Uphill skiing

So today we decided to all go Nordic skiing. Oh, boy! I always say that I wish I could learn how to ski again because the people that are learning how to ski at the areas I go to look like they are always having so much fun. Well, today I got to experience just that...I guess. I fell down, and couldn't get up...I crossed my skis, face planted, looked like a TOTAL joey, tucked in a snowplow. It was so much fun! Something that would have been REALLY fun to get as a video. My mom, Sarah, Ed, Banx and I all shared some great laughs. The place that we went to ski was amazingly beautiful out near the ski way. It was a great way to spend my last day here...

My fabulous mother and my gigantic sister...
My mommy and I!(what not sleeping makes me look like...REALLY GREAT!)
The land that we skied on was private. It was a man or his family) that groomed out trails for nordic skiers to use (for free). After climbing up the road to the trials and a few tip over issues, we came to the house of the person. Outside was a random assortment or different ski nordic skis, poles and boots for people to use and return (the honor system) so that the trails could be enjoyed by everybody. How amazing.
A river.
The house where the nordic skis were. I was called a naturally stable barn or something. It is completely green. So every part of the house from the wood used to build it to how the potties are flushed has not/ does not hurt the environment.
Speed demon! (Notice the bent pole...)
They put this up just for us "Caution x-country skiers"
Family affair
Right after Banx decided to bite my knee...
There we go!
Mommy and chomper.
I had a great visit with Kate today at the Nordica office. It was great to stop by and say hi. I am really stoked on next years clothes. They all look AMAZING! I am so excited to start wearing it, I think that it will be a big hit. The colors and styles are AMAZING! It was really cool kind of seeing the process that they go through to make a jacket or a pair of pants (well for what I got to see). Dealing with this kind of stuff makes me know that I am destine to land a job somewhere in the ski world because I enjoy this kind of stuff so much. 

I head back to Reno tomorrow (or today... we will just call it Tuesday!). I am excited to go back and ski, but at the same time I am not that excited either. I think I am starting to grow away from Reno/Tahoe. Don't get me wrong it is a great place. Of course I feel like this every couple of months, here and there, and then I realize how lucky I am to be where I am, I could be in some inter-city situation and really be unhappy. I think that I have such a curious soul that I am always wondering what the next great adventure will be and where it will be. 

Have you come up with your resolution for new years? 
I am going to try and think of mine on the flight home, so I will get back to you. 

I am really looking forward to SIA. It hit me today pretty hard that this is going to be my first year in oh 4 or 5 years not going to X Games. Its almost like a chunk of my life is missing. I really can't wait to be around my great friends that I am only able to see every so seldom in the ski industry. Even though I only get to see them now and again they are a very significant part of my life since that is what I have primarily grown up around. Who knows, maybe I will get there in some whirlwind kind of way. I am so young and the possibilities are endless at the ripe age of 22! 

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