What's the big deal about New Years?

Sitting here, glass of champagne in hand I am starting to wonder what the big deal about New Years is? For some people, midnight is already passed, for others they are well into the 2009 year, out in Nevada we are 2 hours and fifteen minutes away from the loud cheers and welcoming of 2009. What's the big deal? New Years in my eyes is just another day in your life...everyone makes resolutions and tries to change there lives. Do people not realize they can do this any day of their life? They do not have to wait around until December 31st to roll around? Tomorrow when a large majority of the people in America wake up their lives will not be different, bills will still have to be paid, jobs will still be there, I still have to wake up a 6am on January 19th to start classes. Think of all the danger, harm and hurt that happens on this night; why do we have to pick this one day? This is one holiday that I guess I cannot really justify...Fourth of July, okay; Christmas, duh!; etc. I like the holidays that actually hold a meaning behind them. 
Obviously you can tell I have never really been much of a new years person. I actually can only recall going out once. Every other time I have made an effort normally I leave the place I am at before 12. So this year, I sit here on my couch, listening to music, in comfy clothes, glass of nice sparkling wine being my company tonight and I couldn't ask for more, because I have faced the reality that tomorrow I will wake up and I will still have to worry about the same things I worried about today. 
For those of you who are out celebrating tonight, I hope you had a fabulous evening. I hope everyone is safe and makes smart decisions. Welcome to 2009, no different that 2008 except for the last number. 

Oh..PS just to add a smile on everyones face, you have no clue what I had to go through in order to get this bottle of sparkling wine! I was turned down at Safeway (where I go to purchase wine all the time). The cashier was trying to tell me I wasn't 22...ha ha. Looks like the joke was on him and I obviously ended up with my wine!

(oh ps...I blogged earlier so check the one below this!!!)

My mom...

...Is the most amazing person on the planet. I am so lucky to have her as my mommy. I love her more than anything. She is so supportive and always there for me; I have no clue what I would do without this FABULOUS person in my life! 




Banx's first christmas
The next Taylor Swift
I still play with toys


Uphill skiing

So today we decided to all go Nordic skiing. Oh, boy! I always say that I wish I could learn how to ski again because the people that are learning how to ski at the areas I go to look like they are always having so much fun. Well, today I got to experience just that...I guess. I fell down, and couldn't get up...I crossed my skis, face planted, looked like a TOTAL joey, tucked in a snowplow. It was so much fun! Something that would have been REALLY fun to get as a video. My mom, Sarah, Ed, Banx and I all shared some great laughs. The place that we went to ski was amazingly beautiful out near the ski way. It was a great way to spend my last day here...

My fabulous mother and my gigantic sister...
My mommy and I!(what not sleeping makes me look like...REALLY GREAT!)
The land that we skied on was private. It was a man or his family) that groomed out trails for nordic skiers to use (for free). After climbing up the road to the trials and a few tip over issues, we came to the house of the person. Outside was a random assortment or different ski nordic skis, poles and boots for people to use and return (the honor system) so that the trails could be enjoyed by everybody. How amazing.
A river.
The house where the nordic skis were. I was called a naturally stable barn or something. It is completely green. So every part of the house from the wood used to build it to how the potties are flushed has not/ does not hurt the environment.
Speed demon! (Notice the bent pole...)
They put this up just for us "Caution x-country skiers"
Family affair
Right after Banx decided to bite my knee...
There we go!
Mommy and chomper.
I had a great visit with Kate today at the Nordica office. It was great to stop by and say hi. I am really stoked on next years clothes. They all look AMAZING! I am so excited to start wearing it, I think that it will be a big hit. The colors and styles are AMAZING! It was really cool kind of seeing the process that they go through to make a jacket or a pair of pants (well for what I got to see). Dealing with this kind of stuff makes me know that I am destine to land a job somewhere in the ski world because I enjoy this kind of stuff so much. 

I head back to Reno tomorrow (or today... we will just call it Tuesday!). I am excited to go back and ski, but at the same time I am not that excited either. I think I am starting to grow away from Reno/Tahoe. Don't get me wrong it is a great place. Of course I feel like this every couple of months, here and there, and then I realize how lucky I am to be where I am, I could be in some inter-city situation and really be unhappy. I think that I have such a curious soul that I am always wondering what the next great adventure will be and where it will be. 

