Martha Ray, or Racheal Stewert?

Nemo, and some of my FAVORITE socks EVER!
Heart of a Husky, was written by Mel Thomas a graduate and UConn player, last year. So far I am enjoying it. It was edited by my old headmaster Warren Witherell. I told him I wanted to be the next book he edited. 
The Last Lecture. A self-improvement book. We all could improve ourselves. This is the first book I have sat and parts that made me really think about life.
Pearls I go from Aunt Mary. I LOVE THEM!
I have the best life ever. If it wasn't so complicated.
This is Banx favorite ball on earth. 
The back of my apron. 
The front of my apron.
Sewing my apron on my NEW sewing machine. The best present ever.
Cutting the pattern for my apron. 
Cutting the pattern for my apron.
The sunset.
The sunset again...
It seems like every prius has an Obama sticker.
Picking out my pattern. 
Not the best snow walking shoes.
The damage from the storm. 
Very awesome ski rack. I know you can't see it, but the skis are held on my bungy's
Dartmouth. The more I am on the campus the more I wish I was here. 
Banx driving.
Sarah's x-mas present. 

Completion. Do we honestly ever find that in our lives

I look at pictures that my friends take all the time and wish that I would have been there. I make decisions that I regret, I know that they make me stronger (but when you are going through the hard, negative aspect of them it really really is a hard hit to the heart). I decided that I hate secrets. 
I miss simplicity. 
When a person tells you that "frankly, I am disappointed in your behavior" your entire aspect on yourself changes. 
Often I find myself missing Crested Butte, Western State College, and just the random redneck shenanigans that I used to do. 
I look like I haven't slept in a few days; this is partially true. 
I am dreading a large class load next semester. 
I want to be a fashionista

I am not sure why we do not strive for simplicity in life. As I am slowly working on The Last Lecture it makes me realize sincerely the valubility of live, and how, most of the time we take it granted

I miss Tahoe. I miss CB. I miss NH (even though I am here). 

Time for some time to rest my head. 


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