Sorry, I am just being fashionably late

Christi and I! Birthday girls!!! (We have the same birthday 11/10!!!!ayyeeee 

Durell brought out a present 
Welcome to Fritz's, home of the $2 PBR if the actually have them...which is close to normally when all you have is a debit card and they have a $10 minimum on cards. So you don't get one. 
If you like little guys that like to dance IN the bass I have found the man for you! 
Sooo sweet! $2.24
My birthday dinner at Cottonwood! AMAZING! 
Well I am 22. WOW! I had a fab dinner at Cottonwood with chris and we took it easy that night. I was able to ski on my birthday, and the next day and the day after that! Thursday I went to school I had two test...I am pretty sure they went really really well...but I guess the truth will tell on Tuesday, right? Last Thursday I went and hung out with some friends at Pub n' Sub and Fritz's, it was really fun seeing everyone! I came back up here on Friday mid morning and skied Boreal for half the day...they didn't have a park crew that day so it was a little yucky. Chris, Diggles and I went to Blue Coyote for dinner. THEY HAVE THE BEST WINGS! wow..Diggles looked like terminator because he had 2 metal plates put in his face due to being punched in the eye while DJ-ing. I woke up really early before anyone else in the house and headed up to Boreal this morning so I could beat all the people from the bay. The park was SICKKKKKKKK GOOD this morning! No lines at the lift, firm snow! IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN! I chilled with Sami and Scotty until Sami had to go to work...took a few more runs and called it a day because the crowds were starting to attack! ha 
I skied with Mike Wilson for a while the other day...that was fun to catch up with him since I haven't seen him for a while...Katie Souza kills it! Sami is radical at snapping photos! I am so happy to be friendlies with Trenton and Alix again! Winter is SUCH a great time!
I have worked on a "rite of passage" paper all night for my Anthropology class. I also found out that I sign up for classes on the 24th. I am officially a junior!!! SAAAAWWEEETTTT! and...even better I go home to NH on FRIDAYYYYYY!!! I got an AMAZING box from Scott USA the other day...THANKKKK YOUUUUU Kev! and keep your fingers crossed I might have a job! I really hope everything falls into place, that would be amazing! Christopher is an awesome boyfriend and I can't wait to give him a jump hug!
I get to ski with Matthew Vance tomorrrooowww!!!
I should have some skiing pics soon, don't you worry I will totally post them! yaaa! 


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