired. Dew Tour's final stop was at my now home mountain Northstar. I have never seen so many people in one spot, I knew it was going to be crazy when I saw that over flow parking was being done at the Truckee airport which is a good distance from the actually mountain. 
I unfortunately got to watch mens pipe at night. 
Tuesday I had girls come into the store and steal some stuff, so that is basically how the weekend started. 
Wednesday I had to go to school. I had to do a speech which I thought was going to be amazing, but, since no one in my class "speaks" ski or snowboard they all looked at me like I was from a foreign country. 
Thursday being tired from work and no play, and Chris busy snowmobiling we finished our night off with a lovely dinner at the Lodge and a margarita. There were 4 other guys staying at the house, 2 who were from Colorado here to compete at dew tour, Brett and Eric, both really cool and nice boys. The other two, well I could have done without. ha! As could the rest of the house. 
Friday Chris went back country with a few buddies to try and do some filming, I had this weird feeling that day about something crummy happening, I received a text message at about 3 pm (while I was at work) saying "I am lucky to be alive", okay.... I awaited another text trying to find out what was wrong...NOTHING. I ended up leaving work a little early because I was so nervous that all the boys had been caught in an avy or something bad. Well, an hour and a 1/2 later he showed up at the house. Phew. Turns out right were they were trying to shoot an avy had gone off there are pictures up on the porters blog of what happened. Good ole' sierra cement. That stuff is so dangerous! So luckily no one was hurt! the rapper Common was preforming in the village that night so before I left work I could tell that things were going to be pure chaos! From what I hear that is exactly what it was! It was nice to lay low that night! 
Saturday, We went to Boreal in the am for some play. It was nice to ski, it seemed like it had been forever since I had been in a park, well, if you can call Boreal a park right now! ha! A quick stop at Panda for some orange chicken and pot stickers (which I am still curious as to why they are called that...they should change the name to "gut stickers" because I could feel them for a few hours...ha ha! ). We were so slow at work that I was able to make it to watch men's pipe! I was soooo excited! I really wanted Justin Dorey to kill it, beat Tanner and Simon. 
Well, he went boom. Tanner ended up winning. You could tell he was stoked and it was a good celebration he showed...the Tanner that everyone loves to see win. 
I kicked it with Mike Wilson for most of the pipe, it was nice to catch up with him, turns out we are both randomly going to Utah next weekend! He has broken feet or something right now so he isn't skiing to much. 
Ali and I had a great time running around slipping all over the place. My moon boots turned into the ultimate terrain boots after I watched her fall with Nike's on multiple times while we hustled down for the last gondola! I almost went to Baxter's for dinner with a kid that skis at Northstar and Mike, but then some stuff happen with someone locking their keys in the car so that didn't work out. 
I ended up meeting up with Sami, Scotty, Andy and Schiller and going to the Airport hanger party. It was so much fun. I was so happy because I got to see so many of my friends!! (that is what all the above pics are from). I met a lot of great people that were super duper nice, and well, some that were not! ha ha! It was really nice to catch up with everyone since we all seem to be so busy off doing something these days. I was surprised with the homecoming of one of my friends Elliott, what a great surprise! All the groomers that I was with seemed super happy that everything was over..ha! Alix won a skate deck last night and she was overly excited about it because she had never won anything before! aweeesome! 
Over all is was awesome until my jacket went missing from coat check. yah....really cool. 
Today it was nice to lay low, I got a text message saying that I didn't have to work! So as it rained like crazy I watched the snowboard pipe on the tv comfy in my pjs. I was going to go out for sushi with a friend tonight, but soup sounded much more appealing to me tonight because I have a cold coming on...just what I need before going to Utah this weekend...ughhh! 
Well time to go and pound some Vitamin-C and rest up for this upcoming week...it goes something like: M- massage?!?!, school, hw, gym. T- School, ski date with little KJ, work, study study study! W-math exam (yuckkkk), gym T-School, Squaw ski date? work F- Work S-6 am fly to Utah, shoot with Alixa Miller S-? M-Fly home, go to school! 


