Skiing day 2

Thanks Robbie Sell for being nice and taking a picture of skiers! 

I was screamin' gansta' gangsta' at the top of my lungs!
I was told to eat these...they are NOT supposed to be eaten. 
My Indian name is: Little Big Gulp
He's big time.
Strike Zone, eh?
Boreal opening day! HOORAY!
Boreal opened yesterday (11/6), of course I made sure I was able to get in a couple of runs. It was really fun...but today was even better! I took yesterday easy..today I really wanted to do some cool stuff but I was having a commitment problem! ugh, well there is always tomorrow, and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday since it is a holiday. 

I went to Porter's warehouse with Chris tonight for a clothing photo shoot it was pretty funny to watch. There we watched Ironman and had soup at hand and tiger tiger woods ya'll gatorade! Oh ya, I had a job interview today, I don't think that job is going to work with my busy SCHOOL schedule. Bummer...

It has been so nice being able to finally have a small break from studying ALL the time and spend some shred hours with my buddies that I never except for during ski season. It is little my little family of skiers has finally been reunited! HOORAY! 

Thursday is going to be a hard day of school, I have two test in a row and then I will be back up here in Truckee. I guess the weather is supposed to be a little yucky the next couple of days so that can only mean more snow! 

Most of my older skis are at the UNR ski team ski swap this weekend, I am really hoping that some people buy them! They would really be treating themselves to something special! 

I need to stretch really bad....a back ride would be nice too! hint hint...

Well I am off to watch the boys play "Skate" wow...FUN! 


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