A big day in the U. S of A

The new president of the US. 
Barack Obama
A winter day in Nevada.
Well, well, well today sure was a big day in history. The United States 44th president was sworn in. Today I hustled home at 9 am from class to watch the first black presidents inauguration. It looked cold in DC. The people were lined up for miles and miles from what I could see on CNN. The proceedings were short and sweet. Now the real tasks come into play... fixing America and making us strong and united again. Change (I am not just using this because Obama does) is good...life would get so old if we did the same thing day in and day out. In a time like today where segregation is no longer supported and we try to work together as one, why not support the change. It can be surprising what other people are capable of. Don't you think it is a tad bit ironic that MLK was yesterday and today Obama became the first black president? ummm interesting! 
Oh ya...I was talking about school earlier...ha! 
So classes did start today. I started my day off with small groups communication bright and early at 8 am! Tomorrow I have the luxury of sleeping in and not starting class until 1 in the afternoon....but of course I need to tend to my two online classes I am enrolled in as well! YOOOWWWZER! 

I am off to work on more myld stuff! 
Hope everyone is having a GREATTTT day! 


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