lies, lies, lies.

housewife duty do-er in training
Root beer. Not real beer. 
I sew with confidence...No really I do.
Opposite day.
Matthew vance killing it. 
Kisstopher not killing it.
The "switch"
Syd and a prii
Truckee traffic on a rainy day
My new shades.
I would love to fill the blog with wonderful words like my last post but really nothing is coming to my head. 
Fun things that I have done lately: 
1. Got a job. 
2. Have brakes, now I can stop. Phew and THANK YOU. 
3. skied
4. Sewed some bandaners for the boys. 
5. Ate a pizza (not a whole one, but a few pieces) 
6. Took a shower. 
7. Paid for rent, finally. 
8. Enjoyed life

So, I really love my new job. I think it is going to be  a lot of fun. It is in a great location, well actually TWO great locations: base of Northstar and Squaw. It smells great, my boss is awesome. I am stoked. 

I have officially forgotten my helmet twice in one week. 

School starts on the 19th. 

Nip/Tuck is back on on Tuesdays. I am so excited, I think this season will be good. I have decided that it is a great idea to get tied up in a TV show because it acts as a type of 'outlet', away to experience another life, without truly having to experience it. 

I have been skiing a lot lately. I wish I could give ya'll an exact number...I am somewhere in the high 30's or low 40's. 

The other day I had to get my brakes on Syd replaced. It really amazes me with how expensive something like that can be. WOW! I am so happy and thankful that I have working brakes again. That same day Chris and I went to Joann fabrics and picked out some really cool printed fabrics (with a 40% off discount!!) to make some faces masks. They are pretty cool! I had a ton of fun playing around on my sewing machine. I can't wait to pick out my next big project!!!!! I think sewing has become my new addiction. 
OHHHH GOODNESS! How could I forget! The people (person) that stole my mail could have possibly been caught! What a relief (somewhat...). I was scoping out RGJ.com this evening before dinner and saw that there has been 3 different people caught for taking mail out of mail boxes in Fernely and in Reno too...I honestly hope that they are the people and that they get in really big trouble. It is not nice for a person to get away with such a large crime. This makes me really want to high light the idea of karma. 
Karma: you may think at the time you are 'tweaking' your thoughts and actions to better please yourself at the time (but disappointing others) it may put you ahead for awhile, but, in the end it always will come back to haunt you. Whether you cut someone off in the park while trying to hit a feature, or white lie to another person about ohh idk their car, it will always come back around and make something that much more worst for you. I know that most of the time we tell white-lies to cater towards others feelings, but in the end we are really not helping that person out. Most of the time when you lie to a person it is because you are fully aware that you have messed up so horribly, the only correct way out in your eyes is to lie in the end it ends up hurting the other party so badly that you really didn't protect yourself or the person you are trying not to hurt in the end. 
I think it was Atmosphere (or possibly Swollen members) said "Truth hurts is cuts like  a knife". Sometimes you have to think about who the knife is going to hurt. 
There is a movie from the 80's on right now. 
Chester is sitting under the coffee table. 
My wrist hurts, so I think I am going to have to bid you all farewell. 


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