Adios Vegas with tears of happiness.

Kate wears Myld. (and a new wedding ring...)
Bill Post wears Myld!
I found some really good fitting boots. 
These boots were made for walking...and thats just what they'll do (until I get a big fat blister)
This is what Vegas REALLY looks like. YUCK.
I studied on the plan ride here. I also did 3 hours of homework at the booth. 
I was the smarty that bought a coffee and sat outside security for an hour trying to finish it.
The luxor. 
Kate "talking" to Nikoli (sp?) on the cheeseburger phone. ha! 
It was kinda' like dress up day. I was trying to look smart and Heather was trying to deceive people from thinking she was hungover. It worked pretty well. 
The SkiUtah penthouse view. AMAZING! 
"You don't have to be rich to be my girl. You have to be cool to rule my world" 
In 3 days Ash and I were able to use 1 entire bottle of hairspray. 

I have the lyrics from Ben Taylor's song "Wilderness stuck in my head. 
"Why do all the good things have to leave so fast. It's the littlest things that sting as the fondest memories pass. Is it wise to hold on to someone who should be free? Just because we have gone through the motions doesn't mean you belong to me." 

I am happy to say I am outta Vegas..well, not just yet I have to wait for my plane but I am on the outward bound! I had some great experiences, met some amazing people and contacts. I am really happy that I had such a successful trip. I do have to admit, wow, those days were long. My feet are swollen from walking and standing so much. Unlike everyone else my liver is not toast and I don't smell like casino. I feel so at home with the people I was around this week, back in my comfort zone. I can't explain how busy I was while I was here, people really don't get it. I am not here for just a little vacation (okay so it is a plus that a TON of my friends are here). 

Vegas is so gross. I am trying to figure out why people that go to school in Reno are so proud to admit they are from here, yuckkkk! 

Things that happened this trip: 
- I met a lot of people. 
- Drew feel and had to get 6 stitches in his finger! 
- I got a Riley sticker. 
- Heather got kicked out of a club, and in a like tussle with a dude! 
- I went to see Snoop Dogg and left before he got on because there were to many people. 
- I decided vegas is really yuckkkky. 
- I had a good ice cream and movie night!!!
- Kate got married! 
- The bandana's were a hit! 
Okay so there really was a lot more that happened I just had so much going on I can't remember. 

Words I thought of that you should think about what they mean to you: 
- Happiness
-Growing up. 
- Future 
- Attitude
- Intuition 

I have so many thoughts flooding my brain right now I really can't start to put them in the right order. Well, expect for knowing I have to do homework and laundry tonight so I can go to work tomorrow. I have SO much reading to get done over the next few days, yikes! 

It seems like the minutes are only ticking slowly by right now. Saying goodbye is the hardest thing.


Flight 3. Gate C7.

Vegas bound
Thats a nice bag! 
Rain boots. I got them for $6. Yes, rain boots for the RAIN in January. Lovely. 

Well, here I am sitting in the airport in Reno, Vegas bound! wow...it sure is early. I was awake at 4:30 in the AM! I know that I am not the only person venturing to SIA 2009 this year....but funny enough they all scored later flights or something because I can tell that I am the only snow bum on this flight. 
I am so excited to see my friends. 
Court is sitting over in the B terminal texting me. 
The lady sitting across from me is listening to her CD player, YES, CD PLAYER! jamming like she is Annie Lenox! 
Another guy keeps on looking at my screen as I type, soooo, I hope her reads this and sees I am getting annoyed by him peering over my shoulder. 
I was nice to the security people today and actually took my sweatshirt off, it was way to early to deal with confrontation. 
I can hear the slot machines going off over my headphones. 
Ash, Diggels, and Drew get in tonight! 
Heather, Kate, Manser, mich, and kev are already there along with who knows how many of my other friends. 
I am listening to Santogold trying to get into the Vegas mood. 
Oh no we are loading!!!! I am going to try and get some ZZZZs in. 
Gotta go! 
Look for pictures!!! 


I can feel it in the air.

Snow boots out of the closet. 
windshield whippers up. 
Long underwear in my bag. 
4-wheel part time on. 
Snow on the roads. 
Ice on the ground. 
Could it possibly be winter again? 

