High I-Q

Dartmouth ski way....where they name ski runs after smart person thingys...
I was trying to explain how these things would be TOTALLY AWESOME for sledding! 
So, Dartmouth has this really cool cabin system that is run out of the DOC. It's pretty cool...it consists of cabins that sleep handfuls of people all over New Hampshire. Some are accessed by foot, other you can drive to. They are for the students and faculty to rent and go spend some time in. One of the cabins that we went to today (in a grove of trees on the Dartmouth ski way) was called Nunnemacher. Luckily, the door was open and so we were able to go inside and see what the cabin was like. It would be super cool to be a college kid and have the opportunity to go out and camp in one of these cabins for the weekend. Depending on how you are about your personal space you could cram a TON of people in here. There are cots, bunk beds and mattresses throughout the house for sleep. The cabin was VERY basic compare to my families camp in the Adirondacks in upstate New York; these cabins just had the basics, fire place, chairs, table, pots and pans, sink and a privy...oh ya and of course some ping bong balls! ha ha ha! I laughed when I found those! The people that had just left the cabin earlier that day said how much fun they had there the night before...I can only imagine. ha! The other one that we went to was kind of near the ski way off a place called Dorchester road. This cabin was smaller, nicer, and right on a lake. I guess that in the summer time there is a boat you can take out, this one you can also drive to, unlike the other one where you had to hike/ski to. Both cabins were VERY cool! 
Each cabin is tied to a person that is an alumni of the college. 
Look it up. (if you don't know)
Inside Nunnemacher
True east coast ice skiing. 
Home again, home again! King Arthur flours, Nike's and a cup of coffee in hand I couldn't be more comfortable. 
Really gross. 
(it was in the co-op and they called it George. It was an ocean catfish. His(?) diet was lobster and shrimp (hard life) and instead of having fins like a fish it looked like an eel. 
Weird looking, still gross. 
Really? That seems cliche to me...just a tad bit...

So, I am back in NH right now. It has been totally awesome. I have enjoyed being near the family and eating some GREAT food. Last night I cooked some home made Cream of Leek soup and some vinegar chicken saute, tonight we had ABERDEEN PIE! SOOOOO GOOD! I could probably eat that every single day. My mom and I got these really cool slippers today from Dan and Witts that are called Foamtrecks (or something like that) they are clog slippers made out of foam...super light weight and warm! We obviously went on a hike up the ski way with Banx. She is SO funny to watch...she was running up and down and all over the place. She is so well behaved for 6 and 1/2 months...now she is happily past out in her cage. ha! 
Tomorrow Sarah and I are probably going to do some crafts and baking and fun home stuff like that. It has been so COLD here its amazing...LIKE FREEZING! I wish I could bring some of this cold weather back with me and that way we can get some snow! 


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