What it looks like in Tahoe right now...


As you can see the ski areas are getting snow. Word around school this morning is that Boreal will be opening tomorrow! Well...I probably won't be skiing for the first day. I am planning on going for my birthday though! Take about a good birthday! SOOO keep your fingers crossed that it will be open! 
I am anxiously awaiting my skis and boots...I get really excited when I see the delivery truck across the street hoping they the little man in the brown UPS outfit or the purple and navy dressed Fedex man will waddle across the street with boxes on a pully thing! WOW...I am getting excited just thinking about it. 

I am going try to change something about myself I decided. I am going to try and not feel the need to constantly explain myself to people. 

The ski swap for UNR happens this weekend, as does the one in Truckee as well. I am for sure bringing some skis and other extra things that I had taking up extra space to one of them in hope to makes some money so I can ohhhh I don't know EAT! 

Well, I am in IS and my teacher is taking about Photoshop...which I already turned in....
 I am out of coffee! AHHHHH!!!! 

I am going to go and vote after this class and print out 2 papers and study for an exam! 


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