Vegas in T-minus 2 days. 

I wore my new clothes skiing today. It was awesome! I fell twice REALLY hard. My left wing hurts bad. 

Shane kills it! 

I cut my finger at work with the butchers knife. We didn't have band-aids. 



Today it has been raining in Reno...not just for a little bit...but...the WHOLE DARN DAY! 
Syd was up in Truckee so I went to fetch 'er and decided that the only way to subdue the damper of a day I was having was to go look for a pair of shoes for in Vegas next week. Every store I went into I couldn't find anything that I wanted (hummm...that is not very "Bud like"). I settled with a buffalo plaid dress shirt...is that really a surprise!?! 
I thought maybe a quick trip to the gym to run a few miles might be good, but, I found myself surrounded by a 50 other UNR students that thought today was a great day to go to the gym too. For those of you whom have seen the movie "WAL-E" I quickly saw a similarity in the gym verse the movie today. Mounted on top of every cardio machine in Lombardi is a TV; in the movie all the large people have a tv in their face 24-7.....hummm....I guess TV's mounted on the equipment is just a little to much for me (I never turn mine on). 
I rushed home to grab my wallet so I could go get some chicken noodle soup for the store, and made it home with orange juice and peanut butter oreos just in time for the first day of X-games 13 in Aspen to start. 
I guess the feeling the floods my body yearly around this time was there again.."why can't I push myself hard enough to go there...I know I could"...but I have come to realization that my commitment and my trying factor needs to be stronger. But...then I think of biking: I am so stoked about where I have put myself with that sport...so why do I need skiing. It is so hard to make a decision between two different seasoned sports that you love so much. I cannot imagine myself away from snow...but I also cant imagine ripping it up on a bike in the summer and already having my foot in the door when it comes to talking "pro". 
One thing that I do need to remember is that I am still so young, for some reason I have convinced myself that I was old...but I look around and I notice that I am really not. I still have the 17 year old face, and the height of a 14 year old trying to figure out who she is and exploring (well really I probably will always be that tall and have a young face..ha!) My body is still nimble so I should do what I can while I can...for if I do not that years down the road I will probably be made at myself...plus I want to have tons of AWESOME stories to tell when I am older (like really older not just 30!) 
Good job to all the boys at Xgames tonight! I thought it was awesome that Simon was really reppin' Riley tonight. (www.rileypoor.com for the latest on Riley's condition) 
I am stoked to see what the ladies bring in both slope and pipe. I am going skiing 2mrw...I really would love to get 4's out and totally nail blindsides 270's on...maybe get comfortable with spinning again...no more time for pushing it back further...because who knows what is coming towards ya soon! 

Check out: 

if you haven't yet. It is a work in progress! 


In the works..


-There you can read our "story" 
-See the fabrics we have right now
-Contact us for purchase 

Wahoo! Hopefully this ends up being a success! 


A big day in the U. S of A

The new president of the US. 
Barack Obama
A winter day in Nevada.
Well, well, well today sure was a big day in history. The United States 44th president was sworn in. Today I hustled home at 9 am from class to watch the first black presidents inauguration. It looked cold in DC. The people were lined up for miles and miles from what I could see on CNN. The proceedings were short and sweet. Now the real tasks come into play... fixing America and making us strong and united again. Change (I am not just using this because Obama does) is good...life would get so old if we did the same thing day in and day out. In a time like today where segregation is no longer supported and we try to work together as one, why not support the change. It can be surprising what other people are capable of. Don't you think it is a tad bit ironic that MLK was yesterday and today Obama became the first black president? ummm interesting! 
Oh ya...I was talking about school earlier...ha! 
So classes did start today. I started my day off with small groups communication bright and early at 8 am! Tomorrow I have the luxury of sleeping in and not starting class until 1 in the afternoon....but of course I need to tend to my two online classes I am enrolled in as well! YOOOWWWZER! 

I am off to work on more myld stuff! 
Hope everyone is having a GREATTTT day! 



Another back hurt...

