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Lego Elizabeth
Children's toys and roommates
I HAVE MY PRIORITIES RIGHT! I moved here for School, so I am not sure what else I am supposed to be doing...SINCE THAT IS ALL I DO! 
It's that time of the year...Hot cocoa! 

 All is not good on the battle ground, and gosh I wish it was. 
I had a great Halloween this last weekend (and of course Nevada day!), actually it was the FIRST time this entire semester so far that I had been out. So for those of you who think I am out all the time, you are so wrong! It was great to see my friends. I was a blue lego and for once I also hardly had any candy since I can't afford it right now. 

There is a lot going on these 2 weeks! Wow, Day light savings today. Tuesday I have an Anthropology exam, a Criminal Justice paper due, as well as a Core Humanities response due. Also...its time to VOTE! Even though I was not a fan of voting this summer I urge everyone to go out and vote. There is nothing worst than the feeling of being bummed out because you didn't get to do something. UGH! Plus, you get to wear around one of those awesome "I voted" with an American flag stickers. Speaking of Halloween and voting, it was amazing to see how many people dressed up as the candidates this year..Obama, McCain, and Palin...I am pretty sure I didn't see a Biden anywhere. 
Lets see what else is coming up...hummm nope...can't think of anything..oh wait...my birthday. I am turning 22. Since I didn't get to really go out last year because the Micky Avalon concert was very the limit I would love to find some time to go out and spend some time with my pals this year. 
As I grow older I am also starting to figure out how incredibly immature  some older people I know can be. Absolutely amazing, and that is why  I am so thankful that I was able to have the opportunity to go to Crested Butte Academy. 

(I just finished my hot chocolate!YUM!) 

Stop digging ditches and learn how to spell, write, maybe communicate. 

The new SNL (for last night 11/1) was very funny! I suggest if you need a giggle or two go and watch it on NBC.com

Im sick of keeping secrets for people. 

Fall is the worst part of the year. Have you ever noticed that no one is really ever stoked on this season? The weather puts dampers on being outside all the time in the sun, but it is not cold enough to go skiing. Everyone tends to get grumpy, there are always clouds in the sky. Noses are stuffy, coughs are hunting people everyday, cold medicine is always out of stock at the stores. Emergence and airborn and tea are your drink of choice. People never seem as helpful to others, or maybe they are just being blinded by the light or just brainwashed. Jobs are never hiring because it is off season, so no one ever has money that works seasonal jobs. Sleeping seems like a new favorite sport. Food network is on constantly as you stare at the screen and wish you could afford the food at the store to make the dish Paula Deene just whipped up. 

Well I have to get to my papers and studying! 


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