Adios Vegas with tears of happiness.

Kate wears Myld. (and a new wedding ring...)
Bill Post wears Myld!
I found some really good fitting boots. 
These boots were made for walking...and thats just what they'll do (until I get a big fat blister)
This is what Vegas REALLY looks like. YUCK.
I studied on the plan ride here. I also did 3 hours of homework at the booth. 
I was the smarty that bought a coffee and sat outside security for an hour trying to finish it.
The luxor. 
Kate "talking" to Nikoli (sp?) on the cheeseburger phone. ha! 
It was kinda' like dress up day. I was trying to look smart and Heather was trying to deceive people from thinking she was hungover. It worked pretty well. 
The SkiUtah penthouse view. AMAZING! 
"You don't have to be rich to be my girl. You have to be cool to rule my world" 
In 3 days Ash and I were able to use 1 entire bottle of hairspray. 

I have the lyrics from Ben Taylor's song "Wilderness stuck in my head. 
"Why do all the good things have to leave so fast. It's the littlest things that sting as the fondest memories pass. Is it wise to hold on to someone who should be free? Just because we have gone through the motions doesn't mean you belong to me." 

I am happy to say I am outta Vegas..well, not just yet I have to wait for my plane but I am on the outward bound! I had some great experiences, met some amazing people and contacts. I am really happy that I had such a successful trip. I do have to admit, wow, those days were long. My feet are swollen from walking and standing so much. Unlike everyone else my liver is not toast and I don't smell like casino. I feel so at home with the people I was around this week, back in my comfort zone. I can't explain how busy I was while I was here, people really don't get it. I am not here for just a little vacation (okay so it is a plus that a TON of my friends are here). 

Vegas is so gross. I am trying to figure out why people that go to school in Reno are so proud to admit they are from here, yuckkkk! 

Things that happened this trip: 
- I met a lot of people. 
- Drew feel and had to get 6 stitches in his finger! 
- I got a Riley sticker. 
- Heather got kicked out of a club, and in a like tussle with a dude! 
- I went to see Snoop Dogg and left before he got on because there were to many people. 
- I decided vegas is really yuckkkky. 
- I had a good ice cream and movie night!!!
- Kate got married! 
- The bandana's were a hit! 
Okay so there really was a lot more that happened I just had so much going on I can't remember. 

Words I thought of that you should think about what they mean to you: 
- Happiness
-Growing up. 
- Future 
- Attitude
- Intuition 

I have so many thoughts flooding my brain right now I really can't start to put them in the right order. Well, expect for knowing I have to do homework and laundry tonight so I can go to work tomorrow. I have SO much reading to get done over the next few days, yikes! 

It seems like the minutes are only ticking slowly by right now. Saying goodbye is the hardest thing.

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