So Chris and I were at Boreal yesterday enjoying the blue bird day in Tahoe, playing in the pipe...I was staring off into space before my drop in...Chris was in-front of me. Next thing I new Seth was haulin' down to Chris who was on his back totally motionless on the bottom of the pipe. I took off and came to him hyper-ventilating and in some serious pain. He had clipped his heels on the deck on the pipe and dropped 17 feet on to his back. He was lucky it was his back and not his head. His board was taken off, he tried to stand but had to go back to sitting/lying down immediately. We decided that we needed patrol, slowly they made there way down to use, Chris still laying down in the middle of the pipe (kids still thinking that dropping in was okay) it was kinda' like one of those horrible things you never want to see happening right in front of you. After a century the toboggan finally came, but of course not before the man that was guiding the sled fell over and almost made it crash into Chris's back. Ya, it was similar to a circus at this point. Chris was loaded up and I went will all the gear down to the truck and drove it over to the patrol center. A man stopped me and said "are you picking some one up from the patrol center?" I said yes, he told me he was going to block me in because I wasn't supposed to be parked there, we exchanged some PG-13 words and then I stormed off to the center. Chris was in there having the appropriate paper work filled out, there was about 5 or 6 other kids in there dealing with broken wings or other sorts of injuries. The nurse, a very nice lady from Tahoe-Forest Hospital said that we should probably go down and get him some X-rays. We headed to Urgent care in Truckee. I dropped Chris off outside, and he had to wait for me so I could act as his human crutch, luckily Lena was walking in and helped him while I was parking. Once we got inside the receptionist told us that there was no x-ray tech into and that they were at the Northstar and Squaw offices so we got to pick between which office we wanted to go to. We ended up heading to Squaw because Northstar was SO busy (surprise!). Chris was taken in quickly, the nurse Liz (what a coincidence) was really nice and pretty helpful. After a set of x-rays the nurse came back in and said he needed more. After another set the doctor finally came back in and said that the x-rays are negative and that he had a little bit of a bruised kidney because of the microscopic blood that was found in his urine sample. He was give some hydrocoden (sp?) and we were outta there. The rest of the night consisted of a lot of icing and elevation..a yummy dinner of beef stroganoff (made by me!!! thanks to my new subscription to Real Simple from Nancy!!!!) with fun bug shaped noodles and watching Man on Wire, a documentary about the french man that walked a tightrope between the twin towers. 
Today he is up and hobbling around. Below are some pictures of his back and our trip to the doctors. 
I think that we all need to realize how precious our spine area is. There has been far to many injuries happening to my friends that effect their backs, necks and heads. 

Hope all is well! 
oh ps. be ready for a new update on "Myld" soon! (hopefully tonight!)

Looking straight on to his back.
If you look at his back, lower down, that GIANT bump isn't supposed to be there...
Shortly after his crash.
Sun set
Coffee in a ball jar. I am convinced it tastes better. 



Minimalist: A person who favors a modern approach to the achievement of a set of goals or who holds minimal expectations for the success of a program. 

Have you every really thought about this word before? Could you be a minimalist yourself with the economy happening? 

