Asher Crank

Two years have already passed by us, life tends to be normal except for one thing: Asher took the turn for the heavens above. I don't think a day goes by where I don't think about Asher.
 Asher was taken from us two years ago in a skiing accident at Copper Mountain. He was an amazing skier, bright and full of energy, a loving son and brother and one of the best friends a person could ever ask for. The more I think about situations that Asher and I were stuck in together the more I realize how much I miss him and how influential that kid was. The first time I met Ash was when we were training on T-bar in Crested Butte. He hopped on the T with me, decked out in his yellow Herman Maier helmet and his blue US ski team speed suit: He looked me right in the eye and send "My mommy owns Butte & Co". Those were the only words that he said to me that entire T ride, why I remember...I have no clue. When Asher came to CBA Spencer Reeves, Josh Finbow, Asher and myself were all put into Jeff's advising group...boyyyy did Jeff have his hands full. When we came together it was like a little family, we always talked dirt on each other, but we all would exchange hugs and sit on laps. All of us together was so comforting. Jeff had a giant wooden mallet underneath his couch, Ash and I always used to pick it up and bicker about who was going to get to hold it and try and hit Finbow with it by the end of advising. Asher came and carved pumpkins at my moms house in CB south one year, we all decided that a "drunken" pumpkin would probably be the best; of course Asher had to leave before all the real fun happened (the garage flooded). It is times like this I cherish so much. 
One of the most memorable moments that I have of Asher, when he really stood against the crowd, was when he quit the alpine team and wanted to start skiing park. Kent gave him so much crap for quitting, but Asher did not cave into the negativity he was getting thrown towards him...he went and did what he wanted to do. Park skiing came so natural to Asher. He always seemed so overjoyed to be out there shredding, I really think that he became the person that he was before his accident when he decided to stray from the pack. I love watching the movies that are on YouTube and Facebook about him. 
Back when we did have the chance to travel together for skiing it seemed to always be a little to much fun...with out the coaches knowing of course...
One of the van rides back we talked about easy mac and sung "Kung Fu Fighting" in the stinky white safari until we feel asleep. On my 18th birthday the wine was flowing like...well...umm...you get the point...Asher decided that he wanted to join the celebration. The next morning we put a plate of eggs in front of him and he ran right to the men's room. ha ha ha! 
I used to give Asher rides to school every now and then in my ghetto truck. We would always freeze and listen to bad music. We would be lucky if the windows were defrosted by the time that we got into CB. ha! He made me enjoy that piece...
Asher got me an Oakley hat for Christmas one year. It is a trucker hat, baby blue..I still wear it to this day. The baby blue bracelets that were made for Asher adorn random parts of my life so I know he is watching over me where ever my crazy life takes me. Seeing Asher stickers on skiers and snowboarders helmets makes me smile so much, because I know a piece of Asher is there on the hill doing what he loved to do the most. 
Asher tried to convince me to let him and Finbow take my moms car down to the store in CB south one night to pick up a pizza, noooo way! ha! They tried to make me give in like crazy...then when I tried to make a deal with them they ended up pulling out of the deal. I wanted them to come ice skating with Elsa and Alden at the park. 
No matter which house I was in of Asher's parents (including Rob) he always made me feel comfortable. He always helped me out so much when I would be babysitting, he would entertain me, yet give a good conversation too. One night we sat in one of Steph's houses waiting for her to come back and we peered out of the windows out onto the highway trying to decided if we saw the lights of her car. As soon as she pulled into the drive way he ran and pretended to be asleep. 
Little thoughts like these pop up into my head all the time, I wish that I could tell you all the wonderful things that I did with Asher but there were to many: Pizza at the stash, Adam and Kevin's, the subby, the weight room, more ski trips, Telluride, 2005 graduation my mind overflow with his fabulous smile in all our adventures. Some days I try to trick myself into thinking that he is still with us and that he is in Utah going to school and skiing everyday, and that he is plastered all over "Freeskier" and "Powder" magazine right next to T. Hall, Simon Dumont and Sammy Carlson because that is where he would have been if he was still with us, but then reality has to come into clear view and I realize this amazing person is missing from my life. My heart goes out to Steph, Kibber, Elsa, Alden, Rob and the rest of there families. 
I am so glad that I was able to be touched by such a wonderful soul. Whenever I ski I know Asher is there helping me out. Since the accident I tell myself that I want to spin a 5 just for him; this is the year. Asher is still with us all, probably more than ever. Asher, thank you for watching over me and for being my friend. Steph and family, thank you for making my friendship with Asher possible. 


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  1. RIP Asher, I found one of your bracelets at the upper station of the Argentine lift at keystone.