Do you have a stamp?

Obama comes to UNR.
Only in Frandsen Hall....ha
Taking my door off in San Fran because the window wouldn't roll up..of course this was after we told the guys at the valet NOT to roll it down...Ding dongs!
Chris and I at the Giants v. Dodgers game.
Making it rain! Not really...first collegiate race of the season. Sky Tavern
Mini pineapple.
The game. Lower box 106. Row 26. seats 1 and 2.
Christopher's next haircut

Do you have a stamp I could use? why? Because I decided that I am going to vote. I need to send in my registration. I know, I told everyone that I wasn't going to, and, well I still may not, but it would be a drag if I decided I wanted to after I couldn't register, right? So why is it that people connect the word "woodchuck" to rural areas? On the registration form, if you live in a rural area you are supposed to give an example of where you live, there is example is: Woodchuck road, next to the grocery store. Weird. 

Soooo...San Fran was really fun! We saw some interesting things...I won't get into detail about. The city is amazing, if I do move down there for FIDM soon I am going to have to go about 2 months before school starts to I can get a firm understanding of the school. San Fran is GIANT!!! Speaking of giant...the giants game was really cool! I saw Manny, he didn't play for the dodgers that day though. I am really glad that I had a hoodie with me because it was pretty chilly. The guy that was sitting in front of us was taking picture of  Tim Lincecum pitching, the picture were unreal. They really show how stretched out he is when he pitches. Giants won, 3-1 last game of the season. Hooooray! 
Now...when we found a place to park we rolled down my back window because the front drivers one is broken. We told the guy, he informed us that it didn't matter because they didn't roll down windows at their valet...okayyyy....righhttt. So when we came back from the game (and I have to admit I was a little nervous about this) what was rolled down? The drives window that wasn't supposed to be down...and how on earth they were able to roll it down beats me. So basically the entire interior of the door was taken off, we tried to push the window up, no dice. I was really upset. We ended up giving up and leaving..GREATTTT so we came all the way down here and now my window won't roll up, looks like we can't hang out in SF for a little we had to do the 3 hr trek back to Truckee right then. AHHHHH...but to our dismay...Chris pulled out of the garage pushed the window button and the window starts to go up. We pulled over and pushed it up the rest of the way. Obviously Syd was just trying to tell us that she didn't like it in the parking garage. DUHH! So the window was rolled up and we decided we could adventure around SF (or more like get totally lost and laugh a lot). In our lostness we found a cupcake store--Kara's cupcakes. We both had these chocolate peanut butter cupcakes that were to die for! Seriously! SO GOOD! Then we ventured to Haight-Ashbury(sp?) of course not until we drove up some wicked steep hills and down, I was hoping that Syd transmission wouldn't fall out going up the hills, and I was really hoping that the breaks were working going down. Ya, skeeettchhhy! 
We ate a burger, spent some money on kicks, checked out some hippies and decided that Tahoe was calling. 
On the drive down we counted 116 Prii (thats prius for those of you who don't play the prius game), the most popular color was gunmetal. Once we got to SF we gave up on counting Prii because there were just to many! We think we saw well over 300 that day. Also while driving through Sacramento at least 16 out of every 25 cars were men driving with mustaches! Yepppp, I guess mustaches are in! Well, actually when aren't they?
We got back to Truckee at about 10, if felt like 2 in the morning. Syd was in one piece (sort of) as were Chris and I! Phheewww! 

Nothing happened Monday, except for having a pile of wood fall on me. No biggie. I walked away unbroken! -Oh and DUHH I made red velvet cupcakes!!! SO good! The frosting is sooo bad for you... 2 blocks of Cream cheese, 4 sticks of butter, and a lb of powder sugar! But the TASTE is unbelievable! Ohhh and I got a package from my mommy! Helicopters for a nose party and a new under armor shirt from Dartmouth!!! YAAA! 

Tuesday morning had a great opportunity to see Barak Obama speak at UNR. It was amazing! There were so many people, the quad was FILLED with students and people of the community. He aimed his speech more towards college students. There were some things that he mentioned that were very eye opening, not just because he said it but because it really reminds us how fortunate we are. As I said earlier I decided to register today, just so if I do decide to vote then I have the opportunity. Of course when Obama spoke many of the teachers cancelled calls because this was such an important speech, well my teacher for IS didn't. She is crazy. I am honestly counting down the days  until my final in that class so I don't have to go anymore! ughhh! 
Other than that I had my first Anthropology exam and I don't think that went to swell. Oooppps.  We also watched Amastad in my Pre-Law class, I had never seen it before, very interesting. Good movie. 

Vance was over. He ate a cupcake and liked it. There were close to 2-dozen, now there are less than a dozen left. Whole foods soup is DELICIOUS! 
Nordica is AWESOME! 

Well, I have to go be a good student..... 


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