The only reason I am curious because a lady came into work the other day taking about how she was going to become a minimalist. I thought about this for a while and it sounded very appealing, it sounded: fresh, clean, crisp, and light. She told me that she was cleaning out her closet and only having a limited wardrobe (2 pairs of jeans, 1 pj, 2 pairs of shoes, etc). I waked into my closet last night and thought "wow..maybe I should try to be a minimalist...would it be possible?" I have hundreds of shirts, a bakers dozen of jeans, shoes upon shoes, bathing suits to last two weeks without wearing the same one. I think this has come to being because I haven't grown (unfortunately) since high school! ha!
I peeked around and saw my 20 hats, 4 pairs of moonboots, and 6 pairs of nikes and 6 pairs of sperry's, an multiple pairs of Eliza B. flip flops that I have acquired over the years...I tried to justify that I wear them all...some I can honestly say I have warn less than a week of walking around time, others have stayed on my feet for weeks at a time. I gravitated towards my jeans and slowly thumbed through them like one would do to a book before they started reading it. I thought of the last time that I actually wore the jeans, and thought about the pair that I need to wash (really badly). All my jeans have a story behind them... the pink ones I got in vegas with Molly, the cheetah ones I convinced myself not to get but soon was persuaded by Molly that it was "okay and that they looked great on me and if I didn't get them she was going to get them for me", the miss me jeans that hang in the back I worked hard to purchase from "suite" the summer I worked for Ky and Katinka. The Khaki pants that I used to wear when I was an "avid" golfer. The pair of Sevens that are ripped in every single spot a jean could possibly rip from when Erica and I were jumping on the tramp at Matt's house. Ohhh how clothing carries such fond memories. 
Have you ever thought about that sweatshirt you are tossin'? The memories that are stored in it. I feel like I have a story for every piece that hides away in that closet of mind. Then, I remember that I am trying to think of "minimalism"...hummm....I don't think this is going to work. 
If something fits really well why not buy 7 of them? All different colors so they coordinate properly with that nice button up shirt you are wearing out today...
Do you think minimalist have shoppers remorse? "Oh no..now I have 3 pairs of jeans instead of 2...I guess I have to get rid of something else.." ha ha ha! I have shoppers remorse all the time, but, funny enough those items that I feel bad about buying I normally wear ALL the time (okay, I lied...I am sure there is a fair share of them that just sit in my closet until I do make a run to Plato's closet). 
I will admit that I could do without that blue button up shirt, or those cute little wedges for summer, that cool looking brown blazer that I never can find the right pants to wear, those black shimmer spandex (which I plan to make an appearance with in vegas), those beautiful VOOM silk dresses that are shoved in the back of my closet, the never ending collection of Victoria's Secret...okay so maybe some lightening up is in need. 
I am lucky to have all these items of desire. I will admit that I have become much better with buying, it is no longer a needed habit, but now I only buy things minimally. So, I guess you could say that the lady that came into the story that other day that told me about minimalism have something in common...she is trying to teacher herself to posses minimal objects of desire, and I am minimally buying those objects of desire that a 22 year old fashionista yearns. 


www.rileypoor.com for the latest on Riley's recovery. 