$64 billion.

Even though I am not considered "Nevada resident" (Nor do I want to be one), the economy is starting to take its toll on the school. Everyone in America (well, I guess worldwide too) is being hurt but the money loss that is engulfing us. Many schools are having to make budget cuts and find ways to strengthen some departments, and completely eliminate other departments. UNR is facing a $64 billion decrease in funding because of the mess that we are all in. This means increase in tuition (especially for those of us who do not pay in state, and are not on scholarships, which surprisingly is a fairly high number) and cutting of tutorial programs and majors in general. Of course, even though we are going through major crisis, a new math and science building (state of the art) is still able to be built right now. Hummmmm, well to me, more or less because I am not interested in either math or science, this seems completely unneeded. Come on UNR, lets get real! The tuition since I have been at UNR as already increased several times because of all the other new buildings that they have put up, which were not built with necessarily our consent, yet the input of those students who graduated last year and previous. Yet, because of their want for a new library and a new student union, and a new athletic tutoring center we are paying for the deficient (okay, yes, there are many wealthy people that have paid to have these building put up..but we (the students) are the people that are paying to keep these buildings running essential). Programs such as the writing center, the math center and other aids are being taken away from students because of the need of money, classes are starting to become limited due to the laying off of many professors. Is this going to set me back from my graduation goal of next spring because I can't get into that one class because of the budget cut? I have never used any of the aid offerings since I have attended school, but, I have been paying for them...hummm...yes, I know many students do utilize these goodies very often, but is it fair for those of us who do not use those aids to pay for them? How about the medical center, and tickets for games, and to use the computers on campus? After four years of being at UNR I had never used a school computer until last semester (only because my work HAD to be done on a PC) but..I was still paying for that. The medical center, okay, yes I do go here...only because my insurance tends to be constantly questionable. Tickets for the games, this year I haven't had time to go to a game. 
Think of the per diem that is given to the athletes here, we are paying for that. The athletics here at UNR are not good enough to bring in the money to pay for that themselves. Maybe instead of cutting educational programs things like "shooting", tennis and other unwatched sports become cut. I love athletics, but now that my tuition depends on this it seems somewhat unfair to a full paying student. 
What about the kids that are on the millennium scholarship students? Yes, it is a great idea (this is a programs which many of the students from here are on. It is given to those who's parents have not completed college and it was Nevada's way of pushing a college education on students. Of course they basically have all their school payed for, and hey...they get extra money to live too! But what do us students on normal tuition get besides a diploma? Nothing.), but you talk to students at UNR that are on this scholarship and some agree that the way the money is distributed is not fair. 
Hopefully, UNR reevaluate where money is going in the school. Leave us with our older buildings, they have character; take away the sports that no one knows about unless putting it into google; keep the aids, but make it economically friendly to those who do not use it (as well as computers, medical clinic, etc.) This is a real wake up to us students, and I think we will start to realize how lucky we were to have all this "stuff" when we were freshmen. Maybe, magically $64 billion will appear and bring us back to normal, gosh, if that could only be true! 


Fishing chocolate out of a bag

I have an awesome family. They all surprised Sarah at her basketball game. 
My amazing mommy, Sue, Chap and their friend suey (sp?) made T-shirts with Sarah's name and number, and then they were surprised by Andrew, Jena, Olivia and Logan. It was a day full of surprises. Not to mentions Sarah did amazing in the game! Go sissy!

