Changing weather makes me tired.

It has been overcast and snowing in RENO the last two days. I decided not to go to Salina this weekend for the Stanford race. It is really hard working with a college community of mountain bikers that doesn't really exist. I have filled my weekend with shows on Bravo: Rachel Zoe show, project runway. It makes me want to go out an sew. I have millions of ideas for outfits running through my head. Last night there was a ski movie premiere (put on my the TM of Moment skis). The thought of the event was really cool, 2 days with 4 ski movies. It is a bummer that more people didn't show up for the first night. I think that everyone is itching to start skiing, in fact, Boreal started making snow. I am on the line about buying a pass there....such a hard decision...ughh! I do know that I am totally get the Squaw pass, and of course Northstar! Oh, yes..you might want to check these two links out if you haven't already: 
(section 005) 

Pretty cool. I am extremely excited to work with Nordica this year! It should be really fun! 

(Im watching some runs of Bryant Park right now, where some of these designers get their ideas BLOW my mind because some are wicked weird!) 

Anyways, down below are both of my clips for skiing and for biking this year. Obviously the ski one is VERY short and really nothing, but its is better than not having one. The biking one I have put a lot of work into. I hope you enjoy them! 

I am trying really hard right now not to drink coffee and eat sweets right now since biking season is over. I have up graded to tea (I'm on my 4 cup so far) I bet that I will cave in soon and be drinking coffee all day again. It is really hard not to give up sugar because there is always a bag of reese's in the freezer here or in Truckee. ha! 

Oh, I have to admit that I am some what excited for the "W" movie to come out, I will probably go and see it. 

Well I might go sew something, or eat a quesodilla, or maybe start on the paper I have do next week, take the bindings off some skis, vacuum??? 
I am pretty sure I am getting a cold so I have had more OJ and e-mergence than they make. ha 

Well enjoy! 




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