Minimalist: A person who favors a modern approach to the achievement of a set of goals or who holds minimal expectations for the success of a program. 

Have you every really thought about this word before? Could you be a minimalist yourself with the economy happening? 

The only reason I am curious because a lady came into work the other day taking about how she was going to become a minimalist. I thought about this for a while and it sounded very appealing, it sounded: fresh, clean, crisp, and light. She told me that she was cleaning out her closet and only having a limited wardrobe (2 pairs of jeans, 1 pj, 2 pairs of shoes, etc). I waked into my closet last night and thought "wow..maybe I should try to be a minimalist...would it be possible?" I have hundreds of shirts, a bakers dozen of jeans, shoes upon shoes, bathing suits to last two weeks without wearing the same one. I think this has come to being because I haven't grown (unfortunately) since high school! ha!
I peeked around and saw my 20 hats, 4 pairs of moonboots, and 6 pairs of nikes and 6 pairs of sperry's, an multiple pairs of Eliza B. flip flops that I have acquired over the years...I tried to justify that I wear them all...some I can honestly say I have warn less than a week of walking around time, others have stayed on my feet for weeks at a time. I gravitated towards my jeans and slowly thumbed through them like one would do to a book before they started reading it. I thought of the last time that I actually wore the jeans, and thought about the pair that I need to wash (really badly). All my jeans have a story behind them... the pink ones I got in vegas with Molly, the cheetah ones I convinced myself not to get but soon was persuaded by Molly that it was "okay and that they looked great on me and if I didn't get them she was going to get them for me", the miss me jeans that hang in the back I worked hard to purchase from "suite" the summer I worked for Ky and Katinka. The Khaki pants that I used to wear when I was an "avid" golfer. The pair of Sevens that are ripped in every single spot a jean could possibly rip from when Erica and I were jumping on the tramp at Matt's house. Ohhh how clothing carries such fond memories. 
Have you ever thought about that sweatshirt you are tossin'? The memories that are stored in it. I feel like I have a story for every piece that hides away in that closet of mind. Then, I remember that I am trying to think of "minimalism"...hummm....I don't think this is going to work. 
If something fits really well why not buy 7 of them? All different colors so they coordinate properly with that nice button up shirt you are wearing out today...
Do you think minimalist have shoppers remorse? "Oh no..now I have 3 pairs of jeans instead of 2...I guess I have to get rid of something else.." ha ha ha! I have shoppers remorse all the time, but, funny enough those items that I feel bad about buying I normally wear ALL the time (okay, I lied...I am sure there is a fair share of them that just sit in my closet until I do make a run to Plato's closet). 
I will admit that I could do without that blue button up shirt, or those cute little wedges for summer, that cool looking brown blazer that I never can find the right pants to wear, those black shimmer spandex (which I plan to make an appearance with in vegas), those beautiful VOOM silk dresses that are shoved in the back of my closet, the never ending collection of Victoria's Secret...okay so maybe some lightening up is in need. 
I am lucky to have all these items of desire. I will admit that I have become much better with buying, it is no longer a needed habit, but now I only buy things minimally. So, I guess you could say that the lady that came into the story that other day that told me about minimalism have something in common...she is trying to teacher herself to posses minimal objects of desire, and I am minimally buying those objects of desire that a 22 year old fashionista yearns. 


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