I walked for the cure

What a lovely Sunday it is. A great day for the race for the cure. I was honestly worried about the weather since we have been getting a lot of rain the last couple days. This morning when I woke up in Truckee there was a huge inversion and didn't clean until I was east bound I-80 at the Verdi exit! It is getting cold and I am overjoyed that fall is drawing near. 
Sami and I did the 5k Race for the cure in Reno today. It started at the University, at 8:30. I was amazed with the turn out of people, so many more than the MS ride that I do every year with my dad. There was a lot of pink, and believe it or not, I didn't wear any pink! (well, okay...I had on pink socks but you couldn't see them...I would of had on white ones but they are mysteriously disappearing like the rest of my clothes....hummm?). There was a 5K run and a 5K walk, we did the walk because of Sami's knee. It was kinda cool to see the distance of the course because now I have a good idea for running distances (My goal is to try and go running in the mornings since bike season is petering off now, I am also intending on trying my hardest to nordic ski this winter so that I can maintain my stamina for my first pro season in mountain biking!!). The walk was a like giant parade around the school. It was amazing to see how many people are dedicating there time, money and efforts to try and find a cure for the horrible disease, and how many people are affected by it. To see survivors and people undergoing treatment was made a huge impact, this tears apart so many peoples lives. Those people that are undergoing treatments (or have luckily become a survivor) are so happy that you are out there supporting them, and trying to help find a cure for this. 

-1.7 million women who have had breast cancer are still alive in the United States. 
-12.6% of women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. 
-Every 13 minutes a women dies from breast cancer.
-77% of women that have breast cancer are over the age of 50. 
-Breast cancer DOES happen to men too! 

I never really noticed how this concerns so many of us, both men and women. Even though mammograms can be expensive it is worth it because you could be saving your life especially if you are over the age of 50. With the knowledge that doctors have today they can help you; they can save your life! 

If you want more information about Susan G. Komen (Walks, runs, fund-raisers in your area) or breast cancer check out: 

Other than the race for the cure this weekend was pretty relaxed. I was supposed to go down to San Luis Obispo, but that race was just a little to far away for me. 
I saw the new Matchstick Production movie last night at Squaw. It is getting me really excited for ski season, it should be fun. It was great getting to see my ski buddies too! It was the first time it had rained in Truckee since May (I believe that's what my dad said) so it was nice to lay low and watch it pour. The smell was amazing too! 

Well off to Pneumatic!!! YUMMM!!!

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