Flight 3. Gate C7.

Vegas bound
Thats a nice bag! 
Rain boots. I got them for $6. Yes, rain boots for the RAIN in January. Lovely. 

Well, here I am sitting in the airport in Reno, Vegas bound! wow...it sure is early. I was awake at 4:30 in the AM! I know that I am not the only person venturing to SIA 2009 this year....but funny enough they all scored later flights or something because I can tell that I am the only snow bum on this flight. 
I am so excited to see my friends. 
Court is sitting over in the B terminal texting me. 
The lady sitting across from me is listening to her CD player, YES, CD PLAYER! jamming like she is Annie Lenox! 
Another guy keeps on looking at my screen as I type, soooo, I hope her reads this and sees I am getting annoyed by him peering over my shoulder. 
I was nice to the security people today and actually took my sweatshirt off, it was way to early to deal with confrontation. 
I can hear the slot machines going off over my headphones. 
Ash, Diggels, and Drew get in tonight! 
Heather, Kate, Manser, mich, and kev are already there along with who knows how many of my other friends. 
I am listening to Santogold trying to get into the Vegas mood. 
Oh no we are loading!!!! I am going to try and get some ZZZZs in. 
Gotta go! 
Look for pictures!!! 

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