Punk rock and marketing don't mix.

so much for being aleatoric when it comes to the Brobdingnagian storm moving our way...it seems to be diaphanous right now on both NOAA and unisys! One can feel the languorous emotions of the shredders around here, which is luculent because of the lack of snow. It has become a risible matter...I mean really? it is already December 8th! Snow should come to the sierra's sprezzaturaly...I mean come on this is California! ha 

Well that was fun! ha 

I bet you didn't know that Oklahoma's state flower is the Oklahoma rose, and the state tree is the eastern redbud! Well now you do! 

Alaska's state tree is the Sitka spruce  and the state flower is the Forget-me-not, and well Alaska we will not forget you because of Sarah Palin...Gotchya! 

New York, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin were obviously very unoriginal when they came to picking out their state tree the sugar maple...I bet they all stole the idea from good ole' New York who came into statehood the first in 1776. Copy cats! gosh...

Here are some of the most well known whether rhymes that we SHOULD be hearing right now: 
"Ring around the moon, rain or snow soon!" (There better be a freakin' ring around the darn moon soon!)
"Clear moon, frost soon" (frost is good with me because that means its getting colder...but frost is not good with me when I have to go out and start Syd even earlier in the morning so that it all defrost of the windshield, which is all ready fully cracked...I don't need anymore distractions while driving!) 
"A year of snow, a year of plenty" (Ah, yes we are not the only ones depending on the snow! Think about those "happy cows that come from California" well they are not going to be to happy if they don't have lush green grass to chow down on...)

Wow I really love this book! It is keeping me sane during the study breaks that I have been taking! 

How silly is this? I have an exam for marketing tomorrow, and then, on Thursday I have my exam...hmmmmm...I think that should pick one or the other because they really shouldn't want to grade that many exams! Good news though, I got an A on the second part of my simulation for the class! WAHOO!(the simulations are worth more than the test, which in my case is a VERY VERY VERY good thing : ) ) 

So my dilemma with CRJ. My meany teacher decided last Tuesday night to give the students an opportunity to not take the final (worth 200 points) and receive 155 points instead. okay...so then the test are graded on a curve, so you can't really figure out what you COULD get on the final exam if you take the 155 because there is going to be that one group of smarty pants kids that gets some odd score like 5,000 (okay that might be a little abundant...but you get where I am going with this?) so to take the final or not to take the final is the question?!?! YIKESSS!!! I guess I will be able to come up with a firm decision when I get my 2nd paper back tomorrow night in class. 

I think I am getting an ear infection. GREAT. 

Matthew Vance and I might go to Mammy next weekend!!! HURRAY! I hear they have a really good park right now, but, I have also heard they are only open on the weekends....hummmm....

Well I should probably get back to studying numbers for marketing! 


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