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December 2- 

-Northstar- Not yet...almost! (Saturday!)
-Squaw- doesn't look even close
-Anywhere else- who cares! I mean except that everything in Colorado and Utah is open...no biggie...or those status updates that you see on myspace and facebook with everyone bragging about watching it snow 40 trillion inches outside...I get to watch the flashing lights of the casinos and fast cars on the freeway. 

Northstarattahoe.com and NOAA.gov are my two official favorite websites. I check them, ohhh, every 5 minutes. I love at night looking at the N* web cam and seeing the lights atop the guns lit up on main street. Boreal is trying to stay open, they are even doing night shredding now! When you look on their web cam you can just see something white with a dash more of mud than the cook actually ordered for his pre-season recipe for skiing. Noaa feeds you mix feelings, you see the low cold freezing burrrrrr temps at night, followed by a hi of 50 degrees during the day. what is going on? global warming? pffffff! I have typed in "Truckee, CA" so many times into the NOAA search bar that sometimes I forget that is what I am looking for and end up with the word "snow" or "Elizabeth" in the search box instead....well I guess I have good intention putting the word "snow" into the search bar! ha ha 

The one thing that I think is funny though, is that for snow count people in Tahoe have the highest...now how on earth does this happen? hummmmm....really Boreal that often. 
I am trying to convince myself right now that it is still "technically" pre-season and it was only just this time last year that Boreal opened, soon after Northstar opened too. So, I guess why we are all assuming everything should be open so early should be blamed on Boreal for tempting us with the white stuff. 

It is funny how addicting a little white patch can be to so many people. There are a few features here and there..about a 30 second run, LOOOONNNGGGG lift lines. Even with all the negatives we all find ourselves in the Boreal parking lot day after day slowing lacing and buckling up our boots and grabbing our boards and skis.

 Ha, Kids these days! ha 
I guess it is just because we love the sport so much. 

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