Another back hurt...

So Chris and I were at Boreal yesterday enjoying the blue bird day in Tahoe, playing in the pipe...I was staring off into space before my drop in...Chris was in-front of me. Next thing I new Seth was haulin' down to Chris who was on his back totally motionless on the bottom of the pipe. I took off and came to him hyper-ventilating and in some serious pain. He had clipped his heels on the deck on the pipe and dropped 17 feet on to his back. He was lucky it was his back and not his head. His board was taken off, he tried to stand but had to go back to sitting/lying down immediately. We decided that we needed patrol, slowly they made there way down to use, Chris still laying down in the middle of the pipe (kids still thinking that dropping in was okay) it was kinda' like one of those horrible things you never want to see happening right in front of you. After a century the toboggan finally came, but of course not before the man that was guiding the sled fell over and almost made it crash into Chris's back. Ya, it was similar to a circus at this point. Chris was loaded up and I went will all the gear down to the truck and drove it over to the patrol center. A man stopped me and said "are you picking some one up from the patrol center?" I said yes, he told me he was going to block me in because I wasn't supposed to be parked there, we exchanged some PG-13 words and then I stormed off to the center. Chris was in there having the appropriate paper work filled out, there was about 5 or 6 other kids in there dealing with broken wings or other sorts of injuries. The nurse, a very nice lady from Tahoe-Forest Hospital said that we should probably go down and get him some X-rays. We headed to Urgent care in Truckee. I dropped Chris off outside, and he had to wait for me so I could act as his human crutch, luckily Lena was walking in and helped him while I was parking. Once we got inside the receptionist told us that there was no x-ray tech into and that they were at the Northstar and Squaw offices so we got to pick between which office we wanted to go to. We ended up heading to Squaw because Northstar was SO busy (surprise!). Chris was taken in quickly, the nurse Liz (what a coincidence) was really nice and pretty helpful. After a set of x-rays the nurse came back in and said he needed more. After another set the doctor finally came back in and said that the x-rays are negative and that he had a little bit of a bruised kidney because of the microscopic blood that was found in his urine sample. He was give some hydrocoden (sp?) and we were outta there. The rest of the night consisted of a lot of icing and elevation..a yummy dinner of beef stroganoff (made by me!!! thanks to my new subscription to Real Simple from Nancy!!!!) with fun bug shaped noodles and watching Man on Wire, a documentary about the french man that walked a tightrope between the twin towers. 
Today he is up and hobbling around. Below are some pictures of his back and our trip to the doctors. 
I think that we all need to realize how precious our spine area is. There has been far to many injuries happening to my friends that effect their backs, necks and heads. 

Hope all is well! 
oh ps. be ready for a new update on "Myld" soon! (hopefully tonight!)

Looking straight on to his back.
If you look at his back, lower down, that GIANT bump isn't supposed to be there...
Shortly after his crash.
Sun set
Coffee in a ball jar. I am convinced it tastes better. 

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