100% Apple Juice! Power drink before skiing! 
The Sierras. There is ALWAYS a cop on the left hand side up there....ugh
House mascot. He was rescued while I was cleaning the back yard. 
How we communicate. 
I say in about 3 years we MIGHT be able to get a tv or have the TV fixed. 
The Smarty pants that I tend to be in the morning left her boots in the car the night before...of course! 
My friends are BA! LOL! 

My life right now? humm? School, school, school, sleep, ski, school school school. It is almost finals I can hardly believe it! Tomorrow morning I am headed to the N-H! I can't wait to see my MOMMY! So all you people back east, here I come for 10 days! Wahoo! I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner! YUMMY! 

I am PRAYING that when I come back I can start working! That would be fabulous! 

I was at Boreal yesterday and I was hitting the corrugated tube, I went BOOM pretty hard. Hard enough to rip a hole into my long underwear, and leave a nice bruise the size of a ohh idk 3 baseballs on my thigh and of course I thought I had to deal with another broken thumb...but the goodnews is, is that my thumb isn't as swollen today and doesn't hurt AS much. 

OHhhhhh Chris and I saw the new James Bond movie last night! I really liked it...I know weird I actually liked an action movie! 
we found this new place with our friends Trent and Alix that is called Sushi Lovers, they have a really good roll there called a lemon drop and also a peanut roll! Totally different, butttttttt NOTHING will beat my love for sushi at Rick Shaw! That lucky clam....YUMMMM!!! 

So I also have a little dirt on my CRJ teacher Dr. Chaires. He can kick rocks. Thats all. 

WOW! I still have to pack...my goal is to bring a carry on back! ya...we will see! ha

I can taste the Turkey now! 

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