Have you come up with your resolution for new years? 
I am going to try and think of mine on the flight home, so I will get back to you. 

I am really looking forward to SIA. It hit me today pretty hard that this is going to be my first year in oh 4 or 5 years not going to X Games. Its almost like a chunk of my life is missing. I really can't wait to be around my great friends that I am only able to see every so seldom in the ski industry. Even though I only get to see them now and again they are a very significant part of my life since that is what I have primarily grown up around. Who knows, maybe I will get there in some whirlwind kind of way. I am so young and the possibilities are endless at the ripe age of 22! 


Martha Ray, or Racheal Stewert?

Nemo, and some of my FAVORITE socks EVER!
Heart of a Husky, was written by Mel Thomas a graduate and UConn player, last year. So far I am enjoying it. It was edited by my old headmaster Warren Witherell. I told him I wanted to be the next book he edited. 
The Last Lecture. A self-improvement book. We all could improve ourselves. This is the first book I have sat and parts that made me really think about life.
Pearls I go from Aunt Mary. I LOVE THEM!
I have the best life ever. If it wasn't so complicated.
This is Banx favorite ball on earth. 
The back of my apron. 
The front of my apron.
Sewing my apron on my NEW sewing machine. The best present ever.
Cutting the pattern for my apron. 
Cutting the pattern for my apron.
The sunset.
The sunset again...
It seems like every prius has an Obama sticker.
Picking out my pattern. 
Not the best snow walking shoes.
The damage from the storm. 
Very awesome ski rack. I know you can't see it, but the skis are held on my bungy's
Dartmouth. The more I am on the campus the more I wish I was here. 
Banx driving.
Sarah's x-mas present. 

Completion. Do we honestly ever find that in our lives

I look at pictures that my friends take all the time and wish that I would have been there. I make decisions that I regret, I know that they make me stronger (but when you are going through the hard, negative aspect of them it really really is a hard hit to the heart). I decided that I hate secrets. 
I miss simplicity. 
When a person tells you that "frankly, I am disappointed in your behavior" your entire aspect on yourself changes. 
Often I find myself missing Crested Butte, Western State College, and just the random redneck shenanigans that I used to do. 
I look like I haven't slept in a few days; this is partially true. 
I am dreading a large class load next semester. 
I want to be a fashionista

I am not sure why we do not strive for simplicity in life. As I am slowly working on The Last Lecture it makes me realize sincerely the valubility of live, and how, most of the time we take it granted

I miss Tahoe. I miss CB. I miss NH (even though I am here). 

Time for some time to rest my head. 




Well, I was in NY (Fairport) over Christmas with my Grandmama (my mom's side of the family). I had so much fun. I love spending time with everyone because I have to be the one person in our close knit fam that lives all the way on the other side of the country. 
Sometimes when we are all together we may not seem that close, but as soon as I am way from everyone in the east I realize how lucky I am. I have one of the most amazing families that one could ask for. I do have to admit that I am beyond ready to get in a goodnights rest. I woke up this morning looking sleep deprived, with a hint of medusa seen only when closely looking at my smudged hair. 
I GOT A SEWING MACHINE for christmas. Could I ask for anything better? wow! Excited times a bazillion! I also got to raid my mommy's computer for some new tunes. I came across Ben Taylor, the famous James Taylor's son. Wow, what an amazing voice! His song "digest" has amazing lyrics and is currently my NEW favorite song EVER! (ohhh I also got rise against back on my computer..phewwwwww (and double phewww because now I can update my iPhone! ha))
I highly suggest that if you like indie, DMBish kind of music you get your tucas to the iTunes store and buy some of his music. 
Let me simply high light my trip: 
- Delicious food (cheese grits!!! Ohhh ya!), cookies, thai food!
- Going to the Lauder farm. (Actually this was pretty cool, today we stopped by again on our way out of town because Aunt Mary always makes Sarah a new hat every christmas. Well, Aunt Mary's daughters (Jill and Mary Ann) were cleaning out her dresser they came upon all this jewelry and were trying to figure out what to do with it, well I got my wicked little way with a bag! I am so excited! Necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins! Everything is so unique and pretty. When I saw all the pins they just screamed "Bud". I am so excited that I was able to do that and very thankful) 
-Wrestled with Banx
-Wrote a love letter
-Only showered twice
- Held my baby cousin, Addy 
- Saw everyone in my family 
- Visited Grandaddy 
- Adored all my rings on my fingers
- Looked at pictures with my Grandmama
- Dreamed of skiing
- Dreamed and wished 
- Wondered what simplicity really is
- Thought a lot 
- Discovered some of the neatest websites for interior design EVER
- Drank a lot of coffee
- Had jet-lag
- Drove my moms car
- Got the COOLEST LL BEAN bag! I am STOKED!
- Got REALLY excited for Vegas
- Apologized
- Worried
- Smiled 
- Cried
- Threw some snowballs
- Read the instructions to my sewing machine
- Hugged my mom a lot
- Talked to a lot of my friends
- Tried to prioritize 
- Bought a sweater-vest! Ohhh ya!