Next years Nordica....
This is Katie and my "Yucky, heavy, wet snow face...lets go to Starbucks instead"
I dug a car out and pull chains on it for my good deed of the day on Sunday. I have to admit I had a great time doing it, Carissa and I laughed so hard the entire time that is probably why it took us an hour. 
Eat your heart out. I know I did! 
I am sore. 
The pow is starting to catch up to me! 
Or, it could be all the shoveling I have been doing around the house. Trying to add a helping hand. I actually have decided that for the time being I like shoveling. 
The people that have one of the units always have a snow free driveway and so I was determined to try and make the boys somewhat like that, and, because I thought it was supposed to snow a lot one of the nights and I didn't want to deal with it in the am. 
Well, I am not sure what those peoples secret is, but I would love to know. Possibly my problem could be because I think I am down to the bottom because I am not post-holing, when really I haven't made a dent in the shoveling. 
I would really like to get back to taking different perspective photos, I am looking at a "LOMO" film camera right now at Fredflare.com, I think it could be very fun and artistic, which I think I need in my life right now. 
I have found myself doing weird little odd jobs, shoveling, tying bows on bags at work, scrubbing sinks...really just things I would normally avoid doing. Ha! I have also been craving a change, like getting my hair color back to a more natural blonde (sun blonde) and possibly see what life is like with bangs. 

Well I should be constructing a response paper for CRJ 475 about "the resistance to sexual harassment by Fitzgerald" but I am doing a VERY good job at not doing it, which is fine since I dont really need to. But, This is a one time offer, you do my paper and I bake you cookies...its really a win win situation! 



A very nice Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day. 
I don't know how you spend your day but I spent mine skiing 17+ inches of fresh fluffy white lovely pow pow at Northstar! It was amazing! Words really cannot describe how fabulous of a morning I had. People all around saying "gosh, this is just what we needed"...no no no I thought to myself this is just what I needed! A Serene time spent searching my way out of trees covered in powdery white snow. 
Today, was the first time ever (since I have EVER skied...like we are talking 18 months old or whenever it was) that I had the opportunity to go out on powder skis! I finally took the rubber bands off my new duke bindings, untapped the Nordica Enforcers, grabbed my big poles, zipped up my onie turned on Kya Bamba and ripped! It was amazing. The kind of feeling were your heart tingles a little bit because you are so excited and trying to figure out how to contain your energy. 
I skied until the powder took it out of me and I knew it was a day, I had a lovely take-out panda express lunch date and then off to work! 
The entire night I tried to tell myself I did not need to go and buy coffee, lets put it this way...it was a long night! ha! 
Now, I sit here avoiding the 2 page essay that is due tomorrow eating a bag of candy hearts. I don't like the taste of the pink ones, so every time I pick them out and put them back into the bag...leave them for Chris I guess...ha! 
I got a lovely present! A massage or 4. Just what I wanted, sneaky sneaky Christopher. 
Well, now I am having a sugar rush and I should probably get to my paper! 
I hope everyone had a great V-day! 

Much Love! 


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

So, if you are like me and like Snickers and LOVE dark chocolate, this is the best thing EVER! 
I highly suggest you try one of these! 
Next years Scott Contessa Spark. Ohhhh ya! 
Pow skiing in my Nordica onie! 
The hoodie I MADE! 
"Frostly blonde"
So pruuutty
Ohhhh so it does snow in the winter...
The storm!!! This weekend is going to be EPIC! 

Well, nothing new really. Enjoying the snow. Busy with school! I actually am getting ready to go and take an exam in my business presentation communications class. YIPPY! I had another exam yesterday, in small groups communication...yeahhh....ummm there were some tricky questions on there. 
Well I have to run and get ready for school! 



Adrian is Awesome!

