I should be studying...

Virtual birthday party with my mom!
Boreal shredding

 But I decided that it was probably okay to take 5 minutes out of studying for marketing and IS to blog REALLY quick! 
I had an awesome birthday! Thank you all so much for the great presents and birthday wishes! 
I was able to ski that day, which was ultra fun followed by a nice dinner at Cottonwood! 
My new skis are SOOOO dope! I am 100% in love with them now that they are de-tuned, I have been ripping around Boreal all weekend on them! 
So on top of new skis I got an iPod shuffle, food processor, starbucks, Squaw pass and a bottle of nice champagne! It was fabulous! Probably one of the best birthdays I have ever had. Minus the fact Marcus never called and said happy birthday...but we cleared everything up and I am just going to pretend like his birthday isn't tomorrow and we will call it even! Sounds good to me! 
I was able to ski at Boreal most of the weekend when I wasn't studying for the two exams that I have Thursday...then back up to Truckee most likely for skiing and job hunting. 
I have to admit I am pretty bummed because both jobs that I thought I had have fallen through. Helly Hansen because the licence was sold back to corporate, and Porters....well I am not sure why. Hopefully something else comes up..SOON! 

I am UBER excited to go home soon to see my mommy! It is going to be A LOT of fun! A good break from the west coast lifestyle. 

I am sitting next to a PYT right now. (pretty young thing...ha ha) 

Well I better get back to studying...Yuckkkyyy! 


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