Sushi castle. 
What airport actually has parking that ISN'T "extremely expensive"?
Wild turkeys.
NH gets snow but CA doesn't.
Darthmouth v. BC hockey game. Pretty neato!

So I finally am back in Reno. YAHCK! (Thats a combination word or "yah" and "yuck" used when you can't really decide if you are excited or not...I just made it up). Being at home with my mommy was WONDERFUL. We had a lot of really fun adventures and lots of great laughs : ). 21 days until I am back east again! 

Not to much has changed here except for everyones attitudes...ya its like Negative Natasha came and waved her magic meany wand and made everyone in a bad mood. I was so excited to wake up fairly early and shower and drink a cup of coffee (from Dirt Cowboy!!!) and ride my townie to school. Why does it always seem like when you are in a good mood there is always a group of people that are in poopy moods and they bring you down. Well I am trying my hardest to line up all my thoughts before I might have to unleash them. ha! 
It was nice to sleep in my bed. It seemed smaller than the bed in NH. Weird. ha 

Ohhh a VERY nice man last night that work for Southwest helped me change flights to Reno. When I arrived in Vegas I saw that my flight was delayed about an hour (and I saw there was another one on the verge of leaving!) The man informed me that he was able to switch my flight for free of charge because it was delay less that 15 minutes. So keep in mind if you are flying Southwest and your flight is delay more than 15 minutes they will put you on a different flight free of charge! SWEET! (of course your bags don't come until your other flight gets in..). So I arrived about 2 hours earlier than I was supposed to, I was very glad that I got on that flight because the one that I  was supposed to be on was delayed even later. I didn't get to pick up my luggage until about 9:45 when it was originally supposed to land at 8 pm. WOW! I was a lucky duck I'd say! 

I have officially finished both of my papers that are due today! BOY does that take a load off my shoulders! now I am back to the normally heavy weight of an outstanding hospital bill from last October, car registration, and finding out if I got the job at Helly Hansen or not. Other than that everything is normally and boring...

I am really excited to get this semester done. Finals start next week. OH BOY! ya...I think I have 3 next week (Marketing, Anthropology, and Information Systems) the next week I have Core Humanities and Criminal Justice. I am kind of sad to think that this is my last semester of CH because that was the one class that I really enjoyed going to.... odd, I know. I signed up for next semester last week, I am going to be taking a majority of my credit units online because a lot of the in class classes where full since most of them are capstone requirements. Yep, capstones...that means that I am closing in on finished college. Wow, this is going by SO fast. What am I going to do with myself once I am done with college?....I know get a job...wow! College SHOOTS right by! I have to admit that I am really excited to get out there and discovery all the amazing aspects of life that I haven't seen yet. I am so young, this is going to be amazing. 

I need to go to the dentist. I started flossing again. 

I am thinking that I am going to start lap swimming again to try and build up my upper body since that will be the least painful exercise on my wrist. That means I have to go to Lombardi...ugh! 

I was peeking through "The daring book for girls" that I have on my book self (every girl should have this!) and they gave some interesting definitions about snow concerning snowball making...I thought I would share them with you: 

POWDER: Likely to be seen on very cold days. It has low moisture content and lots of air. Skiers love it (indeed we do!), but not snowball fighters, because it's too dry to pack well. 

SLUSH: No one likes slush; this mushy, melty waterlogged snow is horrid for snowballs. (I love spring skiing!)

ICE: Snow that has melted and refrozen. Leave it alone. You don't want to be hit by it, and you don't want to through it. Ice hurts, and it wrecks the fun. (unless you want to hurt someone...gosh...) 

SNOWBALL SNOW: Made in weather that hovers around the freezing mark. You know it when you see it. The snow is airy yet firm, and when  you roll some between your hands it sets into a ball that nearly leaps into the air. (Does this snowball have a frog inside it or something?) 

Well daring book for girls, ill have you know I have made snowballs out of all these kinds of snow! So there! ha! 

Stay tune for the weather vocabulary that they have in the book (I found it kinda' helpful actually!) 

Off to CH class to turn in my A+ of a paper about Bread Givers and A Raisin under the sun!



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