Smell good.
Squaw at night.
AHHHHHHHHH!!!! SOOOO EXCITED! This is one reason why Adrian is so AWESOME! My very own Scott Contessa CR1 roadie! HECK YA! 
Look at the license. 
"gnar"star on a Saturday. Bad idea. 
Smile for lift lines! 
Sneaky sneaky! 
So yesterday I planned to wake up around 8 am so I could make breakfast and hop in the shower before work at 10. Sami text me around 6 am and said "it's snowing in Reno" so we started texting back and forth she was headed up to work and I was curious about the roads. At sometime in our convo I must have turned my alarm off figuring I would just get up, well, I heard a loud pounding at the door...Fedex probably...I ran up the stairs so I could catch him luckily I did. He didn't have anything in his hands...okay...werid...and then it clicked..."do you have a bike or two for me!?!?!?" yep it was in the truck he went and grabbed it while I strolled into the kitchen to check the time and see how much lag time I had until work...oh pooooo it was 9:15!!! 45 minutes to be up at work and have the store opened! I didn't even have a chance to take a shower or make some breakfast or open the bike box to see which of my bikes it was (obviously it was my road bike!!!! which I am BEYOND STOKED ABOUT!). I grabbed a ton of random clothing and tossed them in a bag...and ran out to my car. 
I just barely made it! Phewwww! 
This morning was rough when I figured out during my whirlwind of a morning previously I had forgotten to put in long underwear...smarty pants mcgee right here! I found things to bundle up in and headed out for 5 runs. 
Went to work. 
Came back to Reno (Rain-o) and went to work on building my bike!!! YEAAAAA!!!! This thing is beautiful!! wow! I am so stoked I can't even tell you!!!!!! It was funny because my friend Jake that works at the local bike shop happened to call and ask if I wanted to go riding soon (he didn't even know that I just got a bike..) sooooo of course I do!!!!!! 

Well I am going to go and stare at my bike for the rest of the night and eat my chinese noodles with spicy peanut sauce and snow pease!!! YUMMERS! 

CHEEEERSSS x 200348573489573948 


Here I sit once again...

A month and 5 1/2 days ago I sat here on my couch "celebrating" NYE. I find myself sitting here on the couch again, this time avoiding the response I have to do on the Seminoles legal case. The chronicles of Narnia is playing in the distance on our semi working television. Homework engulfs my left body side, a cup of orange "unwind" tea and a large bottle of smart water sit on my right; and here I am bundled up in cozy wear left to think about the greater things in life. Such as the fact that I am not a cat. I do not have 9 lives, so why should I not take advantage of amazing opportunities that come my way? What exactly am I protecting myself from? If anything. I know that money is tight on my end of the chain, but, if you want to try experience something why hold back? I want to travel so badly, and I will. I have talked about it for years with my mom. Once I am out of college I just want to go and see the world, that way I can appreciate everything else more and realize how lucky I am. I want to help the less fortunate and change a persons life, I want people to remember me as a role model and not someone they are trying to avoid. I feel like I see to much of this day to day with people I encounter with a negative vibe.
I was thinking about skiing today, and how I need to start taking it easy and start focusing on biking, but, the thought came to mind: in 50 years I will not be able to ski like I am today so why not completely enjoy what I am doing...take precautions..but only when truly needed. With biking I need to just go for it, what is the worst that can happen? I don't finish the race? I fall and go boom?...like that hasn't happened before..ha ha ha! 
I think that most of the time we spend our life worrying about the next thing to come, and right now I am in the place in my life more than ever...my main worry is how I will finish school. I have been asking for ideas and support but when I really think about it I know I am fine and that everything will fall into place because EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! Right? 
Asher, Wally, Collin, Cas and Riley have really opened eyes to realizing how precious life is. When I think about taking precautions in life and being careful about what I do, I know that they would be out there doing it (or will be out there again) full blown because we only live once. 

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the action stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living" -- Anais Nin


Fight back? Against what?

Last year I randomly put these stickers on a pom glass...today they are still on there after all those dish washing sesh's and everything! (ps thats coffee..that I MADE!)
I don't understand this. Actually, it kind of baffles me because next to the bike rack (where I was fetching my townie after class) there was a kid standing there smoking a cig with cut off jeans on and a tattoo of a sprocket on this calf and around it there was something about how he loves biking. The problem I found with this situation...he was smoking a cig, sooooo how can he love biking that much? weird. 

Well I have a TON of homework to do tonight. I am really looking forward to skiing tomorrow and then of course it would be absolutely fabulous if this storm actually came in! 

Hope everyone is doing well!