Turkey Tetrazziani

It's moose riding season in VT!
The best eggs, bacon, hash browns, OJ and coffee I've had in a while!
That's my name! Don't wear it out!
Indian bunny!
Birthday party, Banx really enjoyed the hat
The cake I made, it was so much fun and ended up tasting pretty good too! 
The Lyme cemetery. These are some of the first settlers in Lyme, NH. The headstones are made out of 3 different types of stone. As you can see they have been repaired, actually, this past summer. It was pretty neat to see so much history right here in the back yard! 
Walking the dog
Healing for cars
I don't know about those Russian spies! 
We were REALLY bummed out that the fruit jell-o wasn't on sale at the P&C, Bummer! 
I was planning on eating this entire round of cheese, but I didn't want to ruin my dinner.
My reflection in the water
Banx loves to give hugs!
I'll eat your leg off!
One hand on the wheel, the other one not surprisingly holding a coffee but taking a picture!
Oh, lovely weather! 
These are probably really healthy! ha ha 
Ah, ya! Asian market! 

Well, lets see a lot has happened since last time I blogged. We are all staying good and busy while home! Shopping, adventuring, paper writing, cooking! Wowzer! I have taken a lot of pics on my iPhone so the easiest way for everyone to see all the cool stuff we are doing is to see them! I am so happy to be back here and spending some time with my mommy! It's totally awesome! I went to Nordica the other day and hung out with Kate for a little bit, that was wicked fun and I got a few new duds that I cant wait to rock as soon as I get back to skiing! THANK YOU! Turkey day was fun too! Annie and Paul (Ed's sister) came up and enjoyed a lovely and COLORFUL meal with us! By colorful I mean, purple mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, onions, etc. It was SO yummy! We had an organic turkey from a farm just down the road, 18 lbs! It was really tasty and I believe you could taste the difference. YUMMM! The next day was mom's birthday!!! We had a little surprise party with a cake that I made with fondant and all sorts of fun stuff, the best part was that she had no clue I made her one until Sarah and I brought it out! We enjoyed a lovely bottle of champagne with dinner..SOOO GOOD! After staying up until 3 am to try and finish a paper that I have been assigned for Criminal Justice (which I would like to thank everyone SO SO SO much that have help that has been provided on trying to figure out an almost impossible paper prompt!) I woke up fairly early (for me on a Saturday) and ventured to meet my mom is Quechee with Sarah. We went to the Cabot store which has Minnetonka moccasins and they had the pair I have been scouting all over for! How stoked was I!?!? YA! Looks like my mom has one Christmas present down so far! After that we went to The Farmer's dinner for a little brunch! OH MY GOODNESS, you can never go wrong at that place! Everything was SO good! My mom, Sarah and I were planning on going to hike mt. Cardigan, but, when we got up there and to our surprise there was just a dab more snow than we expected, so we opted for another hike in Hanover called velvet rocks, which, is part of the Appalachian trial, so that was pretty neat to be able to go on. Tonight, as I am sitting here blogging and getting dread to correct the dreaded CRJ paper my mom has a begging dog staring her down while she makes turkey tetrazziani! YUMMM! 

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