Times tickin' away...

I am sure that you can all relate to staring at a clock, wishing the time would go by faster (or in some cases slow down). It has only been an hour since I checked the time last....WOW... boring. It is funny how we entertain ourselves; most people my age a at the store right now stocking up on keystone light and PBR (my fav!) for the night. Me? I am sitting here typing. Imagine what we would do without all the technologies that we have. The only reason I am thinking about this right now is because I am updating my phone since my hard-drive was replaced in my computer. If I didn't have these wonderful electrical things I wouldn't be able to blog, I wouldn't have a way to contact all my wonderful friends all over the USA and the world. We are so lucky to have all these awesome things at our fingertips, literally. What if one day we woke up and none of our electronics worked? We wouldn't have basically anything we relay on now...no pass scanners at ski areas (which we might benefit from..ha), no grocery store auto checkout, no light switches, no tvs, video games, or dvd players, no dishwashers, washing machines or dryers, no hair dryers (eekkk!) or curlers, or straighteners. It is really crazy to think about all those electronics we need constantly. Just think about it for a quick sec....
SIA is slowly approaching, I am excited. I am really excited to see all my friends. Those people that you rarely see, but keep in constant contact with (thanks to technology) are your true friends. Why? 'cause you can rarely see them but they are always there for you when you need them, always checking in on you and wanting to see what the latest and greatest is. I can't wait to give them hugs! 
January 10th, I have made a resolution. Why not? tomorrow is a new day right? Well, I know it is kind of boring and VERY wide ranged in meaning...but...I want to be nice. I can be nice but still express my opinion....so why not give it a whirl? Be nice to someone that you normally are not to...I guess if we all do this the right way it can be contagious like a smile. 

Well...I think I want a root beer. 


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