Asher Crank

Two years have already passed by us, life tends to be normal except for one thing: Asher took the turn for the heavens above. I don't think a day goes by where I don't think about Asher.
 Asher was taken from us two years ago in a skiing accident at Copper Mountain. He was an amazing skier, bright and full of energy, a loving son and brother and one of the best friends a person could ever ask for. The more I think about situations that Asher and I were stuck in together the more I realize how much I miss him and how influential that kid was. The first time I met Ash was when we were training on T-bar in Crested Butte. He hopped on the T with me, decked out in his yellow Herman Maier helmet and his blue US ski team speed suit: He looked me right in the eye and send "My mommy owns Butte & Co". Those were the only words that he said to me that entire T ride, why I remember...I have no clue. When Asher came to CBA Spencer Reeves, Josh Finbow, Asher and myself were all put into Jeff's advising group...boyyyy did Jeff have his hands full. When we came together it was like a little family, we always talked dirt on each other, but we all would exchange hugs and sit on laps. All of us together was so comforting. Jeff had a giant wooden mallet underneath his couch, Ash and I always used to pick it up and bicker about who was going to get to hold it and try and hit Finbow with it by the end of advising. Asher came and carved pumpkins at my moms house in CB south one year, we all decided that a "drunken" pumpkin would probably be the best; of course Asher had to leave before all the real fun happened (the garage flooded). It is times like this I cherish so much. 
One of the most memorable moments that I have of Asher, when he really stood against the crowd, was when he quit the alpine team and wanted to start skiing park. Kent gave him so much crap for quitting, but Asher did not cave into the negativity he was getting thrown towards him...he went and did what he wanted to do. Park skiing came so natural to Asher. He always seemed so overjoyed to be out there shredding, I really think that he became the person that he was before his accident when he decided to stray from the pack. I love watching the movies that are on YouTube and Facebook about him. 
Back when we did have the chance to travel together for skiing it seemed to always be a little to much fun...with out the coaches knowing of course...
One of the van rides back we talked about easy mac and sung "Kung Fu Fighting" in the stinky white safari until we feel asleep. On my 18th birthday the wine was flowing like...well...umm...you get the point...Asher decided that he wanted to join the celebration. The next morning we put a plate of eggs in front of him and he ran right to the men's room. ha ha ha! 
I used to give Asher rides to school every now and then in my ghetto truck. We would always freeze and listen to bad music. We would be lucky if the windows were defrosted by the time that we got into CB. ha! He made me enjoy that piece...
Asher got me an Oakley hat for Christmas one year. It is a trucker hat, baby blue..I still wear it to this day. The baby blue bracelets that were made for Asher adorn random parts of my life so I know he is watching over me where ever my crazy life takes me. Seeing Asher stickers on skiers and snowboarders helmets makes me smile so much, because I know a piece of Asher is there on the hill doing what he loved to do the most. 
Asher tried to convince me to let him and Finbow take my moms car down to the store in CB south one night to pick up a pizza, noooo way! ha! They tried to make me give in like crazy...then when I tried to make a deal with them they ended up pulling out of the deal. I wanted them to come ice skating with Elsa and Alden at the park. 
No matter which house I was in of Asher's parents (including Rob) he always made me feel comfortable. He always helped me out so much when I would be babysitting, he would entertain me, yet give a good conversation too. One night we sat in one of Steph's houses waiting for her to come back and we peered out of the windows out onto the highway trying to decided if we saw the lights of her car. As soon as she pulled into the drive way he ran and pretended to be asleep. 
Little thoughts like these pop up into my head all the time, I wish that I could tell you all the wonderful things that I did with Asher but there were to many: Pizza at the stash, Adam and Kevin's, the subby, the weight room, more ski trips, Telluride, 2005 graduation my mind overflow with his fabulous smile in all our adventures. Some days I try to trick myself into thinking that he is still with us and that he is in Utah going to school and skiing everyday, and that he is plastered all over "Freeskier" and "Powder" magazine right next to T. Hall, Simon Dumont and Sammy Carlson because that is where he would have been if he was still with us, but then reality has to come into clear view and I realize this amazing person is missing from my life. My heart goes out to Steph, Kibber, Elsa, Alden, Rob and the rest of there families. 
I am so glad that I was able to be touched by such a wonderful soul. Whenever I ski I know Asher is there helping me out. Since the accident I tell myself that I want to spin a 5 just for him; this is the year. Asher is still with us all, probably more than ever. Asher, thank you for watching over me and for being my friend. Steph and family, thank you for making my friendship with Asher possible. 



Riley Poor

Today was one of those days that you never want to have happen. One of the most gut-wrenching feelings to your heart, when emotions fly wild but you try to keep them controlled. I received a text message today telling me that a long time family friend had been injured. 
There are not to many details out yet, but my thoughts and prayers are with the Poor family. An accident like this really makes me realize how small and supportive the ski community is. No matter the distance or the amount of times you rarely get to enjoy that persons company mean so much in the long run. It is unfortunate that this injury has set upon him, and it makes us all realize how valuable and fragile life is; we need to not take life for-granted. 
Riley's family used to live in good ole' VT the same time that we did. Our parents were friends because of biking. I remember going over to his dad's bike big red barn bike shop and playing on the swing-set while bikes were being talked about. When my mom, Sarah and I moved to Crested Butte we were all slowly reunited. Riley was the first person that brought me out to a bar underage, since I was sitting bored at Kevin and Adam's little hole of an apartment. Kev and I shared numerous dinner dates with Riley and Katrina while we all lived, played and worked in CB. Riley is an amazing cinematographer and an enjoyable person. 
Riley is a strong kid, I believe that he can make it through this. My thoughts and prayers are there for him and his family. 



Times tickin' away...