Today we came back to Lyme, NH. We stopped at the moose deli place in Hoosic! WOW, my wrap was better than ever! Hit the spot. I was trying to figure out if the man that owns that store really likes moose or what the deal is. Banx rode on my lap for awhile and then I drove, I thought I was going to fall asleep. Scary. I quickly passed out in-front of the fireplace after unloading the car and waiting for the burgers to come off the grill. I awoke to a magazine being thrown at me. Nice..ha! We also kind a surprise (well to me) guest tonight, Warren Witherell. He came and dropped off a book that he helped edit, "Heart of a Husky", it was written by one of the girls on the UConn team (Mel Thomas). I am looking forward to reading it since I am an athlete and can probably share a lot of similar situations with her. Now I am in bed, and so comfy. 

I fly back to Tahoe on Tuesday. Then the mad search for a job starts again and of course the enjoyment of winter break will be basked in as well before I get back to the grind of school on the 19th. I really want to squeeze in a trip somewhere: CO, UT? idk! I am due for some good friend time. It is weird realizing that this is going to be my first year NOT going to X-games, cutting back on my winter travels...a bummer. It hits home pretty hard. 

I am going to leave you with this Ben Taylor lyrics: 

When it gets me depressed I find That it's best with my chest high As I stretch my lungs & express my love, hold my breath & forget my pride, to reflect that the rest of our lives are a measure of time. We may as well try to express some style. I exhale my prayer. And follow it with my eyes as it fills the air. In the back of my mind I imagine that you can as if you could still be near me. 

Lately I've been breaking my mind, Trying my best but it's taking its time. Cause I've been forced to digest this wasteful emptiness. I'm supposed to laugh as if there's nothing going on. I know life goes on regardless, but nothing's been the same since you've been gone. 

Another run around the sun, look at the things we've seen. What have we both become? What have we dreamed? Who have we lost? And what have we won?

I never could've believed that you wouldn't have finished what we'd begun. I never cared to imagine you would've been taken away from us. 

Now times change & the game plays on, 
And the truth remains but the rules have all gone wrong. 
Life rises, now here we are Still looking for the place where we belong. Stronger than habit & fantasy, Deeper than gravity. What will be has to be. God planned it, I understand it. I hadn't imagined you'd leave me standing. No right to complain Cause it's already more than I'd ever had asked. But without you the best has yet to pass & now this song is about you. 

And I've been forced to digest this wasteful emptiness. I'm supposed to laugh as if there's nothing going on. I know life goes on regardless, But nothing's been the same. Since you've been gone. 



Ansel iPhone

Mobile Puppy grooming...hummmm....
Syd was lucky and got to park INSIDE!
Sun-set skiing at Boreal
Custom waxing bench...
A few geese forgot to fly south
It's a UNR thing before finals. Students go and leave empties at the base of Mckay asking for luck on their finals.
Finally looking like Tahoe
"if you like my body and you think I'm sexy com'mon baby let me know"
Hoyer talking to the band 
The truth 
waiting to make our Oakley goggles 
My eskimo
The Oakley truck
It was freezy outside
My christmas tree
Snow in Reno
Snowing in Reno