Hong and Kong

Some random and fun picture to look at are below...
 Sorry I have been so bad at updating my blog lately. Its fall, there is nothing interesting to write and I am super busy with school. I got a 80% on my CH mid-term, a dreaded 70% on my CRJ mid-term some how, and an 80% on my marketing mid-term! heck ya! 
I received an AWESOME birthday present in the mail the other day from Grandmama, a food processor! I am really excited, I haven't used it yet. I am pretty sure the first think I am going make with it is Brick Chick! YUMMM!! 
Halloween is this weekend, it looks like I have to come up with some type of creative costume for this weekend, so far I am leaning towards a Lego. I am having trouble picking out which color I am going to be. 
Also, if you know anyone that is looking to buy some 165 cm skis, I have them! Most of them are in pretty good shape. 
I am pretty sure I might trek down to Bobo's and do the ski swap there because all these extra skis are taking up a lot of room that we dont have in this tiny condo! 
Boreal was open this last weekend for JPI.4, I didn't ski during the day. I am glad I didn't too because there was a TRILLION kids there. Oh, and these girl who are trying to be emo and wear jeans when you ski...please invest in some ski pants at your local ski store because thats not steezy! Almost as silly as not skiing without poles (like most of them are doing too....)But, you all do what you want, I am sure people don't like the way that I style myself...whatever! We all are entitled to our own opinion. Right? If Boreal opens up again this weekend, I might take my chances and go up there again...if I want to brave the drive (those of you know what I mean...)
GOOD NEWS! I met with my advisor the other day, I have a year and a 1/2 left. That means that I am right on schedule for a college student now a days! So ya... years altogether! keep your fingers crossed for me! I know it will happen. Oh, ya, if I haven't told you yet...I have changed my major once again. Now I am doing: Criminal Justice, Communications, and English! If you ask me that will look pretty splendid on a piece of paper. BUT not as splendid as the piece of paper that I will get from FIDM in a few more years! 
Okay, I am really tired! 

Court, me, and Larz at the Claim premiere 

Lindsay, Erica and I at Pub 'n' Sub
Awesome toothbrush holder. 
Fall colors outside Frandsen Hall
Inside Scheeles....

At Scheele's we ran into Abe...
And there was a giant biker outside!
I wonder if their names are Hong and Kong?
White stuff. 
Something I made. All hand sewed...

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