I am sure that you can all relate to staring at a clock, wishing the time would go by faster (or in some cases slow down). It has only been an hour since I checked the time last....WOW... boring. It is funny how we entertain ourselves; most people my age a at the store right now stocking up on keystone light and PBR (my fav!) for the night. Me? I am sitting here typing. Imagine what we would do without all the technologies that we have. The only reason I am thinking about this right now is because I am updating my phone since my hard-drive was replaced in my computer. If I didn't have these wonderful electrical things I wouldn't be able to blog, I wouldn't have a way to contact all my wonderful friends all over the USA and the world. We are so lucky to have all these awesome things at our fingertips, literally. What if one day we woke up and none of our electronics worked? We wouldn't have basically anything we relay on now...no pass scanners at ski areas (which we might benefit from..ha), no grocery store auto checkout, no light switches, no tvs, video games, or dvd players, no dishwashers, washing machines or dryers, no hair dryers (eekkk!) or curlers, or straighteners. It is really crazy to think about all those electronics we need constantly. Just think about it for a quick sec....
SIA is slowly approaching, I am excited. I am really excited to see all my friends. Those people that you rarely see, but keep in constant contact with (thanks to technology) are your true friends. Why? 'cause you can rarely see them but they are always there for you when you need them, always checking in on you and wanting to see what the latest and greatest is. I can't wait to give them hugs! 
January 10th, I have made a resolution. Why not? tomorrow is a new day right? Well, I know it is kind of boring and VERY wide ranged in meaning...but...I want to be nice. I can be nice but still express my opinion....so why not give it a whirl? Be nice to someone that you normally are not to...I guess if we all do this the right way it can be contagious like a smile. 

Well...I think I want a root beer. 



lies, lies, lies.

housewife duty do-er in training
Root beer. Not real beer. 
I sew with confidence...No really I do.
Opposite day.
Matthew vance killing it. 
Kisstopher not killing it.
The "switch"
Syd and a prii
Truckee traffic on a rainy day
My new shades.
I would love to fill the blog with wonderful words like my last post but really nothing is coming to my head. 
Fun things that I have done lately: 
1. Got a job. 
2. Have brakes, now I can stop. Phew and THANK YOU. 
3. skied
4. Sewed some bandaners for the boys. 
5. Ate a pizza (not a whole one, but a few pieces) 
6. Took a shower. 
7. Paid for rent, finally. 
8. Enjoyed life

So, I really love my new job. I think it is going to be  a lot of fun. It is in a great location, well actually TWO great locations: base of Northstar and Squaw. It smells great, my boss is awesome. I am stoked. 

I have officially forgotten my helmet twice in one week. 

School starts on the 19th. 

Nip/Tuck is back on on Tuesdays. I am so excited, I think this season will be good. I have decided that it is a great idea to get tied up in a TV show because it acts as a type of 'outlet', away to experience another life, without truly having to experience it. 

I have been skiing a lot lately. I wish I could give ya'll an exact number...I am somewhere in the high 30's or low 40's. 

The other day I had to get my brakes on Syd replaced. It really amazes me with how expensive something like that can be. WOW! I am so happy and thankful that I have working brakes again. That same day Chris and I went to Joann fabrics and picked out some really cool printed fabrics (with a 40% off discount!!) to make some faces masks. They are pretty cool! I had a ton of fun playing around on my sewing machine. I can't wait to pick out my next big project!!!!! I think sewing has become my new addiction. 
OHHHH GOODNESS! How could I forget! The people (person) that stole my mail could have possibly been caught! What a relief (somewhat...). I was scoping out RGJ.com this evening before dinner and saw that there has been 3 different people caught for taking mail out of mail boxes in Fernely and in Reno too...I honestly hope that they are the people and that they get in really big trouble. It is not nice for a person to get away with such a large crime. This makes me really want to high light the idea of karma. 
Karma: you may think at the time you are 'tweaking' your thoughts and actions to better please yourself at the time (but disappointing others) it may put you ahead for awhile, but, in the end it always will come back to haunt you. Whether you cut someone off in the park while trying to hit a feature, or white lie to another person about ohh idk their car, it will always come back around and make something that much more worst for you. I know that most of the time we tell white-lies to cater towards others feelings, but in the end we are really not helping that person out. Most of the time when you lie to a person it is because you are fully aware that you have messed up so horribly, the only correct way out in your eyes is to lie in the end it ends up hurting the other party so badly that you really didn't protect yourself or the person you are trying not to hurt in the end. 
I think it was Atmosphere (or possibly Swollen members) said "Truth hurts is cuts like  a knife". Sometimes you have to think about who the knife is going to hurt. 
There is a movie from the 80's on right now. 
Chester is sitting under the coffee table. 
My wrist hurts, so I think I am going to have to bid you all farewell.