Brighter on the other side..

My life has been an absolute catastrophe the last couple days...first some one stole my mail (no just normal every day mail..but mail with 4 checks in it), second my hard drive on my computer crashed (during finals with ALL my semester notes on it and of course I didn't have it backed up on my external hard drive, honestly I think that is the last thing you think of when you are a student taking notes 24-7). Third, Syd is sadly fading away on me slowly but surely, she has another leak and with my best judgement it looks like it has to do with the darn radiator AGAIN. Fourth, it is finals week. For everyone that has been a student you know how stressful that can get. And last, having to deal with drama, but really life would not be to exciting if you didn't have to deal with the constant up's and down's that are tossed at ya left and right. 

Well, most of the situation have been worked out. The checks were all cancelled, but the person has already gotten access to one of the peoples accounts and done some major damage to their banking account. My landlord is installing a locking mailbox in the next few days so we do not have to deal with this again. One of the girls and I are going to try and find the person (s) that have done this and go forward to the police about this because it is considered a major crime. 
The people at the Mac store told me that they did not have the hard-drive in stock so it was going to take at least a week to get me back my computer. Turns out I got a phone call today saying it was ready! HOORAY! But, to make everything that much more better...dun dun dun..they installed the newest OS X software on my computer instead of the program that I had previous! So far this software is pretty freakin' cool! I am really excited. Plus, I found out that I DO NOT have to pay for another Microsoft suit, I can just use the one that I had on hear previously! As for Syd, well she in my dad's hands right now, getting snow tires put back on and the leak checked out. I really hope it is not that bad, but I guess I just have to be patient. 
I have two finals left, 3 down so far. They are going pretty well. My criminal justice one is next week, I am pretty nervous about it seeing that the teacher is really difficult. I cannot wait until this semester is over. As of right now it looks like I am going to be taking 18 credits next semester. Wow! I think I can totally handle it though, most of the classes are online so that will make my traveling and adventuring a little easier! 

I hope that everyone back east is safe from the storm that is hitting everyone hard. I am really excited to come back east soon (and as Kate so kindly reminded me yesterday...get my face stickered my J.Lo at X-mas eve pizza!)! 
Hope all is well! 


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