What's the big deal about New Years?

Sitting here, glass of champagne in hand I am starting to wonder what the big deal about New Years is? For some people, midnight is already passed, for others they are well into the 2009 year, out in Nevada we are 2 hours and fifteen minutes away from the loud cheers and welcoming of 2009. What's the big deal? New Years in my eyes is just another day in your life...everyone makes resolutions and tries to change there lives. Do people not realize they can do this any day of their life? They do not have to wait around until December 31st to roll around? Tomorrow when a large majority of the people in America wake up their lives will not be different, bills will still have to be paid, jobs will still be there, I still have to wake up a 6am on January 19th to start classes. Think of all the danger, harm and hurt that happens on this night; why do we have to pick this one day? This is one holiday that I guess I cannot really justify...Fourth of July, okay; Christmas, duh!; etc. I like the holidays that actually hold a meaning behind them. 
Obviously you can tell I have never really been much of a new years person. I actually can only recall going out once. Every other time I have made an effort normally I leave the place I am at before 12. So this year, I sit here on my couch, listening to music, in comfy clothes, glass of nice sparkling wine being my company tonight and I couldn't ask for more, because I have faced the reality that tomorrow I will wake up and I will still have to worry about the same things I worried about today. 
For those of you who are out celebrating tonight, I hope you had a fabulous evening. I hope everyone is safe and makes smart decisions. Welcome to 2009, no different that 2008 except for the last number. 

Oh..PS just to add a smile on everyones face, you have no clue what I had to go through in order to get this bottle of sparkling wine! I was turned down at Safeway (where I go to purchase wine all the time). The cashier was trying to tell me I wasn't 22...ha ha. Looks like the joke was on him and I obviously ended up with my wine!

(oh ps...I blogged earlier so check the one below this!!!)

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