Today it has been raining in Reno...not just for a little bit...but...the WHOLE DARN DAY! 
Syd was up in Truckee so I went to fetch 'er and decided that the only way to subdue the damper of a day I was having was to go look for a pair of shoes for in Vegas next week. Every store I went into I couldn't find anything that I wanted (hummm...that is not very "Bud like"). I settled with a buffalo plaid dress shirt...is that really a surprise!?! 
I thought maybe a quick trip to the gym to run a few miles might be good, but, I found myself surrounded by a 50 other UNR students that thought today was a great day to go to the gym too. For those of you whom have seen the movie "WAL-E" I quickly saw a similarity in the gym verse the movie today. Mounted on top of every cardio machine in Lombardi is a TV; in the movie all the large people have a tv in their face 24-7.....hummm....I guess TV's mounted on the equipment is just a little to much for me (I never turn mine on). 
I rushed home to grab my wallet so I could go get some chicken noodle soup for the store, and made it home with orange juice and peanut butter oreos just in time for the first day of X-games 13 in Aspen to start. 
I guess the feeling the floods my body yearly around this time was there again.."why can't I push myself hard enough to go there...I know I could"...but I have come to realization that my commitment and my trying factor needs to be stronger. But...then I think of biking: I am so stoked about where I have put myself with that sport...so why do I need skiing. It is so hard to make a decision between two different seasoned sports that you love so much. I cannot imagine myself away from snow...but I also cant imagine ripping it up on a bike in the summer and already having my foot in the door when it comes to talking "pro". 
One thing that I do need to remember is that I am still so young, for some reason I have convinced myself that I was old...but I look around and I notice that I am really not. I still have the 17 year old face, and the height of a 14 year old trying to figure out who she is and exploring (well really I probably will always be that tall and have a young face..ha!) My body is still nimble so I should do what I can while I can...for if I do not that years down the road I will probably be made at myself...plus I want to have tons of AWESOME stories to tell when I am older (like really older not just 30!) 
Good job to all the boys at Xgames tonight! I thought it was awesome that Simon was really reppin' Riley tonight. (www.rileypoor.com for the latest on Riley's condition) 
I am stoked to see what the ladies bring in both slope and pipe. I am going skiing 2mrw...I really would love to get 4's out and totally nail blindsides 270's on...maybe get comfortable with spinning again...no more time for pushing it back further...because who knows what is coming towards ya soon! 

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if you haven't yet. It is a work in progress! 

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